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Sandy Hook Mystery Man Identified; Why Did This Off Duty SWAT Officer Armed With A Gun Run Off Into The Woods Instead Of Helping The Students?
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 19:01
The mysterious man shown being pursued by the police after the Sandy Hook shooting in this video has been 'identified' as an off-duty AND ARMED tactical squad police officer from another Connecticut district, according to the Newtown Bee.:

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source. 

This development brings up more questions than it answers: why was a SWAT team officer armed with a gun in the vicinity of the Newtown shooting PRIOR to the shooting AND WHY is he running away from the shooting as A COWARD would do, instead of running in to the school seeing that he was armed with a gun? I guarantee this, my martial arts instructor, a former police officer, would have been inside that building in two seconds flat if it were him, especially being armed with a gun, rather than running away from the scene. Something is very fishy here and this newly released information from the Newtown Bee only adds fuel to the fire. Is this the smoking gun? A SWAT Team officer was at the school with a gun and he ran away into the woods? If that's typical behavior of SWAT in Connecticut, who needs them?

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  • Thats not identified. Thats disinfo.
    Roy D Low stated he was NOT armed.
    Who is Roy Low? /prophecy/2013/01/%e2%96%ba%e2%96%baemergency-alert-post-sandy-hook%e2%97%84%e2%97%84-2-2444138.html
    Late answers are disinfo. Just like the video that they are making now for release.
  • I call a HUGE B/S!!! I have NEVER heard of a SWAT Team Tactical Officer run away from a confrontation… EVER! People, prepare for Martial Law because these effing criminals are out of control. This was purely a ‘False Flag’ for the SOLE purpose of taking down our God-given Right in the 2nd. Amendment. This Administration must stand trail for treason against our constitution and every citizen of this country.
    To find out just how our country was overtaken please read “Behold a pale Rider” by Milton William Cooper. He was a Naval Intelligence officer and whoa… You’ll never see our government the same way. Some of the UFO stuff is very interesting especially since he wrote this book in 1980′s and early 1990. The information he wrote about is astoundingly on target on what is happening today. A MUST READ. Look at the reviews (hundreds) dating back over 10 years. They are very enlightening. It was released in 1991 and shortly thereafter, he was murdered by Apache County Sheriff officers. It is out of print but can be found at Amazon. If you want to see corruption and crapping on the constitution by our supposed “Representatives” this book will open your eyes. Highly recommend….
  • First we were told he was a student’s father who had been coming to the school. Now this? I didn’t buy the father storyline because if a man showed up whose daughter was in danger of being killed inside of the school, he would be running INTO the school, not away from it and into the woods. And he just happened to be wearing camo when he showed up to drop off his daughter’s lunch?
    The new story is just as ridiculous. Someone trained in combat would be moving to STOP the shooter. More lies in a story that is already riddled with them. And the public will believe all of them. :roll:
  • this woman said it was 2 men who escaped through back windows into a wooded area, into a tree. Then when the families started arriving & lots of people, they escaped through the crowds. She described their physical appearance, clothing & all.
  • Read it carefully, they LIE RIGHT in the 1 sentence report of the situation:
    “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.”
    The “man with a gun” was NOT “spotted in the woods”. He was spotted IN THE SCHOOL. The Chase after the man that was recorded by the heli-cam, shows the man running from beside the school, down a path past the athletic fields and INTO the woods. OBVIOUSLY the man was NOT spotted “in the woods”… He was obviously spotted BEFORE the chase, and the chase as was recorded initiated AT THE SCHOOL. OBVIOUSLY they’re LIEING ABOUT the man’s identity, as they’re trying to COVER UP the involvement of pedophile registered sex offender drug dealer free bird walked from jail earlier this year after picking up 7 NEW CHARGES Christopher Rodia, who the “suspect vehicle” was registered to, according to the police audio from the day of the FALSE FLAG TERRORISM. See videos:
    Sandy Hook Police Scanner Audio Proves Sex Offender Chris Rodia’s Car was the Suspect Vehicle at Sandy Hook
    Sandy Hook Suspect Car with Rifle was NOT Nancy Lanza’s! Suspect car was registered to Pedophile, Registered Sex Offender, Drug Dealer, Career Criminal Christopher Rodia.
    Chris Rodia’s family and Lanza family are connected on Facebook.

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