Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A whole complex is built in Lower Manhatten, crowned with two 110 story iconic skyscrapers, and for nearly three decades after completion they are NOT rented out?

I mean, World Trade Center-prime real estate in one of the very symbols of American prosperity and power and there's no renters?


Then, in the 90's, particularly after the first botched false flag WTC attack in 1993 involving a FBI operative and faulty explosives, the Port Authority gets the towers filled.


Why build multi-billion dollar towers and leave them vacant for nearly 30 years?  Why such shoddy building techniques on what is supposed to be an icon-the flaking asbestos?  The corroding bolts holding the facade to those towers? 

It would've taken many billions more to rebuild the shoddy facade, clean out the asbestos-it would've either taken literally disassembling the WTC or demolishing it.


Or maybe that was the point-that this was a deliberately constructed target, designed and built within occult numerological and masonic principles.  A target that was to be expended in a false flag attack, which hid a deeper occultic ritual meant to bring about an apocalypse?

Sounds insane?  Yes.  Are our leaders insane?  Oh yes.

Go HERE:  http://letsrollforums.com/press-release-world-trade-t24256.html?s=8f9d10222704cfb92b61b61212791a49&


Occupancy Issues:

What this shows us is something far different then we were told and sold. We have been told through various sources that their were occupancy issues with the twins and that they also had their highest occupancy at the time of the attacks, which we are told was at 95% occupancy.

We were never informed that the most prime real estate in New York City, in both Towers, never leased until a year or two before 9/11, in most cases. Why? Because it would have been extremely suspicious to people, especially since all of the controversy the PTB knew would be after 9/11.

Had they told us this, we would have started investigating the companies at the WTC and questioning their alleged employee losses a lot sooner then 9 years out.

How is it possible, especially considering what happened with the world trade center, to see that all of the upper floors were leased only a few years prior to 9/11? That's an incredible expanse of time, 26 years in most case, some 28 years, where for instance floor 88 had bare floors and no tenants until 1999. The elevators in the north tower never stopped at floor 88 until mid 1999. Might I ask at this time how it is possible that any lights were ever on on floor 88 before 1999? The entire tops of these towers should have been darkened at night between the years 1972 and 1997-98.

There were no tenants. No tenants means no lights and dark floors, both during the day and at night, as lights in the WTC were visible in both daytime and night.

This has all the appearances that the companies were moved into the towers at the very end for the very purpose of 9/11. Either in reality or on paper. These towers were nearly unoccupied for their entire life, and then miraculously found a 95% occupancy heart beat on in 2001, just prior to 9/11.


This is one of those paradigm changers. What you know of the world trade center is a legend that was created and manufactured for your consumption. Any of the documentaries that were created prior to 9/11, about the world trade center, were created by the "builders" of the WTC, and made to create and sell a manufactured legend. The legend was that there were 50,000 people who worked in these towers by and large, for the better part of their life, as they were designed and built for. AS you have just seen, this isn't even remotely close to being true.

Between Dave Cole, (kawika) Larry McWilliams and myself, we have spent hundreds of hours studying this occupancy FOIA request over the last 6 months or so, and we haven't even scratched the surface yet. We would like to request that all of you as a group take lots of time studying this so that collectively we miss nothing. This FOIA is a goldmine. It's the gift that keeps on giving, a mine that never runs dry. We believe that we have given you an accurate overview of the material so that you will know and be able to scour the spreadsheet as we did and know how to spot things. We need all of your help.

To say that there were occupancy issues is a gross understatement. The official story seems more then just a little bit hollow.

Phil Jayhan, Dave Cole & Larry McWilliams

Note: This story is the result of the FOIA we obtained and many months of research and thoughtful dissection of the material with many phone calls and off the charts collaboration.


Anonymous said...

great article. I believe 911 was carried out to achieve a number of things including limiting our freedom in the name of freedom, war, money, fear, confusion, etc etc.

But mainly 911 was created by the satanically controlled elite as a global indoctrination of the world population into the occult. Right before everyone's eyes the ritualistic spectacle was played out before their bewildered eyes. I know so many people who research some far out stuff since 911 got them into the truth movement. That single event has spurred a whole mass of conspiracy movements, fuelled new age movements and given credence to new age preachers such as David Icke who uses 911 to bring in new blood so then he can sell them his spiritual awaking 2012 madness.

Its important to note that the true elite even the ones that reside in the US have no real 'home' or personal association with their nationality like us. They are living breathing globalists and operate frequently and freely across international/political borders in luxury private jets without the need for humiliating patdowns, passport controls and ques. These people sell weapins and start international wars and also have no problem ordering the death of US citizens. Nationality means nothing.

sorry for the rant

j said...

It's not a rant, when you tell the truth. The amazing layers of lies continue to roll out of the snake infested nation we call 'freedom'.

Simply amazing. But this makes total sense with regard to the physical evidence... wow, not even one toilet made it out...

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