Saturday, January 19, 2013


This is my 2,000th post for Freedom Guide. 

I was wondering what it might be-an article, a news item, some link on how to do something or the other.

I was hoping it'd be a link to a novel and/or movie I'm trying to finish.  They're... coming.

This is going to be advice: if you haven't gotten a gun, get one-even if you have to sell everything else.

Know five people within travel distance you can bank your life on?  If not, better find them-fast.

Don't live where the enemy knows where you're at.  As in what's on your licenses, registration forms whether corporate or state.

If you can't start an entire militia, form a squad or fire team.  Or keep an eye on people who might join.

Learn basic trades.  We will need to rebuild.

Beware of snitches.

Make a list of your enemies.

Make a list of your friends and allies.

The country is where we can grow food, have a place there or a connection.

The cities are where we keep the enemy busy, to keep them out of the country so we can build up strength.

War's here.  Act accordingly.

J. Croft

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