Saturday, January 05, 2013


AR-15: 3000
AK-47: 2000

Parking lot stuffed tighter than Mark Potok's ass.

70 bucks for 6 P-mags, gone to north of 200 dollars...

...I wish Mosins were still under 100 bucks...

This rifle in 30.06 or 270 Winchester is a good option, except you need to just go ahead and put in some REAL swivel studs. That molded holes will break.

Mossberg 100 ATR would be a better choice.

A comparison of 5 budget bolt guns. If your Mosin's going to cost the same as say an Axis or a Remington-get the American guns in 30.06.

Savage Axis shooting and report.

Ruger American Rifle...

Get one in 30.06, then clear the shelves of all the ought six. Then hit any other gun shops and clear the shelves of 30.06 and while you're at it, hit them up for essential spare parts; firing pin, firing pin spring, extractor, ejector. Get spare magazines or better yet download Gun Shopping 2013 and make your own extended magazines.

Remember unless you're facing only a few opponents in a open space, at long range fighting with a bolt action rifle is hazardous as the enemy will try to outflank you, charge in, while their snipers try to zero in on you. Pick your battlefield, shoot from cover, well inside homes, across more than one street, hit, run, hit again. Train and fight as rifle teams. Coordinate your attacks.

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