Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Given the overall status of the global economy, the triple blow of 9+ magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and three blown nuclear reactors has caused the Nikkei to plunge 10 percent.  This alone is going to set back the Japanese economy by decades as they struggle to even finance reconstruction-but they got more immediate problems:

Deadly radioactive winds from Japan, from the blown Fukushima reactors, are going to start hitting the Western USA.  No they haven't stopped the radiation-it's actually getting worse:

Were there to be a significant release of radiation, tracking the fallout would become a meteorological problem.
Japan lies in the mid latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, as does the United States. Likewise, its weather is dominated by prevailing westerly winds, but with significant variation near the earth surface.
Exactly where a hypothetical "radiation cloud", from either Fukushima Daiichi or Onagawa, would go should depend upon the weather pattern at the time of, and following, the release.

Moreover, it should depend upon how high the cloud rose into the atmosphere. This is because the winds normally vary widely between the near-surface and the upper atmosphere, home to the eastward-flowing jet stream.  MORE AT: http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/46984/japan-nuclear-incident-and-the.asp%CA

Well, I was kind of hoping the stream would peter out at the Rockies but according to http://www.rense.com/general93/fef.htm


Greenhouse agriculture might become en vogue even faster than I thought.  Given how wonky the Earth's magnetic fields have become this might be one sliver of a silver lining in this radioactive cloud...
Meanwhile, Potassium Iodide is being cleaned off the shelves as those with at least two functioning brain cells figure out they could be irradiated...
...However, the Japanese used MOX fuel-a mixture of enriched uranium and plutonium-iodide will NOT block plutonium. 
There's a lot of blame shifting going on-even Japanese honor has its limits: http://www.rense.com/general93/cov.htm

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