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REALITY BLOGER.COM: Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle

To understand the slavery the beast imposes upon us you have to understand the roots of that slavery...

Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines the term “strawman” as:
1: a weak or imaginary opposition set up only to be easily confuted.
2: a person set up to serve as a cover for a usually questionable transaction.
The Strawman can be summed up as an imaginary, passive stand-in for the real participant; a front; a blind; a person regarded as a nonentity. The Strawman is a “shadow,” a go-between.
So let’s start off with a bit of background…

First, understand that the government is a collection of private corporations. Chances are you live in an incorporated municipality, nicknamed the “City” or the “Town” or the “Borough“, located within the “County”, which in turn is located within the “State”. This is the corporation acting as the “Government” of that “City“. For instance, I live in the Draper City Corporation, and around me are the Provo City Corporation and the Salt Lake City Corporation. These are the actual names of the “city” governments, called “incorporated municipalities”.

See a complete evidential examination of this corporate structure and its Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting (CAFR) system in my documentary “The Corporation Nation” here:

The corporate municipality then creates De-Facto statutory code, for which they nickname “The Law“… though most of these codes are not actually congressionally approved law (approved by our so-called representative congressmen), but are instead what is called Prima Facie (presumed) law (legality), for which all citizens are required by the corporation they contract with to follow with their due consent. But legal corporate CODE is only statutory law if it receives the acquiescence (consent) of the governed. We, the People are the governed. Without our consent, the Prima Facie presumption of law (CODE) has no legal standing. It has no authority backing it up accept our agreement that it is law, since the consensual agreement by the governed makes the contractual aspect of the legality null and void if it is not consented to. While a legality/CODE may not always be lawful, law always trumps legality if consent is not given to the legality (presumed law).

Common Law, or Case Law, should be studied and understood. It is up to you to know this case-law, or at least the ones that apply to your specific case, so that it can be considered as common law. Why? Because U.S. CODE is 157 feet long in dozens of volumes, so no human being could possibly know the law (CODE)! So if you want common law to be considered in a court of law, you will have to research and present that case-law to the court yourself. The so-called judge (an attorney in a black moo-moo) has no legal requirement to introduce case-law (common law) into his own court regardless of whether or not it would prove your innocence, nor does the prosecuting attorney, and believe it or not, neither does your defending attorney (an agent of the court, not you)! This is why defending yourself with the knowledge of jurisdiction and common law is paramount. In other words, if you want the court and/or the jury (always request/demand a jury trial, lest the privately incorporated judge seal your fate) to consider actual law, you must be the one to introduce and ensure that this law is read in the court and duly registered as evidence of common (case) law.

The “municipality” then hires police officers to enforce all of these legal codes. These are called code-enforcement officers – a police man veiled in municipal corporate authority becomes a police officer – an officer of the municipal corporation. These “officers” work for the municipal corporation (city or town) you live in; a private corporate police force, enforcing the codes created by this private corporation, but not necessarily the common law. They have no requirement to protect and serve you or your neighbor’s constitutional rights (since you really have none in a corporate structure under a declared “state of emergency”), but they are required only to protect the continuity and CODE of the municipal corporation they serve. They are only there to help you to obey CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and U.S. CODE by fining and arresting you if you do not obey that CODE. These codes that I am referring to are all corporate codes, as all of these cities, counties, states, and the United States (Federal municipality, Washington D.C.) are also incorporated entities.

Though you may live in what is referred to as an unincorporated area, you are still within a county or state corporation, and part of THE UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, the corporate veil of artificial person-hood that is laying on top of and killing slowly the united states of America.

In an unincorporated area (a city or town that is not a municipal corporation) your law enforcement agency is the County Sheriff. This is why the County Sheriff is of such vital importance to any of the freedoms we still do enjoy, the only truly lawful representative (elected and approved by the people) of common law. Many elected sheriffs across the country though have sold out their people by assigning away that lawful right in lieu of Federal grants and United Nations treaties. Salt Lake County’s Sheriff Jim Winder is no exception. After being elected to a second term in office, he and the poisonous County Council dissolved the Sheriff’s department and created a private corporation called the “Unified Police District”, of which the elected Sheriff became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of that now private incorporated police force. Counties across America are falling prey to this act of treason, loosing the last vestige of protection of their common law rights, and Salt Lake County is now literally a “police state”.
Into The World We Are Berthed
But for some real perspective, let’s go back even further, to the day you were born.

The collective corporation wastes no time in grabbing up its slaves and forcing them into indentured servitude as citizens. The seemingly harmless act of filling out a certificate of live birth ensures that you, a living breathing human being with a soul, are ushered into this corporate structure without any chance to challenge this action. Your parents have just signed their new born baby, birthed into the United States under Maritime Law and Universal Commercial Code (The Law Of The Sea) like a ship docking into the port of New York, over to the Federal Government by way of a Certificate of Live Birth. This contract places its listed contents (you) as property of the United States Government. You are born into servitude, and you are immediately considered to be collateral for the good faith and credit of the United States Government, U.S. INC. You are now part of the herd, a herd of human chattel, enslaved from inception. And you have just been veiled in an artificial person-hood; you have been incorporated and given a STRAWMAN corporate name similar to your human name.

Unfortunately, all you can do in response at that tender age is to burp and maybe wet yourself after a good cry!

Now, it is important to comprehend that all of this happened at an age before you, as a living free human being with a soul, had any way to read, comprehend (under-stand), acquiesce (consent), or sign (agree to in writing) this contractual incorporation of your legal person.

Consent cannot be lawfully given for any contract without full disclosure and acquiescence of said contract. This is basic, standard contract law. The state contracts with you anyway by way of its legal Prima Facie prerogative to do so, at the tender age of Zero. And so your parents signed ownership of you as a commodity over to the government without even realizing the fate they had just sealed for you as their parents had unwittingly done to them. They just signed away, without comprehension or acquiescence, their most prized possession to the state. And this is why the so-called government agency called “Child Protective Services” has the legal jurisdiction of acquiring your children at any time it sees fit. Your parents gave them that right at your birth, as you likely did or will do with your own children at their birth.

Of course, you can never retrieve your original Birth Certificate from the Federal Government. You can only request to acquire a certified copy of that document. The original is kept in the corporation called Washington D.C. (a private corporate “district” outside of the 50 states united) and used as collateral. You are that collateral, as the “attorney-in-fact” (representative) of that STRAWMAN trust, which is created under your “STRAWMAN” corporate name. This trust is accessed in times of corporate commerce, like when a loan, credit card, or contract is written in our STRAWMAN name.

My free name is Clint P Richardson.


All legal contracts will be in the all capital letter name, representing my corporate person, not me as a living breathing human being. Take a look at your driver’s license and any contracts you have and notice this all capital letter you.

I can talk about “Target” as the name of the physical building that houses the store that I am going to visit, but it’s true corporate name is TARGET CORPORATION.
More on this later…

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