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Developing nuclear disaster?

Isfahan update

I got 5 hits from Iran today, but those could be easily spoofed. But they could also be real. People associated with this web site have contacts in Isfahan which will prefer to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, and we will try to get the news out of there that way. I don't want to be unreasonably spooky here, but there has got to be a reason why the place got evacuated and thus far there have been spurious reports about window rattling/earth shaking explosions happening at the Isfahan nuclear facility, followed by evacuations. A photo in an Israeli newspaper showed smoke rising that appeared apocalyptic in nature, but I could not click through it for more info.

Once again, there are people on the ground there and a contact here, who will be able to get the truth out of there once and for all as soon as contact is established. Obviously with a huge evacuation things are chaotic right now.

There is a lot of speculation going on out there about what happened. But I will dare to go beyond speculation here, and pretty much say it. This was a direct attack from Israel and there is a lot of nuclear material burning. The material that is burning was going to be used for a heavy water reactor and not Busher. People don't realize it, but Iran actually has quite a few nuclear reactors, not just one, and Isfahan was associated with the other reactors, not Busher. My guess is that this attack is going to be worse than Fuku and Chernobyl combined, this is not a small event.


I'd like to once again bring to the forefront the ORIGINAL do-it-right-nuclear-job-by-Israel. This photo is better than any of the others I released of the Fukushima site. And it clearly proves, beyond all doubt, Fuku was blown up by bombs (reactor 4 proves it,) and you can look right down inside the EMPTY reactor 4. Reactor 4 is Fukushima's building 7 because it was dis-assembled for an internal shroud replacement when it "exploded", the same way building 7 fell without a plane. It's a nice clear photo.

General Electric Reliability

Here we have the mangled guts of reactor 3 laying out in the open, this was part of the core spray system, and at least one nozzle is still spraying even after the core was ejected and blown to smithereens. I interviewed the man who designed this exact reactor specifically for Fukushima. He did a good job, obviously, if the pieces are still trying to work after being mangled.

Nice job, Israel, really really cool.

And Oh, Dear ENE Arnie Gundersen and Rense, this was not secret footage. How the hell did you miss it?

So the world now needs to make a decision - Are we going to let Israel turn the world into a nuclear nightmare? What gives them the right? No one was really bothering them, it seems like they are doing it out of arrogance or sport, like a kid with a BB gun out shooting sparrows. So what do we do about it? Is it time to decide that ONE last nuclear disaster somewhere close to Jerusalem is what the world needs to stop 50?

And lets not all forget those explosives in that Swedish nuclear plant

Isfahan may have been bombed

It is extremely probable that the real reason why the Iranian city of Isfahan had to be evacuated is because of an Israeli strike on a nuclear facility there.

I have heard no confirmation that this is the case, but consider the following things:

Other than a minor event in November, we never heard of any problems in that city prior to this. And nuclear problems get reported like wildfire. So any reports of "what had been said, what might have been said", or whatever, are probably just to soften the psychological impact and bury what really could be the truth - that the place was running fine and got bombed.

There have been no Iranian hits on this web site since this event occurred. I do pay attention to which countries hit this site, and curiously, I noticed this morning that there were no hits from Iran. This could be for a couple of reasons - one, the news at Isfahan has drawn attention inward to issues inside Iran, or two, that it's hard to get out on the web right now from Iran, for reasons unknown. Either way, the lack of hits is out of the ordinary.

A major thing to consider is that in the initial reports out of Isfahan, there was no mention of any explosions. But this could easily be due to a coverup by the Western media, and now people who have left the city and communicated on their own have indeed reported that there were explosions near the nuclear facility. And at Isfahan, there is nothing that can explode. It's the wrong type of facility. This means something else exploded, and if it shook the strong concrete homes the Iranians build, it had to be some sort of explosive.

Another thing to consider is that it's impossible to get a significant radiation leak, anything that would threaten lives, without nuclear material getting expulsed from a nuclear site in the form of smoke or dust. If there is nothing at Isfahan that can explode and throw nuclear materials everywhere, enough to trigger evacuations, WHAT ELSE DID?

And another thing to consider - Just by geology alone, Iran is a radioactive country. There are places in Iran which have a natural background radiation level of 250 millisieverts a year, which is 50 times the Chernobyl exclusion zone level. People live in those areas and survive the radiation just fine. These areas are in the north of Iran where there are famous hot springs, and people actually go swimming in the hot springs which expel radioactive steam and nothing bad happens to them. So Iranians are not stupid about radiation, if Isfahan got evacuated for reasons of a "radioactive leak" after explosions, something huge happened there and I'd bet a dime to a dollar Israel did it.

It will be a tragedy if that be the case, Isfahan is regarded as one of the most beautiful and important archaeological cities in the world, the site in question produced enriched uranium, and there was a lot of material there. But if Israel was willing to devastate Japan, the sky is the limit, there is nothing they will not do.

In the Apocalypse (book of revelations) the Bible speaks about Israel being destroyed in the last days, AFTER it becomes a nation again. And as a child reading the bible, I had a fair amount of dread and sympathy over those verses, never considering the fact that the place may in fact have been reborn as a hive of filth, and the fact that such destruction may have been brought to them by righteous people elsewhere; the bible makes no reference at all to whether or not they deserved it . . . . . . . . Hmmmmmm . . . . . . . . .

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