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Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 4 hours ago

One of NYPD's finest sounds off on training and other issues. (No wonder they can't hit the broad side of a barn.)

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 4 hours ago
*A real head scratcher. "Marksmanship? Whut's dat?"*"NYPD officer AMA. All questions regarding 12lb trigger pulls and any other issues that have cropped up due to last week's shooting." *I'm posting this here instead of politics or AMA because I'd rather talk about gun side of things because I want to answer and discuss issuesNYPD officer here to answer any questions. Here are some facts:•Every officer hired since the introduction of pistols in the NYPD back in the early nineties is NOT allowed to use a revolver as their service weapon. They must choose between a Glock 19, S&W...more »
COMMENT: A decade or so ago I went to the Big Asshole.  I had a pistol.  Concealed.  And even with that I'd outgun ANYONE on those streets.  Check out "Second American Revolution Victory Guide" page 318 on why Johnny Lawman can't shoot.  Suck on my blatant disregard for your laws, Bloomberg.

DNC To Host 2-Hour Islamic Prayer - Tells Cardinal to Pound Sand

Ironwill IIIat Resistor in the Rockies- 4 hours ago
The Democratic National Committee is raising a number of eyebrows after choosing to proceed with hosting Islamic “Jumah” prayers for two hours on the Friday of its convention, though it denied a Catholic cardinal’s request to say a prayer at the same event.Surprised?Read the rest here to learn who are the ones putting this on. Hint: They're not 'moderate' muzzies.
I'm all for Freedom of Religion and all that, but that also means you have to respect MY beliefs and not impose them on others... you don't see me imposing exclusively the words of Jesus in the Gospels on people... wait maybe I should...

Dear Mayor Bloomberg -- THIS is how things work in the real world outside Gotham.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 6 hours ago
"Customer kills gunman during armed robbery attempt at Jacksonville Dollar General."*A 57-year-old father and grandfather stopped off on his way home from work Monday night to fill a grocery list his wife left for him that morning.But after entering the Dollar General at 1921 Dunn Ave., he was thrust into an armed robbery that ended with him firing his weapon and one of the two robbers lying dead on the floor.Two men entered the store about 9:20 p.m., both with handguns, said Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.“One of them had the clerk and one of them wa...more »

No Liberals or RINOs - but what about Mama Soprano?

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 6 hours ago
Just another tidbit to let rattle in your braincase: Patriot family moves into the Citadel and then mom or dad back in Boston gets old and sick. I think most of us are the sort who will do what is needed to take care of mom and dad, regardless of their politics.But how do the residents of the Citadel deal with it? A crankly old Liberal dad at the diner every morning on a soapbox about how Jefferson was a pedophile...Sure, that's a worst case scenario, but plausible.One or two such parents is not a big deal. But we all have parents or siblings or aunts/uncles we may be required ...more »
Comment:  having family trip you up... there isnt' a good solution.  You're either going to have to endure their ignorance or dump them as family.  My condolences to all that have to endure this but Jesus did say something about having to leave loved ones to do what's needed.

Armed citizen saves cop, incident ignored by media. Police chief refuses to acknowledge that citizen saved cop's life.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 6 hours ago
Armed Citizen Stops Violent Attack on Cop.*Two concerns here. First:Both Phares and Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff stopped short of crediting Stevens with saving the officer’s life.True. It’s impossible to know if Stevens saved Harrison’s life. That would require some sort of concurrent, alternate reality where Stevens didn’t intervene, then comparing the two outcomes. Life isn’t a tidy double-blind clinical trial.The FBI reports that in 2010, 19 police officers were slain while alone on patrol. Seven officers were killed with their own weapons. Of 56 officers killed, ...more »
Par for the course.  If there are innocent Americans in danger then you intervene but I err towards letting the Only Ones handle their business on their own.

A Darwinian moment in Montana. Don't go around all drunk and ghillied up.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 6 hours ago
Sasquatch stunt takes a tragic turn on highway. It is impossible to make this stuff up.*A man dressed in a military-style “Ghillie suit” who was attempting to provoke a Bigfoot sighting was struck by two vehicles and killed on U.S. 93 South of Kalispell Sunday night.“He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting,” Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jim Schneider said. “You can’t make it up. I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this before. Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him.”**The Flathead County Sheri...more »

Best. Conspiracy. Ever.

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 8 hours ago
Best part: "Shut your pie hole, fisherman, I'm not finished".

An Outing With the Twins

Rifleslingerat Art of the Rifle- 9 hours ago
[image: 043]Since I’ve been unattached, so to speak, since deciding my Sako 75 just wasn’t passing muster, I have had more opportunity to do things I haven’t had time to do for a while. Things like taking my carbines out and burning up a case of good ol’ Federal XM193. [image: 044]*They should develop a powder for this load that smells better. Scratch and sniff the photo on your monitor for a sample of the smell.*In addition to the one I keep next to the bed, I’ve gotten into the habit of throwing a carbine behind the seat of my truck as of late, what with all the crazies o...more »

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- Roubini : " The only thing that can lift markets is Fireman BenBernanke liquidity hose in Jackson Hole - Students RFID / GPS Tracked Like Cattle | Gerald Celente Trends Blog Students RFID / GPS Tracked Like Cattle - George Soros Buys Manchester United Stocks - Return to the Gold Standard ? - QE3 was never off the table - Pepe Escobar : Iran is not Isolated , America is | Gerald Celente Trends Blog Pepe Escobar : Iran is not Isolated , America is - Alan Watt - Propaganda and Human Conditioning through Education and The Media | Gerald Celent...more »

Second American Revolution Victory Guide 2.0

Max Manusat Resistor in the Rockies- 15 hours ago
Thanks for the Props! 

Consider: No Liberals or RINOs...

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 16 hours ago
Consider a community of 3,000 households without a Liberal in town.Consider 3,000 households where traditional American values are the norm, not the exception. Consider 3,000 families who are trained in the art of the rifle, who have at least 90 days of food in the pantry, who never have to worry about de-programming little Billy when he comes home from school.Consider 3,000 families who will never vote to raise the taxes on their neighbors, will never stick their noses in their neighbors business, will never cry at a town council meeting because a neighbor has the audacity to fl...more »
Kerodin's got a good ideal but he needs to have fellow IIIers fill up neighboring communities and take them over.  Perhaps his Citadel can be used as an operational model.

III Patch Raffle & Millerized Shotgun & Mosby Class

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 17 hours ago
My thanks to Bonnie Gadsden for reminding me that Labor Day is coming fast! If you remember, Millerized offered up this awesome Mossberg as a raffle item, and John Mosby offered two slots in a future class, each gift to be awarded to a III Patriot (actually 2 Patriots) who purchased III Gear before Labor Day.I know several of you have been waiting a bit longer than usual for back-ordered gear (and no, shirts/hoodies are not ready) but patches and most other gear is shipping. So if you want to have your name placed in the hat for a chance to win the shotgun or training with John, ...more »

GOP elitists aspire to replicate the Whigs. "If this is how it's going to be, I don't want to be a Republican."

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 18 hours ago
"Texas delegates planning floor mutiny over RNC rules changes."*On Monday morning, at a meeting of more than 100 Texan delegates and alternates at the Saddlebrook Resort 20 miles north of Tampa, one topic got the crowd more fired up than any other. Delegate Melinda Fredricks read aloud a letter condemning recent changes to the national Republican party's rules that would allow the GOP presidential candidate to veto and replace state delegates."Our delegates are in shock that such an amendment even would be presented before the Rules Committee much less passed into rule," Fredric...more »
New insult: Republic-lame

CBS Exclusive: "Fast and Furious IG report slams ATF Phoenix personnel."

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 22 hours ago
"The Inspector General (IG) draft report on Fast and Furious heaps blame on the Phoenix-based staff of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) according to those familiar with the document."Well, there's a big surprise. You didn't think Kevin O'Reilly's name would come up, did you? Ask yourself just one thing. Who is in a position to read and leak the contents of this report which is not yet final and hasn't been seen outside the executive branch? Someone who is interested in what the military calls, IPB -- "Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace."

Well, as long as they weren't Absolved readers, I guess they're not terrorists, huh?

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 23 hours ago
From the Associated Press -- Prosecutor: Ga. murder case uncovers terror plot.*Four Army soldiers based in southeast Georgia killed a former comrade and his girlfriend to protect an anarchist militia group they formed that stockpiled assault weapons and plotted a range of anti-government attacks, prosecutors told a judge Monday.Prosecutors in rural Long County, near the sprawling Army post Fort Stewart, said the militia group of active and former U.S. military members spent at least $87,000 buying guns and bomb components. They allege the group was serious enough to kill two pe...more »
You'll be seeing more of this in the days ahead.  Maybe you'll be involved so read my article pinned on the right "How to start a militia unit-and get away with it", then the SARVG.

CSM: "US 'civil war' fears abound."

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 23 hours ago
"The UN will not 'mess with Texas,' Martin Nesirky, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, tells Reuters."Well, that's reassuring, coming as it does from that paragon of rectitude, the United Nations. Purty smart on their part, I'd say.The author of the article, however, makes this statement:*Today’s stakes, though substantial, are not of civil-war caliber. Whether Obama or Romney is elected in November, chances are great that the workings of the Constitution will temper any revolutionary strains, as it has since the end of the Civil War.*This is whistling past the gra...more »

Cash and “Digital” money during a Collapse

Hi Ferfal,I have read a lot about bank holidays, limits on withdrawals and the like in Argentina. And I know that the financial collapse in Argentina happened over a decade ago when perhaps debit cards and online banking were not as prevalent. Having said that, can you tell me what method you and others used to pay for your rent/mortgage and utilities? There has been a lot written on paying for food and other physical purchases at the market, but not so much about basic housing expenses.Our paychecks arrive in our accounts via direct deposit and we pay our mortgage and utilities ...more »

Two Important Posts from David Codrea.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 23 hours ago
"Issa to question OIG head as ATF pores over report.""DC Bar Counsel punts Holder ethics complaint amidst conflict of interest concern."

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