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Selco: Fighting Superior Forces

Ironwill IIIat Resistor in the Rockies- 38 minutes ago
When you face superior forces, no matter if tanks or storm or other challenge. Stop and think (hardest part because instinct tells you to RUN or react in some automatic way!) – understand that thing and its power – understand its weakness – take advantage of its weakness to get away, overcome or destroy it.Go read the rest of Selco's post here.If it is made by man, it can be broken by

Chick-Fil-A and Romans 1

Unprofitable Servantat The Arctic Patriot- 1 hour ago
*Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.**Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.**For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also ...more »


Unprofitable Servantat The Arctic Patriot- 1 hour ago
Pat Buchanan answers the question-*Is Mitt Being Neo-Connned Into War?**Romney’s policy is zero enrichment, said Senor. Tehran must understand that “the alternative to zero enrichment is severe, and that’s why the threat of military force has to be critical.”**This is tantamount to an ultimatum to Tehran: Either give up all enrichment of uranium and any right to enrich, or face **war**.**Here we come to the heart of the issue, which may be impossible to resolve short of war.**Unlike its neighbors Israel and Pakistan, Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has...more »

Self-gelded Lew Rockwell commentator, having voluntarily assimilated with the Borg concept, predicts future erectile dysfunction in millions in order to feel better about himself.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 2 hours ago
*Loading the Jews of Warsaw on cattle cars.* "When They Come For Your Guns . . . You Will Turn Them Over."David comments. *Shame on Lou for publishing this defeatist, cowardly screed for cattle car riders and slaves. Just because Karger doesn't have the imagination or the guts to realize a workaround to dying on his own doorstep doesn't mean better, that is, more experienced/informed minds, aren't prepared to be a significant deterrent to tyranny, and that those who would gather up the guns don't know that they can be reached before and after a raid.*As for me, wh...more »

The Committee issues a report to "authorized journalists" but not to the blogosphere.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 2 hours ago
The LA Times claimed an exclusive: "Five ATF officials found responsible for Fast and Furious." The Issa Committee issued a report yesterday that was embargoed until midnight. All the major "authorized journalist" outlets got copies so they could write their stories yesterday. Even White House apologists like Jordy Yager and Pete Yost got copies. But the Committee staffers, whether on orders from high or not, stiffed the blogosphere, including yours truly.As David Codrea observes: "Congressional Fast and Furious report released in advance to chosen few." David has a link to the r...more »

Sticking to their guns: Marines place $22.5M order for the Colt .45 M1911.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 3 hours ago
From FOX News:*It’s been called the greatest handgun ever made, and it has barely changed sine 1911, when the legendary John Browning designed it especially for the U.S. Military.And now, the Colt .45 M1911 is making a big comeback, now that the U.S. Marines have placed a $22.5 million order for the Connecticut-made pistols. The gun, which has been wielded on film by John Wayne and in real life by Sgt. Alvin York and Maj. Audie Murphy, was the standard-issue sidearm in the military for decades, until it was replaced by the Beretta M9 in 1985. . .**Colt Defense, based in Hart...more »

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Tricks of the Trade

John Mosbyat NousDefions-We Defy!- 12 hours ago
(*During the Vietnam War, among many other responsibilities in the SEA AOR, SF fulfilled a core mission, providing leadership cadre for indigenous ranger-type units referred to as "Mike" Forces. The project under which this was conducted was Project Delta, or B-52 (any errors in my recounting of that two sentence history are the result of OPSEC. They have nothing to do with my ongoing battle with CRS syndrome..."Can't Remember Shit"). One of the lasting legacies of Project Delta was the production of the now-famous **Recon Tips of the Trade**. This ongoing article series will be m...more »

Review: Wenger Executive Knife

[image: Wenger Pocket Tool Chest Genuine Swiss Army Knife]Wenger 16958 Pocket Tool Chest Swiss Army Knife Executive Micro Size 2.5-Inch $25.08FerFAL

Survival Video Game: I am Alive

I saw a review for this videogame some time ago and it immediately caught my attention given that its promoted as a “survival” video game. Often enough so called survival videogames are as unrealistic as you would expect but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it fun to play which is the point of it all, but besides that it soon became clear that a lot of thought had been put into the game.So as to provide a more thorough review, this humble servant kicked his two kids out of the game console and tortured himself playing until 5AM. [image: :-)] The game?The wor...more »

Suitable for building III Arms
Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 2 hours ago

The first themed building to be built in the Citadel will be the III Arms Factory. The picture above is just a picture - it has no bearing on our final design. It doesn't need to be a massive structure, by any means. It has a singular function: To serve the needs of the gunsmiths and machinists who will build the primary product of the III Citadel - III Arms. I do see the factory built along the lines of a genuine fortress, a place that fits the purpose. Sure, firearms can be built anywhere. Indeed, many folks build them in their basements, and many companies build them in non-des... more »

The "War on Terror" Thingy...

Unprofitable Servant at The Arctic Patriot - 3 hours ago
That whole "War on Terror" thingy is pretty odd, if you ask me. As if "shock and awe" wasn't another form of terror, just a little more high-tech and expensive. Fighting a war without a defined enemy or a defined objective seems a bit odd, like an excuse for perpetual war. Hmm. Thanks, Dead Elephants. The Donkey party has continued and given its support to it as well. What really takes the cake is the US government's decision to assist people like Al-Qaeda in the fighting in Libya. I mean, as far as I understand it, a country giving material aid to a terrorist organization like ... more »

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David Codrea: Scalia’s establishment take on ‘gun control’ should be no surprise to gun owners.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 12 hours ago
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told "Fox News Sunday" that "the Second Amendment leaves room for U.S. legislatures to regulate guns, including menacing hand-held weapons,” The National Journal reported this morning, and that has created quite a media stir. My comment: Anyone who thinks electoral politics or Supreme Court decisions derived from said politics is going to protect our liberty and property hasn't been paying attention. You'd better be getting ready to defend those things without benefit of any chance of political protection -- as a despised minority in your own c... more »

Anaheim Police Dressed in ACU's Stop Protest Near Disneyland

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 12 hours ago
The line between military and 'peace officer' continues to be blurred. Latest example is Anaheim, California; Home of The Happiest Place on Earth. In an effort to prevent protestors from reaching Disneyland, who were marching against the shooting of an unarmed man by the Anaheim police, horse mounted patrols and officers in full ACU battle dress were sent out to quell the march. The march

Mall Says U.S. Flags on Kiddie Train Must Go

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 14 hours ago
"Unapproved Visuals." Unbelievable! OPFOR List: Clackamas Town Center 12000 SE 82nd Avenue Happy Valley, Oregon 97086 Phone (503) 653-6913 Fax (503) 653-7251 CONTACTS General Manager: Dennis Curtis (503) 653-6613 Leasing Representative: (including food court) Blake Bishop (503) 224-8466 Specialty Leasing

Can you build a III 1911 Properly?

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 14 hours ago
Are you a 1911 mechanic? Can you take a pile of 1911 parts, and at the end of the process have a reliable 1911 that hits where you want it to hit, every time one pulls the trigger? Do you know what to polish, how to hand-fit those pieces and parts that need just the right fit, to turn a pile of John Browning's pieces into one of his masterpieces? Maybe you are a guy who knows how to finish the product? Can you parkerize? Can you duracote a pattern? We already have a small group of gunsmiths working with us in these early stages. We'll see if these folks want to stay part of the pro... more »



Scalia: Guns May be Regulated

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 21 hours ago
Patriots: Are you going to tell me you can not find $250, $500, or a few thousand bucks to help build our own gun & ammo factory, and Citadel of safe haven, so that when SCOTUS "rules" that *We the People * must * Constitutionally* lay down our arms and head for the cattle-cars, we have little choice but to comply? Is your best plan really to meet the stack at your front door, or bug out with the family into the woods? We need about $7 grand to hit our bare minimum, folks. More is better. This is *our fucking country*. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness. Rule of Law. All Men ... more »



S&B Match 30-06 Update

Rifleslinger at Art of the Rifle - 1 day ago
Picking up from last month in which Russ at generously sent me 2 boxes of Sellier & Bellot 30-06 Match Grade Ammunition I present you with the results of my shooting. The average muzzle velocity was 2863 fps, which seems perfectly reasonable for a 168 grain bullet from a 30-06. What did not seem to be right was the signs of high pressure I got. The bolt lift was quite stiff; it did not require special tools or anything, but on at least 2 of the shots I needed both hands. I probably should have stopped sooner, but I had it in my mind to get at least a five shot g... more »

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Citadel: What do you think of when you think "Citadel"?

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 1 day ago
***I added an update below for guys/gals who want an underground bunker**** Do you think of a few thousand guys in cammies living in underground bunkers? My wife and I don't, not so much. We think of a town, a town probably not very different from the one you live in now, or the one you'd like to live in. Think of a modern planned mixed-use community without having neighbors stacked in like sardines. We are not re-inventing the wheel, we are not returning to the 1790's. We simply have the opportunity to build a wholesome modern town where you'll be proud to raise your family. It ... more »

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