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Gold - Confiscation of Middle Class Wealth?

February 21, 2013

Do you think the New World Order
will allow you to keep that much money
outside their system? Of course not.

by Thom Beecham

Beecham is a self-employed investor and trader with 17 years trading and investing experience.

This is addressed to those shills and "experts" screaming about $3,000 gold and $150 silver...

Do you think the New World Order will allow you to keep that much money outside their system? Of course not. It seems apparent that both metals were purposely driven up to unsustainable heights, and are being methodically beaten down in an orchestrated plan, so that we do not look to them as a barometer of financial decay. The NWO needs total obedience to their beast system and all major nations are in on it.

So stop listening to the people shilling gold and especially silver. First of all, silver is not the monetary metal it is claimed to be as 90% is used for industrial off take. Most buyers of silver are now heavily underwater. Gold is the true monetary metal of kings and nations. If you want to own precious metals, then buy gold in bullion form. I recommend accumulating gold over time as it is much less volatile and offers better price protection than silver.

However, the globalists will make it so unbearable for most precious metal (PM) investors that they will regret ever buying any. Sadly, Joe six-pack makes the mistake of choosing silver. He is inexperienced and is easily duped by the compromised patriot community. The only things he gets are capital losses and heartache.


There is a powerful hand guiding all the major financial markets -equities, sovereign debt, commodities, and currencies. There are hundreds of billions of dollars a day trading hands. The gold market is miniscule in comparison and the silver market is even much smaller than gold. Very little metal changes hands at any given time and even less is needed to dump the price. If the US Federal Reserve can manage the entire US Treasury yield curve, I think managing the precious metal market is a lay-up.

Early this past Sunday morning, I noticed that a collapse in gold and silver was in the works. There was a wall of sell orders at $1,650, right around the release of Thursday's US unemployment numbers. The wall was huge - indicating official-sponsored activity. Once the $1632 support was taken out I fully hedged my physical gold and silver with several front month futures contracts. I still have them in place as of this writing.

Do not forget this -all G20 nations want a low gold price, although their reasons may differ. Why would anyone think China and Russia want expensive gold prices? They want it as inexpensive as possible, just like the Anglo-American establishment. China has gone on record indicating they, too, manipulate the price of gold to their advantage. They enjoy it when COMEX is manipulated.

Many large nations are now developing ETFs like GLD, so they can use their storage vaults like fractional reserve accounts and spill the gold and silver onto the markets at key times. India is raising import taxes on gold and creating paper equivalents. When gold prices plummet overnight it's because gold is being dumped in Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

With their syndicate of interlocking boards of directors, the NWO also controls the major mining companies, where profit is secondary to managing the gold price. If the large bullion banks need gold and silver they contract out with their partners in price suppression - corporations like Barrick, Goldcorp, and Newmont.

Shorting gold and silver during the weekly US unemployment claims numbers is like printing money. In fact, the collusion to manipulate prices by the large bullion banks was exposed by a couple of whistle blowers a few years ago. One of them indicated the banks were using the weekly unemployment numbers release as the trigger.

These banks know we are stupid, because they still do it. Look at the price movement of gold and silver at 8:30AM every Thursday morning. Perhaps the 2/21 release will provide a respite since long PM holders already got taken out to the woodshed over the past week and the short-term selling pressure has been alleviated.

Russia and China are in on it, and are controlled by the Luciferian illuminists. I make many of my long-term investment decisions based on the findings of objective, washed, and knowledgeable people like Henry Makow, Al Martin, and Joel Skousen. Mr. Makow's writings show just how compromised and in-sync most world rulers are and how they are carrying out an agenda according to a pre-planned script. Most nations are now nothing but fronts for the banking elite and provide cover to their activities. They are essentially contrived and opposing dialectical forces.

Short of a nuclear takeout of Washington DC, which would theoretically allow the US Treasury to declare a force majeure, everything pushing gold higher, like China's accumulation, is already priced in.


I go to the websites like King World News, Goldseek, and Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), and they shill the same crap day in and day out, discussing numbers like $10,000 gold and $300 silver. These guests manage billions and do a terrible disservice to readers who need to have tempered expectations. It would be great if these numbers were attained, but I am not banking on anything more than the highs already achieved.

I even wonder who some of these "broken record" precious metal reporters are really working for. Regardless, they are useful to the elite, so that Joe six-pack patriots are the last ones holding the bag and have big losses on their positions. The elite are using people like Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams, etc, to keep the naive patriots from making any money and being broke when the end of the line finally does come. I even came across a YouTube video of William Cooper discussing the time Mr. Williams hinted he helps his fellow Masons. Yes, it could be a lie, but the bottom line is that guys like Alex Jones, Ted Anderson, and Mr. Williams are not your friends.

In this end time age of universal deception very few people are your friends. I cannot even count on family members like I used to. They are too contaminated by the TV and this world to see the truth. If you cannot learn to think for yourself financially you will forever be a debt slave to the NWO.

About the Author:

Beecham has an undergrad background in Math and Economics, with an MBA in Economics and Finance. He worked and lived in Manhattan for about 14 years. His last job was with Nasdaq in New York, and what he uncovered there was sobering. He personally witnessed the Trade Center collapse and lost several friends that day. However, he was still thoroughly unwashed, and his awakening did not occur for another couple years. He is in his mid-40's, reads the Bible daily, and regards it as the best psychology textbook ever written.

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--------A Word About Gold from a Freemason source in 2008-

"In case you bought gold to ensure your savings, be careful because the same Freemason friend of mine told me gold is just another scam to liquidate middle class wealth. The gold price will raise for a while and when enough middle class people in the West have put enough money in it, you-know-who will crash its price in order to destroy the money trapped in it. My friend told me it could happen this year but anyway during the coming two or max. three years. I don`t know if this is true, but as I myself have bought some gold, I am prepared to react quickly."

Makow Comment: The US debt is the money supply. It will never be paid back and never has to be. Gold rises when debt becomes an issue and falls when it isn't. Basically it is a barometer of fear. In the context of the worldwide "currency wars"(massive money printing), it should have been rising, like oil. Instead it has been falling, a sign that it is fixed or driven by psychological factors.

Afterthought by Thom Beecham

The problem is that most people have a preconceived notion of what they think is right. Thus they follow websites that conflate with their subjective opinion.
For instance, many in the "truth" movement - whatever that means - believe the economy will collapse tomorrow. thus they visit websites that conform to this subjective view, no matter how flawed their understanding is.

They visit sites like,, etc. to get reaffirmation of their static worldview, and will hold gold all the way down, convinced they are right. It's like trying to convince a democrat that being a republican is the way to go. Anything you say to the will cause "backfire."

By the way, is a stopped clock. Twice a day it is correct. Anyway, who really writes for it? They don't let us know who Tyler Durden is. I noticed a gradual degradation of the quality of its articles over the past few years. It now sounds like the controlled patriot stuff now with some obscure, esoteric terms thrown in to keep you reading
In trading and investing this is the most important rule:

The price of the asset is correct and the trend, based on news flow, determines where it should go.

I see gold and silver. The news could not be more bullish, yet the trend is clearly down. I can talk about how gold never goes to zero and sit on my hands - similar to a wilfully ignorant fool whistling past the graveyard - or I can lock in profit. Notice I never said to sell your gold, but gold is traded like a commodity and one can hedge at a certain price level. All I did is say that there is clearly more downside to come. I won't cough up any gold, but will lock in a price level with futures contracts.

If the news becomes any less bullish, look out below. Why did gold drop so much the past several days? Technicals were breaking down and the USFed came out on Wednesday throwing only a little water on the fire. That shows you that there are many people wanting to throw in the towel on gold and silver. Shorts (people who bet on price drops) jump on board and ride it down.

Only the foolish person doesn't heed the warning of the most important rule in trading and investing. Any guy can say my gold is worth so much, etc. But that silly mindset is like trying to convince a house seller that his house is only worth $250k when he has it listed for $400k.

I see the trend in gold and silver long term from 2002 and say that the buyers back then knew this was going to happen and bought in anticipation. I bought all mine in 2005 right after Katrina. I knew these things were about to happen, while most of you were flipping real estate. I sold six rentals between August and November 2005, and parked it in metals. Learn to listen. Greenspan and Bernanke were talking on Capitol Hill about how the USFed didn't cause the bubble, but they were going to pop it. Remember how rates were being raised. Bush, Jr. said it would take about 1 trillion to fix the damage from Katrina and Rita. I knew from watching Oil Storm a couple weeks prior that Katrina was man-made, and the next step to bankrupt USA, Inc. was underway.

I am up an awful lot. I can sell to you, but I won't. I will lock in some paper profit for now. The smart people were buying back then in anticipation of what was to come. I knew as soon as gold broke $450 resistance it was time to buy with both hands. Now for many it's time to reap their reward. Gold and silver could go up much more, but this wash out needs to happen. After reading the posts here I know there is more downside to come. People are just too bullish.

First Comment from Abe in East LA-

As a long time (decade plus) investor in gold and silver, I find much of value in this article and would like to caution against an overly
defensive reaction to news we don't like. The metals were at historic lows in the 90's and were a good investment then. They aren't now, but
may be once again in the future. Timing the markets, any markets, never wins because it reduces investment to gambling, and gambler's
always lose their shirts no matter how lucky in the short term. The only way it isn't gambling is if one bets with the confidence afforded
by inside info - and last I checked only criminals, politicians, and wealthy (but I repeat myself) have such info. I didn't invest in the
metals early because I was a genius, it was just the good luck of a bad situation - I was too broke to get into the "respectable"
investments with their attendant complexity and brokerage fees. Gold and silver coins were basically extensions of the old "lotto
scratchers, antiques, guns, and collectible plates" investing most poor Americans do.

I just want to emphasize that we invest to cover our future needs, not our present wants. Getting rich by fancying yourself smarter than
generational satanists who've managed to get the entire world bound up in a web of usurious debt slavery is a tall order. Also, getting rich
in and of itself is a want and not a need. What we all need are food, shelter, family, and faith (or some form of moral compass). I am
currently looking at some cheaply priced rural land that I can do low-water agriculture on. True wealth comes from SOCIAL capital, not
fiat or commodities. The two are flipsides of the same materialist coin.

Buy small patch of cheap land outside of the cities, learn low intensity farming, start a family, join a meetup group and make
friends, share your hobbies and talents with one another, take up a new language and get some craftsman skills under your belt. It's lots
of fun and a much surer way of securing yourself a profitable future than trying to out wait the prince of this world with a box of coins
and some guns.

Below are a few rational looks at the gold price.

(the second above article is important because everyday the still young shale extraction and fracking industries are adding more and
more oil, natural gas, and cheap sources of conventional energy to our economy on a truly amazing scale.)

These are, as far as I can tell, objective websites that neither have a stake in selling you metals nor in promoting stocks and bonds or the
status-quo. I apologize for ranting at length but hope this helps at least a few folks out there. - See more at:

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