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J. Croft


ObamaCare imposes a new requirement on all U.S. citizens and legal residents to obtain government-approved health insurance.  For most Americans this will mean they are required to either pay a portion of their income to private health insurance companies, or pay a fine to the federal government for not doing so.  
President Obama argued against the individual mandate during his campaign for the presidency, but then, once elected, argued that it was central to his push for “universal coverage.”
Beginning in 2014, the federal government will impose new fines on citizens and legal residents who do not obtain government-approved insurance.  Those without insurance will pay a tax that is the greater of a flat fee, or a percentage of family income. The flat fee will be phased in over several years.  In 2014, the penalty will be $95 per adult in an uninsured household, increasing to $325 in 2015, then to $695 in 2016, after which it will increase annually in line with consumer inflation.  For uninsured children, the fine will be half the amount applied to uninsured adults.  If greater, households pay 1 percent of their income in 2014, 2 percent in 2015, and 2.5 percent in 2016 and thereafter in lieu of the flat per person fee.
Limited “Hardship” Exemption
The hardship exemption to the mandate is extremely limited.  To be exempt from the insurance requirement, someone would have to be facing insurance premiums at least equal to 8 percent of his or her income.
Federal Definition of Insurance
The federal government will be issuing rules on what qualifies as insurance for purposes of satisfying the individual mandate. See the primer section “Federal Regulation of Health Insurance.”
Regressive Incidence
The individual mandate falls more heavily on low and moderate income families.  They will be required to enroll in health insurance plans that generally are more expensive than many of today’s offerings, and if they don’t do so pay a fine or a tax that they do not pay today.  These added costs will mean these households have less discretion to spend their limited resources on other priorities, such as perhaps education or housing
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Now, it's a tax.

Who enforces the tax laws? 

The IRS. 

This is more slavery.  You have to be practically homeless not to fall under the individual mandate but then you got a lot of problems anyway.

There's only one solution and that's to say no.

"But you say no to them and they'll come at you with guns!"

So shoot them.  Shoot them dead.

The way to succeed in that venture is through proper equipment and training.  You need a rifle, able to make lethal hits out to at least 500 meters and be able to shoot to your weapon's potential.  Here are a few suggestions currently out on the gun market:

Mosin-Nagant rifle, 7.62x54R, I've covered this affordable, powerful and accurate bolt action rifle for awhile now.  Yes the rifle's a pike but that's a good thing as barrel length means higher velocity, which means harder hitting, flatter trajectory and with your irons you have more sight radius-meaning YOU will be more accurate.

Your standard M91/30 you can pick up for about a hundred bucks, maybe 120.  Consider these your basic arm for your militia group... you ARE learning how to shoot out to 500 meters and do it as a rifle team, right?  This is the rifle to train and then inventory when you upgrade for new recruits.

Next step up... the AK:

This is a Saiga in .223.  You can fit a conversion unit where the magazine is at to be able to feed AR/M16 magazines.  This will go for about 700 dollars and yes they are accurate and reliable.  These will allow you to use enemy ammunition and magazines while fielding a mechanically superior arm.  Yes you can mount optics on these and the new replacement dust covers allow a optic atop the rifle as well.  Use these rifles closer in, with your assault units while your full power cartridge rifle shooters engage at longer range from another direction.

You can go cheaper with a Century or AMD 65 AK-47, which shoots the 7.62x39 cartridge-just have a lot more ammo cached for these weapons.


This is the cost effective answer in .308...

Roller lock delayed blowback uses 20 round HK magazines you can now buy for about 1/60th of the price of say, 10 years ago.  Completely reliable, very accurate, you just need to mount an optic and you can shoot the traitors in the back all day long.

Now, there are other rifles like the M-1a, FAL, Garand, Enfield, etc.: you already have them great, get more ammo and train.

Whatever rifle you got, buy airsoft replicas of your rifles and train.

Shoot that target out at 25 meters, get a feel for making hits on that small a target, sight in.  Then go long range.

Next, learn to shoot together as a fire team.  Know your terrain and the people in and around you both potential friend and foe.

To delve more into forming a militia read this:

Then, read this:

And then get real and study...



Anonymous said...

This is an absolute out rage. I am already forced to pay for car insurance, im forced to pay for renters insurance and now they are forcing us to pay regardless if we want to or not for health insurance.

I swear to god i hate this country more than anything in the word. The U.S. government has literally fucking ruined this entire planet as a whole putting its disgusting greedy hands in every little part of it. Making everyone believe our only purpose for existing is paying our government more money..

Obama has to be an Illuminati puppet, how was it we go from "Free Health Care" to now being forced to pay for it... the more i think about it seems so real. He was the perfect person to lure everyone into a false sense of security then bam right when they thank they are safe everything changed..

I highly doubt its going to be that affordable as they make it seem and taxing people more as if we aren't fucking taxed for every god damn thing we pay for today anyway is out right inhumane.

I fucking hope this country burns in hell... Founding fathers knew this day would come and sadly no one gives a shit that the government is completely taking advantage of us once again. When are fucking going to realize we are the ones with power to change, not this totalitarian douche bag running our government system.

Stupid ass ant complex we all live in... Why does everyday have to feel like a god damn Disney movie..

We outnumber the government.. why the fuck are we sitting around letting them decide whats right for us anymore when we are well aware of what is.

I pray the people start a revolution because I will be out there with them or I am just moving out of this butt fuck of a country.

I am so upset because my family has it hard enough. My parents can't even afford healthcare period, now they are going to be charged because they cant.. FUCK AMERICA!!!

If some federal piece of shit sees this thinking its treason. It fucking is.. so bring it you stupid ass mindless cunts.

I see how badly the entire world hurts from Americas constant corruption. I am beyond the point of no return now... I could careless about this piece of shit country all I care about is being a real fucking human with real fucking sense of decency.

J. Croft said...

You, Me-We have to make Revolution happen. Our collective problem has been we've been waiting on someone else... you've seen how that worked out with Ron Paul.

Start with you and yours, build yourself a network so at least you and yours might have a chance of avoiding starvation or FEMA slavery. Build from there.

Anonymous said...

Fuck America

J. Croft said...

You mean fuck the U.S. Government

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ what fucking morons you are.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this!!!

In't paying shit!

How much is AK-47?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Barry and his half-baked "halthcare." Fuck his wife too - all they ever do is vaction while the USSA is in shambles... way to go Barry! Too bad there is 4-more years of this shit; time to move. Glad I got my AR before the stupidity hit and now, what a joke. Fucking joke! DC can go FUCK ITSELF - regardless of party!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you barry and the horse you rode in on... Fuck the whole administration and the disgrace it is, including that trainwreck, hilary... "what difference does it make?!?!?" ...I'll tell you - FOUR DEAD Americans, bitch! And, a fucked America also.. The problem with America: Career, Corupt Politicians. We need another Revolution, another Tea Party - now, while they're whining about guns and ammunition. Fuckers. Worthless Fuckers!

Anonymous said...

If the fraud, his majesty & co. put HALF as much effort that he puts into his weekly vacations, the deficit HE increased to the ungodly amount, REAL healthcare reform, immigration/boarder security and sensible laws for guns, INSTEAD of the BULLSHIT they keep peddling, pushing and RAMING down the American people's throats, maybe this country would be better and be on the right track. Instead, we have another four years of SHIT and the "legacy" of SHIT this will leave behind, probably forever. Thanks assholes! You've NOT served your country well and frankly, should all be shot. Government is NOT the solution, but rather, the problem. They think they can do everything better thank the private sector. Just point out ONE thing that has improved when government took it over. Point made, thanks but no thanks and fuck you barry and this circus. And politicians wonder why they get the reputaion they have. Hmm? - government brilliance at work; at a boy!!

Anonymous said...

If Obama wants us all to have health insurance then he can fucking pay for it out of his pocket!

Anonymous said...

One thing everyone seems to miss is that there is a religious exemption. That being said however, Obamacare is another step in separation of the rich from the poor, and a totally communistic move, falling in line with acts such as Hitler. Obama needs to shut the fuck up and take his family out of OUR country motherfucker!

concerned citizen said...

We NEED A REVOLTUION!!!!! I feel like most Americans are like sheep. Being herded by a president who is guiding them into a pack of wolves. I don't understand who how and why the president is so concerned about our insurance. There has to be something deeper going on here. He is trying to take our country into a weak vunerable state put us in chaos and poverty then the real mess will come. He is hitting us in the back of the knees so we will be broken even more. I can not believe this obamacare bullshit has even been considered!!!!!! American civilians don't seem to care...WE NEED TO STICK UP FOR OURSELVES!!!!! WE shall see what hell this brings.

Anonymous said...

Obama has stolen more of our freedoms than any other president in our history. It's time we wipe the slate clean and start a new government. Corrupt politicians and big business is not what the founding fathers envisioned. Have faith in your country, but not your government.

Anonymous said...

even though the only revolution possible as a human is an internal one... ( a consciousness in revolt against the insanity that passes as our bizarre social order... ) I still say that it is time to draw a line in the sand and say NO to this government run amok !

Did anyone in congress, senate or administration ever seek taxes or fines against the industries that caused the burdened 'health care' system ? ... and i mean the fast-food industry, candy, sugar, soda pop, beef, pork, poultry, agribusiness, dow chemical, monsanto, et. al... ? When big tobacco was villified for causing sickness and deaths for decades they were forced to pay for their diabolical role... Yet Obama has not even begun to repair our toxic foodways in America that produce toxic water, soil, air and so-called 'food' products that result in obesity, cancer, heart-disease, diabetes and a long list of chronic illnesses that have been burdening the 'health care' system for decades, and getting worse every day.
The Gov't does not dispute the connections... it is scientific fact. Schools are banning soda machines and junk foods all the time on the basis of what we now know.
If these industries had to pay even a fraction of the cost of the harm they have done and for the crimes against humanity they have perpetrated on our people... then Obamacare wouldn't have to be coming to me for my little $650 penalty..
Meanwhile the Gov. is more than happy to hand over $700 billion to their cronies on Wall St. and AIG... in addition to $7 trillion more we never hear about.
More importantly, during the last 3 decades I and many like me have been living a healthy lifestyle with homegrown foods, low stress, clean water, fresh air and no processed foods... putting no burden at all on the healthcare system and trying to teach others to eat better, live better.. So WHY in hell should I now be asked to PAY for a system that poisons its people systematically over their lifetime, brainwashes them from childhood to eat chemical filled, lifeless, toxic and genetically engineered 'foods' that cause nothing but chronic illness, then gives them pharmaceutical drugs to ease their pain until they are ready for a dialysis chair ?
A nation of walking wounded, addicted to prescription drugs, stuck in a 'sick-care' system that does not heal them or help them return to well-being except in cases of catastrophic event intervention... and THAT is exactly the kind of insurance that should be offered, which could be very cheap for everyone. Western medicine does an excellent job of repair for broken, bashed up bodies. And THAT is the only thing i would be willing to pay for.. the unexpected accidents.
There could also be a kitty, a pool of money, a fund that we pay into for poor people who cannot afford emergency care... That's fine and of good conscience for our society... But no one in D.C. is talking about any of this stuff !!!! Not at all !!! Because this is another ploy to rob us all of what little we have left...
First our rights and privacy were snatched away, and now Obamacare comes along to get every last one of us to sign up with all our personal details that they FAILED to get from us with their stupid "American Community Survey" crap that came along with the Census a few years ago... Remember that ? The first try at getting everyone accounted for down to the smallest detail !!! Dossier-building is what it is, and that's just for starters.

George Brice said...

they got Ya! through out years of manipulation and bullshitting, the Government has been quickly amassing control over your lives the likes of which has never been before
Money rules, always has always will. The simple working Man is nothing more then a Puppet. Your Mind is totally controlled and You will do what You are told until the rights to are sold. FZ

george Brice said...

by the way they are monitoring all of this and may come to your home one day

george Brice said...

the only way out is to out think the thinkers