Thursday, August 16, 2012


From EDOGZ818
:Charles Dyer
1200 South main St
Fredrick, Oklahoma, 73542

Please write Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot for his B Day.

Charles Dyer needs help researching his appeals.
Two main issues that he needs us to research are:

Can he be convicted for a string of sexual assaults, as opposed to a specific incident.

IE: Raped so & so over the course of 1 yr, as opposed to raping so & so on a specific date.
IE: He wasn't convicted for a specific incident, because the government didn't have enough evidence to substantiate a specific charge, so they generalized it.

What is the standard of proof required for a sexual assault on a child?
Is it only a statement, supported by a missing vaginal flap, or does an examination have to be preformed by a physician who was specifically trained to conduct an examination to determine sexual assault.

In a nutshell, there was no physical examination by a qualified physician, and no specific dates of the incident(s).

He was railroaded and now, has virtually no access to the law library to prepare for his appeals.

Please find the related info, download it, print it and mail it to him, or post a link here,PM, or email it me & I will download it, print it out & send it to him, with your information if you don't mind, to let him know who helped him.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention to this life saving activity.

Please send him money orders for personal supplies and make sure you sign them where the signature line indicates that the "PURCHASER" should sign. eater

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