Monday, March 14, 2011



J. Croft
The law. 
Or rather, the lawyers who draft the laws, sign the laws into effect, administer the bureaucrats and law enforcers who won’t give a first thought to throwing you in the same cell as the very type of urban barbarian who tried to end your life in the first place.  They’re influenced by a insidious, anti-American belief that they’re superior to everyone else, something driven into their soft skulls since their first day of college by Marxists, and the lust of the power they wield… that we let them wield against us.
I mean, even the ‘best’ of them see the futility of it, how they signed up with Leviathan, the Beast that is the government and they figure that they might as well just go for theirs.  That’s the best of them; typically they collect the taxes, fines, fees and gloat when your family wails in agony as you’re led off in shackles to the same second home as your assailants… or your assailant’s friends who will be looking for revenge.  Pray it’s a quick shank in the shower stall, but more likely it’s going to be a lot of beat downs/rapes. 
The cops know all this.  Y’know what?  They don’t care either-and that can be stated because even the ones that could will NOT speak out when their oath traitor partner arrests you for protecting your life and exercising your 2nd.   
A quote from the article “Why Cops Aren’t Whistleblowers” by Radley Balko:
While awarding Barron Bowling $830,000 last September for the beating he suffered at the hands of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent in Kansas City, Kansas, U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson went out of her way to acknowledge another victim in the disgraceful affair: Kansas City police detective Max Seifert.
In January 2003, Bowling was on his way to fill a prescription when Timothy McCue, an on-duty DEA agent, tried to pass him illegally on the right side of a wide one-lane street. Bowling accelerated to prevent McCue from passing, and the two cars collided. After the collision, McCue and another agent got out of their car. McCue drew his gun, threw Bowling to the ground, and beat him to the point of inflicting brain damage. McCue later justified the violence by saying Bowling “resisted arrest” when he lifted his head from the pavement. According to witnesses, McCue threatened to kill Bowling, whom he called “white trash” and a “system-dodging inbred hillbilly.”
McCue, the DEA, and officers of the Kansas City Police Department then conspired to cover up the beating. Bowling was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and assaulting McCue with his car during the collision. He was later acquitted on those charges but convicted of possessing drug paraphernalia—a marijuana pipe police found in his car. Witness statements incriminating McCue for both the accident and the beating were lost or destroyed, as were photos of the damage McCue inflicted on Bowling’s face.
Only one of the officers at the accident scene that day had any integrity. That would be Seifert, a cop with an exemplary record. Seifert took the witness statements that implicated McCue. He documented Bowling’s injuries and testified for Bowling in his lawsuit. He actively fought the cover-up.
As Judge Robinson pointed out, Seifert was forced into early retirement because of his actions. He lost part of his pension and his retirement health insurance. He was “shunned, subjected to gossip and defamation by his police colleagues, and treated as a pariah,” Robinson said. “The way Seifert was treated was shameful.”
So what happened to the cops involved in the cover-up? Ronald Miller, then Kansas City’s police chief, is now the police chief in Topeka. Steven Culp, then Kansas City’s deputy police chief, is now, incredibly, executive director of the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training. Officer Robert Lane went on to become a councilman for the town of Edwardsville, where he was later convicted of participating in a ticket-fixing scheme. And McCue is still with the DEA.
It may be true that abusive cops are few and far between, as police organizations typically claim. The problem is that other cops rarely hold them accountable. Perhaps that’s because they know they will be treated the way Max Seifert was. For all the concern about the “Stop Snitchin’” message within the hip-hop community, police have engaged in a far more impactful and pernicious Stop Snitchin’ campaign of their own. It’s called the Blue Wall of Silence.
Even the real Oath Keepers have to toe the line one way or another if they want to keep their jobs in a hostile environment.  About all of them are in the freemasons at any rate.  For our purposes that’s your local good ol’ boy’s club where after they get through with their rituals do some haggling, make deals, etc.  Guess who are freemasons?  Yep-bureaucrats, cops, lawyers, politicians… and that includes the oath traitor arresting you for defending yourself and exercising your 2nd, the oath traitors backing him up on your arrest, the oath traitor prosecuting you, the oath traitor who will bang his gavel and find you in contempt of court if you bring up your 2nd, and the ringer who will pretend to represent you. 
They in large part set up this whole criminal subculture; exported jobs and downgraded educations in what is touted to be the richest nation on Earth, along with a engineered decline in ethics and patriotism, government ran/sponsored drug smuggling and a good dose of racism-all on our public servants.  They perpetrate the problem because fear is their control mechanism over us plus there’s too much money to be made, and too much power to be had to not have armies of gangsters, violent addicts, and the biggest penal system on the planet.  And, they hate us; waging a war against the American People in all but name.  What other answer works to explain the systematic destruction of our nation?
So, one must not only defend against the government generated social predators, one must defend against the government. 
It would be a mistake to state that the law is on your side.  Not only do laws differ greatly given the jurisprudence, but their enforcement as well.  Just because your state laws may “grant” you a “castle doctrine” doesn’t mean the responding law enforcers will adhere to that law.  Your local lawyers in the DA’s office will certainly either try to be creative about the law’s “intent” or they will ignore it completely, relying on judicial fiat and raw force to take you down, you scumbag gun nut you. 
Basically you have better legal standing… unless you’re in New York City or someplace like that… but escape?  Forget it-unless you abandon everything you’ve worked your life for, your loved ones, your friends, your career (do you still have one?) and start over.  Possible still believe it or not but it’s a hell of a choice.  I’d be seeking justice if a pack of traitors sought to rob me of Life and Freedom for defending me and mine.
Or expend about everything you’ve worked for defending yourself in court.  The lawyers and judges laugh at you. 
Yep, I gotta reiterate; you’re a scumbag to our public servants if you so much as dare presume taking the Bill of Rights at face value.  Because they’re the enemy; having a superiority complex already they go into the law or law enforcement for the power, and those that teach happily feed their little minds the bullshit that they’re some kind of ‘elite’.  By the time they’re in their uniform-issue uniform or pin striped suit-they’re as insufferably arrogant and elitist as any nobleman of old.  And they don’t abide any challenge to their monopoly on force which you bearing arms represents to their fragile egos.
Fight them in court anyway, make a last stand?  Good luck.  The enemy is very skilled at breaking down their opponents (you); they find your weak points… family, friends, career, property… and ruthlessly, predictably attack them.  One big happy family-one big happy crime family of cops, lawyers, prosecutors, jailors, judges and they work together.  The enemy loves when you buy into their fraud.
Move to a town friendlier to the Bill of Rights-though in this depression that is likely a no-go.  Matching up a town where you’ve landed a job in this economy is bad enough.  And you may likely wind up living under even worse oath traitors, although if you get together with other like-minded Americans you can negate that through a recall election and a full ticket of candidates to sweep the America-hating scum out.
Run for it?  Well that involves a new life, a new identity… more like NO identity.  You’d have to learn to live under the enemy’s radar, use cash, rent a room or apartment without ID’ing yourself, change your appearance, give up your vehicle, accounts, everything.  Or literally take to the wilds, but either way you go if you’re just hiding you will get weary and eventually, subconsciously want the ordeal to end.  You’ll make a mistake and that mistake will get you caught-and then you will face a murder trial… you did run for it anyway no matter if you were defending you and yours.
(Oh, the bad guys don’t like it when you opt out of their fraud like this.  They’ll hunt you for the rest of your days, and when they catch up to you they WILL make an example out of you.  Try explaining that you can’t get justice?  They’ll laugh-and it’ll be a knowing laugh.)
One possible solution out of this horrific double-bind would be if one neighbor is attacked by criminals, everyone else in the neighborhood rushes with arms to defend them… and if that neighbor is threatened by the criminals in public service, everyone else in the neighborhood and all the surrounding neighborhoods rushes with arms to defend them… you… and you doing likewise.  That involves effectively forming a Militia…*.  Much, much harder in today’s sorry excuse for America to have neighbors who recognize the truth of their situation, let alone find their balls.
There’s one solution, but it involves the most effort.  Get to that later but if you think that defending you and yours in your own home is problematic?  
…You think you got legal problems blasting some living dead meth head busting in?  Having the same situation out(no matter if you’re carrying or not)only makes it legally easier for the enemy to put you in a cell where you’d be made into a prison rape sex sandwich. 
Fortunately, unlike home defense, self defense out in the big bad scary modern ‘murika offers the chance of escaping the long arm of our number one enemy, Johnny Law.   Shoot and scoot-and by that I mean get the hell out of there!  Let’s break down the problem:
Where does this go down? 
Where are you?  Or, a better question, where does a robber, rapist or murderer go hunting?   The proper answer is always “anywhere”.  You cannot assume a criminal is going to be stupid, or even look like a criminal-though most will be in packs, wear lower end urban gear, give the obvious vibe of being low-end predators.  Making assumptions in most situations in life can merely make an ass out of you, but making assumptions in a life or death situation will end yours.
Your first opponent(s) will pick the most opportune time and place to take you by surprise, or corral you.  This will likely if they have any functional brain cells… be away from your second wave of opponents (cops) so this gives you some chance of escape and evasion.  And this will be escape and evasion after you blast that crack head looking to murder you for your pocket change.  If where you’re going is iffy, don’t go if you can avoid it.  If you can’t, have ways out and means to accomplish this, and backup of your own… if it comes to that then this is an extreme situation and I personally hope I don’t wind up facing such a choice!
Always be mindful of your surroundings!  Always!  When out in public look for cover-anything that will stop pistol bullets and shotgun pellets.  That would be thick trees, concrete architecture, engine blocks, corners, etc.  Rifle fire requires SOLID barriers such as stone walls, rolling terrain, etc.  KNOW where you are at-know the neighborhood, who lives/hangs out there, where you can go if trouble comes looking for easy prey, etc.
Always be ready for combat.  Not a fight, combat.   Literally, have a plan to fight whoever you run into or have a couple escape routes, know safer places to escape to, and where your car’s at-and park so all you have to do is hop in and take off.  Always park with the front bumper out, and don’t let anyone block your exit.  Have an extra key separate from your keychain so you’re not fumbling.  If you’re not ready to kill to defend you and yours, just don’t read any further, find yourself some fantasy football league or porn or whatever.  If you don’t have that brand of retardation your attitude will ping off street criminals-and yes they have a highly developed sense of whose easy prey-and will find someone else.  Of course, that same ping might attract a cop who will want to interview you-and today’s cops will find a legally acceptable pretext to do so, so be able to mask that awareness and readiness vibe.
You want to blend in and be part of a norm so you’re not profiled by the cops fishing for a bust on a peaceable American.  Know what people wear, what groups expect, think, act-and go along with it.  At the same time, you want to exude that you’re nobody’s target, which fits in with mindset, but your appearance will be what your weapons choice will revolve around.  In other words, don’t look like food, you likely won’t be eaten-certainly not by your average street criminal.  An oath traitor cop on the other hand looking for an easy bust and seeing you not looking like food will suspect you of being armed.  They WILL present you with just as serious a life or death situation… and they have backup.
Your weapons choices will largely revolve around how well you can successfully conceal them.  That means no tell tale bulges, no sagging here or there, no limps or leans caused by your weapon.  To complicate things, there are obvious items of clothing or accessories that scream “I’m an uppity armed American”-like fanny packs.  Also, having a gut reduces the space inside your shirt and coat you have toward carrying concealed so that’s another reason to lose weight.  If you wear clothes specifically made and marketed for concealment-they won’t to the cop aware of them and you will get interviewed.
Oh, and your apparel and build will dictate what you can carry and how.
Check out the following chart-and learn from the obvious mistakes shown:
You’ll note the people depicted aren’t obvious criminals, but peaceable Americans exercising their 2nd.  Note it was the NYPD that produced this chart.  Further proof today’s law enforcement are tasked with waging war against the very people they lie to about “protecting”.
With a lot of weapons necessary for a sure draw but you also have to think “if I got to run to avoid oath traitors putting me up for 10 to life, do I really want a holster I can’t simply chuck down a drain along with my gun?”  A holster does allow a secure pistol that won’t drift about or even fall out ensuring it’s there and you can draw it however…
However much money you feel like spending on your holster, be sure you can detach it from your body quicker than you can mount it.  And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on your body-it can be in a jacket or a duffel bag or briefcase…
I’ve carried quite a few pistols for personal protection-in spite of the laws-so the following is from experience…
Pocket pistols that fit in your hand and are lightweight are naturally easy to conceal but you’d better practice a lot to achieve not only a quicker draw than your adversary but a lethal first shot hit.  A lot of gangsters and criminals practice getting their gun out for taking on cops and are practicing as best they can.  More than a few have had military training so don’t believe that everyone on the streets holds their gat sideways. 
The pocket pistol will be in a caliber no larger than 9mm and will carry 5-7 rounds.  This gives you even more incentive to get that first, lethal hit in-and engage your other threats in as quick and accurate succession as you can.  This means a LOT of range time and unless your pocket pistol was made by Beretta, Colt, Glock or Ruger you’ll be buying another of that make and model before you’re done training as many of them were made to be fired relatively few times.  Worse, most of this genre of guns are not in 9mm parabellum but in .380, .32, .25, and .22 so head shots are mandatory.  These dinky calibers are a little quieter than a 9mm/.40/.45 but you pay a price in performance.  38/357 snub nosed revolvers are much clumsier to reload, plus the magnum and +p loads will give you instant night blindness.
Full sized handguns
Glocks are reliable as the sunrise but are thick so you will have to put in more effort dressing around them.  You can however pack a couple 33 round extended magazines-I did.  Actually I packed four 33 round magazines and two 17 rounders giving me 167 rounds of 9mm hollowpoints… yes it was fall/winter/spring and I could pull it off with my coat.  Use a bulkier coat and you can conceal this piece.  Lose some weight, wear a size bigger pant and you can carry concealed better.
Given the similarities in external appearance with the Springfield XD you can apply the same carry procedure.
Beretta 92, uh, reliable but not a good choice for concealed carry, it is too thick, too heavy.  Won’t jam though-have it as a car/bedroom gun.
Colt 1911 is a good full sized carry gun as its thin width profile makes carrying concealed much easier.  HOWEVER, those 7 round magazines mean you have to practice a rapid reload and do it more often.  The solution is to grasp 3 of those thin seven round magazines in your support hand and when your Colt runs dry the next mag’s in hand.  Double stack mag 1911s have been available since the 90’s and that a solution too.
Browning Hi-Power is an excellent carry gun-thinner than the Glock and you can get 17 and 30 round magazines.  This gun’s sore point is its bad trigger pull-get rid of the magazine detach part and that will solve that.  Plus the Hi-Power points and shoots naturally; it was John Browning’s last pistol.
Ruger P series is a blocky gun, even blockier than the Glock, even more than the Beretta.   Just a clumsy mess.  I’d pass.  The SR-9 does look a bit more promising…
Sig Sauer is a bit blocky but a good gun.  I have no personal experience with one.
Calibers-9mm, .40, .45ACP believe it or not perform about the same.  You need a high performance load with the 9 but that’s been out.  All three will perform about as well as a auto pistol cartridge will so your job will be to make your shots COUNT! 
The 10mm Auto full load cartridge is more powerful than the .357; in the Glock 20 you can get extended magazines-yes you can!  Couple that with a extended slide and you’re set for anything up to a SWAT team. 
Now could you carry something bigger?  Yes, but in say, a duffel bag-but if you have one you could carry anything with a folding stock.  Or folded in on itself like the Kel-Tec SUB 2000 and SU 16 carbines.  
A Romanian AK with a folding stock and several 30 round magazines in a removable tactical vest or even a pouch could give you more than a fighting chance, but admittedly that’s an extreme measure… though we do live in extreme times though.  Yes I’ve done the AK in the duffel bag bit more than once.
One thing all these weapons have against them, is the blast and noise they make when they fire.  You can live with that and hope your shooting skill and your legs can carry you out of there before the cops come, or you can risk 10 years in a federal penitentiary… and use a silenced weapon, shooting them before they can kill you.  Provided you don’t have witnesses you can get out of there… a lot of well meaning law-abiding folks are shitting themselves
Getting away with preserving your own life would be easier if the gunshot itself didn’t attract the government criminals….
Guns, obviously, make noise.  Gas expansion from the muzzle and if it’s a revolver from the gap between the cylinder and barrel (unless it’s a Nagant revolver) makes the loud boom.  Mechanical noise varies with design; a revolver makes a small click as the firing pin strikes the primer, while a open bolt submachine gun makes a loud klack as the bolt slams home.  If the round goes over 1100 feet per second (supersonic) then there’s a supersonic crack.
From your bullets, fired casings with your fingerprints and the machine marks from your weapon-c’mon you’ve watched at least ONE of the hundred or so cop shows… any weapon that ejects a shell casing to load that next round flings potential evidence about.  When you use a weapon in self defense you are essentially using that weapon for the last time as it will either be stolen by the cops/courts or you will have to dispose of it for evidence sake. 
Know what you’re thinking and it seems to be a great idea but… If caught, even if you signed the ATF form, got approval, will get you in trouble.  An unregistered suppressor will get you 10 years and a 100,000 dollar fine.  By itself.  Used to defend yourself and it becomes the centerpiece in your death penalty trial.  That is if the device is caught on you or otherwise survives… and they WILL comb the area to bust an uppity gun nut.
That being said if you’re going to the trouble of fitting a silencer onto your gun you might as well rig up a way to catch the shells.  There are plastic brass catchers that fit over the slide, or you can jury rig a bag and wire over a pistol with a enclosed bolt like the Ruger MK II .22 or Astra 400.  Oh and all current production autoloading pistols need a aftermarket extended barrel to attach whatever.  After that there’s how you’re going to carry this embiggened pistol-and the only way will be in some kind of bag or box or briefcase.
Fingerprints, DNA from hair follicles, skin flakes, spittle, blood.  You get shot you’ll bleed and you will leave evidence.  All over the place.   IF it’s raining hard enough perhaps the evidence will wash away… but can you count on it raining when you’re being ambushed?
A variable-the saying is when seconds count the cops are minutes away.  Or they could be across the street.  Now if you know there are officers in the vicinity you could conceivably attempt to reach them… if they don’t peel out getting away from you, or just sit there “waiting for backup”-and actually doing their jobs-then you run the risk of being arrested for exercising your 2nd… any which way, you’re likely to be arrested anyway.
If there are witnesses, bystanders-maybe they’ll tell the truth, but a lot of cops will still arrest you anyway because it’s ‘procedure’.  The prosecutor will at the least cost you months of anguish, thousands of dollars to defend your obvious innocence.  If you rightly run, the enemy will have a description of you.  Don’t run directly to your car or home.  If out, circle about until you’re sure either witnesses or cops are not around you or your car.  Witnesses mean you will have to sweat being found or you have to play the court’s game.
If you’re injured… unless you have combat medicine training, know a doctor or medic who will patch you up on the sly and you can plausibly find a excuse to lay low and recuperate that will not arouse suspicion.  If you can’t, you need to get to the hospital and then you will be asked why you run-and telling them the truth about the rat bastards of the legal system won’t cut it… maybe with a jury.  If you’re injured and you can’t run and you can’t lay low without being suspected or permanently disrupt your life as you recover you have to stay and you certainly will be screwed if you use a suppressed firearm.  Them’s the breaks.
Now that we have all the pieces of the puzzle-variables aside-we can work on a solution.
Either dress around your weapon so it doesn’t “print”-show up or put your piece in a container-a box or bag.  Something NOT A FANNY PACK they scream I’M A UPPITY GUN OWNER. 
Your weapon must not show through your clothing whether you stand, bend over or sit. 
Weapon Selection-we want a gun that doesn’t spit empty shells everywhere, and can be effectively silenced.  Strangely enough this eliminates the automatic pistol… unless a rigid brass catching device can be attached that will not interfere with function.  Tape around the griping surfaces and trigger so there’s no prints, wear gloves, and never ever handle the shells with bare hands-from the box to the magazine.  Course you’d have to attach the catcher to the gun, then you’d have to attach the throwaway suppressor-in the middle of an ambush?  And you’ll need an extended barrel…
Concealment-let’s opt for our piece in a container.
I would opt for a shrouded hammer revolver with a short barrel.  Attach a glove around the handle and inside the trigger guard and pad the interior while holding the piece firm.  A flap can disguise where you slip your hand in.  There are still plenty of cheaply had revolvers that are perfectly disposable-package and all-if that means saving your life from the bad guys… all of them.
There’s THIS setup:
Another option which is more wieldy would be the gas sealing Nagant revolver, which were made in the millions and currently at 100 bucks perfectly disposable, though it’s 7.62mm Nagant cartridge is much less common a round; you won’t find it at Wally World.   Slip a disposable suppressor over the muzzle and you’re good to go… as long as you can resolve your problem in seven shots as the Nagant loads like a Colt single action-you have to painstakingly eject and load each shell through a loading gate.
One brute force option would be the folding stock AK in a duffel bag with a pouch full of magazines and simply blast your way out… just throwing it out there.
Get the first shot in.  Just do it.  If you spot trouble, don’t wait for the enemy to draw and present-do it first and if you can get by with a warning God bless you. 
Beyond that principle, know where all your opponents are, where cover is at, and come up with a plan-quick.  Basically you want to be as dynamic a threat to your enemy as possible so you will need to know:
Awareness-don’t be in la-la land.  Don’t be on your gadget, etc.  Yeah, yeah, impossible to do 24/7, but try.  Because when you’re not looking is when they will pounce.
Quick Draw-means a secure holster for a reliable, no snag draw, and practicing daily; slow is smooth and smooth is fast.  When you get that down THEN you can reduce your time needed to get the first shot off.  Street criminals are practicing not only their marksmanship but also their draw speed-a Department of Justice study of incarcerated felons indicated they go for the fastest draw possible.
“Get Off The X”-a term good as any, it means when you decide to shoot, you MOVE!  You make a snap move to the side as you aim and shoot at the same time.  Simple to describe but requires more effort to master.  The purpose is to move and shoot before the bad guy can react… its taking advantage of his OODA loop:  Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.  You go through your OODA loop and decide to fight and you snap move and shoot-bad guy’s in the middle of deciding, or about to act and you maneuvering and firing forces them to mentally reboot his OODA loop.  Your mission is to shut down his brain activity before he reboots and shuts down yours.
Tactics in these situations are needed where strategy fails and a quick draw and marksmanship are not enough.  Got a chart I’ve made up for my upcoming “Second American Revolution Victory Guide” HERE:

Shoot as much as you can-but since ammunition costs are skyrocketing get an airsoft copy of your gun and practice at home. 
Get all the combat training you can without ID.  Get how-to videos from the internet or a gun show.  I recommend Gabe Suarez’s work as well as Jeff Coopers.  Both are real world, practical, combat proven.
WEAR GLOVES HANDLING YOUR AMMUNITION FROM THE MOMENT YOU OPEN THE BOX.  It would be smart if you bought your rounds from someone not a firearms dealer, to throw off any investigation.  For that matter get your guns the same way.  Never handle your ammunition with your bare hands.
Remain silent.  The enemy will try to get you to incriminate yourself and will use every gambit on an American who doesn’t act like helpless sheep.  Especially if you act like you’re actually an American… insisting your Rights be respected and such.  Remain silent.  Say nothing to them, they are not going to help you. 
Agree to nothing.  Absolutely nothing-no plea bargains, no statements, nothing incriminating, which means nothing at all.  The enemy wants a quick kill and to get onto their next victim but pleading out with the presented hope of stopping the pain is their first tactic.  Giving in means going down for defending yourself, which means you WILL need to be an outlaw in order to protect yourself.
One important technical point: the US legal system operates under what in patriot circles refer to as 14th Amendment US Citizenship, which is a federal citizenship based in the District of Columbia.  You’re shanghaied into it with your birth certificate which creates a legal fiction in the same vein as a real estate title over a piece of land.  That legal fiction abrogates your Rights codified in the Bill of Rights and binds you to contract law… and all the legal permissions and prohibitions the lawyers impose on you instead of your lawful rights.  It would be better if you weren’t a US citizen (which they will ask you even if it’s obvious you’re American) and reclaim yourself as an American.  No driver’s license, social security number, birth certificate-none of that.  Completely out of their system as its slavery.  Something you want to think about.
Insist on a jury trial.  Last thing you need are the same lawyers who put you in this spot to decide your fate.  Better to take your chances with twelve strangers and attempt to convince them of your innocence.  Defend yourself.
The enemy will throw you in with the worst street criminals hoping you’ll break and cop a plea, but if you’re steadfast at least some and perhaps most of the inmates will see you’re opposing their jailors and will support you.  Then you will just have to worry about undercover cops posing as inmates, snitches and suck ups and the guards/admin who don’t give a fuck you were defending you and yours.
Challenge and oppose them at every step.  Make motions for discovery of all evidence including video, police radio recordings.  If you can, get statements from those witnesses…
Lawyers… most people will advise you to find a good attorney who will actually defend you.  I’m generally ambivalent about the breed in the first place as the lawyers are the courts.  Rigged game and finding a good guy who has a license to practice law… good luck. 
At any rate, if your legal eagle turns out to be a legal chicken and won’t stand by you in fighting this to the end, dump em.
When you get to trial, you will be facing a legal opponent with the judge as a partner, and likely the jury as they will select 12 unthinking law and order gov. loving types.  The guards will try to take your court notes for “security purposes” so be on constant alert. 
At any rate the cops will alter/disappear evidence and since Americans are deluged with legal and cop shows they will associate those oath traitors with their favorite actors…. guess who they’ll associate you with?
The prosecutor will be a master of spinning words, misrepresenting evidence, verbal judo, and neurolinguistic programming techniques.  He will attempt to create a “Delphi” with the jury-establishing a rapport, being likeable, reasonable… guiding those 12 soft minds to the conclusion that they need to rule you’re guilty.  Guilty-even on a reduced charge that’s still a win for the scumbags and your life completely wrecked.  You not only have to be aware of all these techniques but have countermeasures as well, and that means constantly bringing up points of order, questions, anything to disrupt the prosecutor’s verbal and mental flow.  He’s done this at least dozens of times and likely hundreds of times-the court system is a well oiled machine with a near 100 percent success rate… that’s a lot of innocent people who get suckered or steamrolled.
Better to run for it and keep your mouth shut, no?
Join the NRA  PLEEEZE THEY’RE A GUN CONTROL ORGANIZATION MASQUERADING AS ‘LOYAL OPPOSITION’!  At best they can be said to have fought a fighting retreat… in actuality they often collaborate on the gun laws they’re supposed to be opposing. 
And that’s the problem-these criminal oath traitors are the ones in office.  They make policy that the oath traitor law enforcers are more than happy to inflict on peaceable Americans. 
And the obvious solution is to get rid of the oath traitors.  Kick the elected officials who appoint them out of office and clean your town government of those scum, replace them with real Americans.  I’ll refer you to these articles:

*Or you can make it happen.  What’s a militia if not armed Americans banding together for common defense?  You have the guns-practice group rifle shooting where a group of targets are taken on jointly.  Corner shooters take on the corners, middle shooters divide up the middle targets.  Very simple concept. 
Now practice shooting at those targets with your group physically spread out.  Work out who shoots first and that’s the signal for everyone else to open up.  What you’re practicing is a classic enveloping ambush-your enemy will be well armed, with a perimeter screen and the ability to call additional reinforcement, etc. but they’re looking to terrorize not fight to the death.  You can either send a representative and tell them they’re not robbing for the state today or you can simply open up on them.
To achieve maximum effect on current generation battle armor shoot for the head, or below the belt if you lack armor piercing ammunition. 
You CAN load your own AP: get some plastic sabot inserts, worn carbide drill rods.  Cut the rods to the length of a standard bullet, shape the tip with a lathe or CNC machine and fit to the sabots.  Look up ammunition reloading and sabots for more information.
And I’d recommend you use the rifle, shot not from right at the window but from deeper inside the house.  Or even from a house not directly facing the threat, but because of the gaps you can snake the round in between the buildings to the enemy.  Plus that shooter can take on anyone forming a perimeter. 
Wear disguises, don’t shoot from your own homes, have an escape plan if things go wrong-AND if things go right.  If you win, count on being targeted by authorities for reprisals, even if you’re successful as they will hold everyone in the city to account.  Which is why you wear the disguises or ski masks, and gloves, and never handle all your weapons and ammunition with your bare hands.  Hide or dispose of your weapons.
Y’know, the same principle can be applied anywhere-don’t be alone!  The gangs are in gangs.  The cops are a gang onto themselves, who also serve the lawyers-another gang.  All of them know the value of circling the wagons and sticking together.  Do likewise, and you do that by being an asset to others, keeping your word, and expecting likewise.  You’ll either attract quality people or you need to find someplace with quality people to begin with.   Be ready to lay your life down to save yours from a gang assault or the legal system, because nothing less will do-and yours had better do likewise or you need to find new people to tribe up with.


Self-defense isn't something you "get away with," that implies you did something wrong, like "I got away with shooting on the wrong land because the officer was polite and reasonable" (they always are when you have a loaded AR15) or "I got away with stealing"

But you're right, it really is just you vs. 2 different gangs, one with a guise of legitimacy.

It's really important to study psychology and sociology, as well. If you're locked up, you're going to want to know which folks in the jail cell look like a threat, which ones might be undercover cops, what social groups and gang-type things are operating in your area and the subcultures.

There's a group around here that goes to hardcore shows, and they are a bunch of thugs. I had a lot of friends in a hardcore/metal band here and the straight-edge crew chased one of my friends (the drummer) with a knife and they put a foot print on an acquaintance's face at a show. So, you learn a little about them, because that's kind of my main "scene," and they are the biggest trouble in this area in this subculture. They have initiation, using the newbies to prove themselves when they jump someone. Usually 3 of them with more of the others watching but not participating in the fight. Know their disposition - this group will literally beat a girl. Their fighting style - these HXC straightedge guys take swinging punches that are easy to deal with, don't seem to be well trained in... anything, and they now have matching hoodie sweaters, apparently, I'll find out pretty soon because I'm seeing a band they'd likely be at... and be looking out for them.
So they are nasty when they can be, but they aren't very powerful, just some egotistical no-smoke-or-drink tough guy types.

Knowing subcultures is important and having friends in different groups is helpful. For example, a lot of people who are in the hardcore scene treat it like a family so if you meet some folks at the show and be friendly and have a good time chatting between bands, you've got people to back you up, and they've got people to back them up, and that usually keeps the bad guys under control - that violent crew isn't well liked, they know it too so they jump people when the show's been dispersed and bands are packing up etc. KNOW WHO IS WHO AND WHAT THEY DO in your area - it's not hard to find out who's head honcho in smaller gangs. They like notoriety, which is easy to take advantage of.

I'm trying to describe a "popular anonymity" - having good relations with people, groups, and areas who don't know really anything about you, but if you can make yourself fit in with multiple groups, it means any witnesses are likely to be on your side because they know you don't cause trouble and they know who the bad guys in the area are.

That all sounds like it just applies to 20-something folks, but even older people. Like, ethnicity helps. If you're not 100% of one race, you can be a regular at different pubs and stuff - like go out to an Irish pub one night and have some nice conversation and a good time and maybe a German one another night. If you've lived in different areas, you can just revert back to other accents to sound like you fit in more, even though you're not really a part of any particular group and don't have any close ties with anyone besides the friends who came with you - you're just that chilled out guy who hangs out from time to time.

Those were just my thoughts, more on avoiding confrontation and damage control should anything happen though. I appreciate criticism as well, but that's all worked out decently for keeping me from even having to defend myself. I know it sounds rude like you're using people, having some pseudo-friends who you listen to talking about stuff you're not interested in like sports just so you have good information on what's going on in your area, but it can keep you safe.

And find some oath keeper type friends too - keep them a little closer, not just because they are in the system and can help that way, but because then you can observe their behavior better and make sure they are legitimate patriots.

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