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Atrocities In Anaheim, CA: News Blackout Hides Police Killing And Brutility
Thursday, August 2, 2012 12:31
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By muckracker1

Police killings, military fatigue-clad SWAT teams, blocked streets, and the terrorization of men, women and children with attack dogs and rubber bullets. By these signs, the land just beyond Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” appears to be under siege.

See footage of a violent altercation between police and members of Anaheim’s Latino community below.

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Natasha Lennard at Salon:

The militaristic spectacle comes in response to an upsurge in already regular police brutality protests in Anaheim. In the past 10 days Anaheim police shot dead two young Latino men — the fourth and fifth fatal police shootings in the area this year alone (four of which involved Hispanic men). This is Anaheim, outside of the Happiest Place on Earth™; a long-festering situation of inequality and police aggression falling — as is so often the case — along racial fault lines and beyond the media gaze.

Anaheim Police Dressed in ACU’s Stop Protest Near Disneyland
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Resister in the Rockies – by Ironwill The line between military and ‘peace officers’ ’Law Enforcement Officers’ continues to be blurred.

Latest example is Anaheim, California; Home of The Happiest Place on Earth.

In an effort to prevent protestors from reaching Disneyland, who were marching against the shooting of an unarmed man by the Anaheim police, horse mounted patrols and officers in full ACU (Army Combat Uniform) battle dress were sent out to quell the march.

The march appears to have been co-opted by by a couple of commie and socialists groups from Los Angeles.

Regardless, is this what our ‘Peace Officers’ ’Law Enforcement Officers’ have become

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