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1/13/13 BLOGROLL

Karl Dennniger on guns, mass murderers and the drugs that activate them:
ENOUGH! (Guns, Active Shooters And Pharma)

It's time we had drug control in 'murika-we need to ban prozac, ritalin and all these other pharmeceutical death agents.

Another LEO mandarin for citizen disarmament advocates banning "assault magazines."

From his Politico bio: "San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón has worked in law enforcement nearly his entire career, most recently as San Francisco’s police chief. Before that, he served as police chief in Mesa, Ariz., and as assistant chief of police in Los Angeles."
Time to ban 'assault magazines'
America’s district attorneys, its police chiefs, sheriffs and law enforcement officials should immediately and loudly voice their support for the large-capacity magazine ban.
Large magazines serve no useful purpose in civilian life except to extend shootouts, magnify carnage and suffering and put the lives of law enforcement officers and civilians at risk.
Do you know that the detaching box magazine is the EASIEST firearms component to manufacture?  What is it but sheet metal and spring wire?  The wire you could use piano string and  sheet metal?  Hell that's EVERYWHERE!  All you need is a pattern of a working magazine to go by, and metal forms to bend the metal around.  Not hard.  Dumbfuck, and I'll be taking magazines off his corpse anyway.
...Remember the Supreme Court Heller decision?  The one that offered via the fiat decision by 9 old pedophiles a backdoor into directly attacking the 2nd?  Here's the shyster lawyer on that case about a ban:
Now, [the Supreme Court] said that the Second Amendment would likely pose no barrier to outlawing weapons that are not in common use and are especially dangerous. And we have proof of that because fully automated weapons, like machine guns, have been essentially banned since 1934.
I don’t consider myself an expert on the technical features of firearms, and so I’m not prepared to say exactly which weapons would go on the list and which shouldn’t, but I think experts should be able to come up with a pretty good list — obviously not needed for self-defense, obviously dangerous, not in common use. And that would be the new assault weapons ban.

Told you it was a Trojan Horse...

George Soros backs a think tank that advocates trying to make you turn in your guns at their gunpoint... wow where's the fucking surprise?

A quick comment on the article "Dangerous Old Men"

Uh, they'd actually BE dangerous if those Walt Kowalskis got off their damn porches with their Garands a few decades ago and cleaned up this county while we still had SOMETHING of an America that would be recognizable, but they were content with fiddling about with their homes and lawns.  Thanks, assholes.

Okay, I'm going to wade in about The Citadel:

Citadel makes TOP LINE of Drudge

The Citadel made the top line at Drudge.
Well done to all of you!

Anyone familiar with the III movement knows there's a huge feud between Kerodin and Mike Vanderboegh...

Whether Kerodin has a community in Idaho or he's hustling, or MBV has evidence or he's just feuding, here's my point:  what are YOU doing in YOUR area?

We are too few to rely on leaders-EACH OF US MUCH LEAD.

Each of us must be teaching, making alliances, building support whether in your own town or together with other Patriots in a town where you can take over.

We're too far down this road to be engaging in either base finger pointing or ripping off Patriots.  We need every bit of progress we can get and until I see proof that Kerodin's hustling some Idaho wilderness I'll support him. 

Because this is what we're up against:

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