Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The answer is obvious: if open warfare begins in New York, open warfare begins where you're at.

First, I'll reiterate: don't be where the government knows where you live. That means a bugout or even better a new place to live that's not in your name.

Second, I'd be damn certain to be secretive. That means concealing your gear and weapons in civilian looking bags and cases... not gun cases or gun manufacturer labeled gear... from the moment you leave until you reach your rally point.

Third, keep your mouth shut. Snitches can only do their thing if they know you have something. That means not only concealing your weapons, but also concealing that you are even any kind of gun owner or have views that might get their attention. Talk about sports, gossip or Megan Fox to your neighbors. That's it. Plays hell on neighborhood defense or recruitment but...

Fourth, New York will have it's own state forces. You can't draw them off but you can draw the feds attention, make them divert their attention, and the more areas the more Patriots out there, the more targets THEY got, the bigger geographical area they have to work.

Fifth, your job is to survive your battles until you get the word out that you're not only fighting but winning. That means not only picking targets you know you can fight and win, but also, recording your attacks and distributing them as widely as possible. The internet will censor your American Juba sniper video so you will be forced to burn CDs and DVDs and fill them with how-to info. Just be certain to ALWAYS USE GLOVES when touching your discs and envelopes! You will be casting seeds so maybe expect one out of a hundred to read, understand and act.

Sixth, the enemy is overall a HUGE mass of targets but you want the maximum effect. This means selecting and striking at targets that will impede their efforts. That and resupplying your own arms and ammo. Have to treat this economically as well as militarily=can I gain x arms and ammo for y expenditure? If x is sufficiently greater than y and you stand a good chance of victory, it's on. Otherwise hit another target until you can gain that capability.

Seventh, once you gain allies in your AO.... use dead drops... you can coordinate each others attacks to strike simultaniously or in sequence to stymie the enemy or lure them into say, where a van is and it's loaded with a 55 gallon fougasse-a hypothetical but I wouldn't want that kind of surprise.

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