Friday, August 24, 2012


Kerodin is a III blogger who has been whipping up support not only for a arms company but for fellow IIIers to relocate to a locale in Idaho and take it over-essentially what I've been advocating for years.

Just a bit of food for thought...

To give you an idea of the scope and direction and possibilities regarding the Citadel: There is currently a 3,006 acre tract of land available in Shoshone County, to the immediate east of Coeur d'Alene and St. Maries. That is just a bit under 5 square miles. The asking price is higher than I'd like to pay, but that is immaterial at this stage of the game.

The terrain works, 8 miles of river and creek frontage works, the wildlife works.

The population for the entire county is 12,600 people, more than 40% of whom are younger than 18 or older than 65.

Those population numbers mean if we ramp up to 3,000 families in our town, we will have a voting block of perhaps 33% in the County, maybe more. I suspect III Patriots would easily move into the Sheriff's office and other important county offices very quickly.

Oh - and Judges in Idaho are elected. Any of you III Patriots look good in a black robe?

There are no significant towns in the entire county, the Citadel would be the largest. Yet, Coeur d'Alene is an easy drive on Interstate 90.

If we settle III Arms into such an environment, and purchase such a tract of land for development and population, we would be in an outstanding bargaining position with County and State officials to earn breaks (such as taxes, water use, et cetera) in return for the increase to the state coffers that will result from the increased tax base.

We would literally be carving out a bit of wilderness (close to a major interstate) and building a town where none now exist. III Pioneers.

No Liberals allowed. No RINOs allowed.

Let your mind fully explore the possibilities for yourself, for your fellow Patriots, for Liberty.

To fully consider the potential, scroll through the pictures, here.


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