Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Police can now legally track your cell phone without a warrant-don't have your cell on you, you can always call back:

U.S. downgrades crop outlook:

How Obama is robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities-cities are the enemy's strongholds, the country will be raided more and more.

You will not believe what Americans are doing for a paycheck these days:

Investors prepare for Euro collapse

China is running out of money

Social Security Administration needs ammo too...

...And so does the National Weather Service

Ann Barnhardt goes over the destruction of protections for Americans financial accounts  
That's the ruling...

Wired discovered that the online encrypted e-mail company Hushmail had created a way for governments that had a Mutual Assistance Legal Agreement with Canada to subpoena Hushmail users’ accounts. Hushmail even created rogue downloadable software to help bust open encrypted accounts for the government, though it’s not clear the company was under any legal obligation to do so….

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