Monday, August 06, 2012


The only Constant is Change

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 2 hours ago
Many people fail to fully appreciate that the History of Man did not begin on the day of his or her birth. Billions of people have lived and died before you ever got here, trends come and go, Empires rise and fall, people love, hate, invent, forget, regret and inspire. In Aiki training one of the most common attacks trained is the simple wrist-grab. Your partner reaches and grasps your wrist. One of the things newer students have a hard time grasping as they struggle to master the mechanics of the many defensive counters is that the mechanics are never the same twice, because the a... more »

Some of My Reasons for PT

Arctic Patriot at The Arctic Patriot - 3 hours ago
Some short reasons why you *should* be on a steady physical fitness program, off the top of my head (in order of their importance to me). I am a man, so obviously I am speaking to men. Apply accordingly. 1.) PT trains your body to know its proper place, that is, firmly in subjection to the will. The body is a tool; it should be master over nothing. Most pain (but not all!) is merely a sign of weakness leaving the body. 2.) A man was designed to be a protector, a provider, a burden-bearer. Brute force isn't everything, but there are times when it helps. A lot. Being fit and s... more »

Pistol Caliber lever action Rifles

This weekened I had the chance to experiment a bit more with a lever action pistol caliber carbine. A couple weeks ago I tried some “cowboy” shooting. The drill started by shooting two single action 45 LC revolvers, 5 rounds each, then 4 shotgun shots and 6 lever action carbine shots. I found the little Rossi 357 magnum to be well made and accurate in spite of the open sights not being that nice. Rossi 357 mangum lever action carbine This weekend I tried a Marlin, also in 357 magnum, and man it’s a nice little carbine. The sights were a pleasure to use, hitting a cardboard plate... more »

Links for 2012-08-05 []

- $9 TRILLION missing from The Federal Reserve and Nobody Knows where they are Gone | Gerald Celente Trends Blog $9 TRILLION missing from The Federal Reserve and Nobody Knows where they are Gone - Marc Faber : Copper Zinc & other Raw materials still provide Opportunities - Jim Rogers: Buy a Farm - Roubini : The Olympics An Economic Failure - London totally empty a zombie city - US Treasurys are Junk Bonds US Treasury’s are junk bonds - Alexander Soros talks about His Foundation - Max Keiser & Alex Jones : Occupy Bilderberg & Mainstream M... more »

Dorkfish Express: DHS Trying to Buy Primasheet

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 13 hours ago
Prima SheetSolicitation Number: HSTS02-12-Q-CAN059Agency: Department of Homeland SecurityOffice: Transportation Security AdministrationLocation: Headquarters TSA   Rich T discovers the newest item on the DHS shopping list.Upcoming 'terrorist plot' bust or upcoming false flag? more »

Cybersecurity Bill (Magazine Ban) Defeated - Obama to Use E.O. To Pass

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 14 hours ago
The Cybersecurity Bill, which included an amendment to sneak in a high-capacity magazine ban, has been defeated. Senate Republicans recently blocked cybersecurity legislation, but the issue might not be dead after all. The White House hasn't ruled out issuing an executive order to strengthen the nation's defenses against cyber attacks if Congress refuses to act. Read the rest here. Checks more »

In all ages there will be Men who mean to be Masters. So what?

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 1 day ago
Much is being made of the Small Wars Journal piece this weekend. No problem with that, of course. But how much more evidence does one need before the imminence of the storm leads to personal defensive action? At what point does one stop looking at the clouds on the horizon and begin battening the hatches? Before you emotionally jump at a piece of sweet bait like that column, you'd better look for the hook... You know "They" are coming. You know "They" do not like you and are willing to put you in a ditch, or take all of your money, or treat you like slave labor. You know that the... more »

Bringing the War Back Home. "Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland": Getting the military to start preparing for the violent repression of its own citizenry. US Army "deep thinker" creates an "enemy" out of the Tea Parties & "extremist militias." "Red Teaming" from an Ignorance-Inspired Faulty Premise.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
*On an office door at the United States army's Command and General Staff College someone has scrawled: "You can't see the forest if you burn down all the trees." Alongside is another titbit of advice to the hundreds of officers studying how to wage a counter-insurgency: "It should be obvious that there is a gigantic difference between defeating an army and running a country." Fort Leavenworth, a sprawling base on the Missouri River, is in ferment as the army frantically tries to learn the harsh lessons from Iraq. This is the cauldron of a revolution in the US army's psyche. . . ... more »

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