Saturday, July 14, 2012


Now I’m not one to leave a problem without a solution.  I broke it down to these young people and left them thinking about what and how they could have an insurance policy.  The facts are based on some simple truths:
  • If you have no skills or resources you’ll be a burden on whoever you wind up staying with.  Get a skill.
  • You can get robbed of everything you have but if you have a critical skill that can’t be taken away unless they kill you.
  • Think about what skills you need to learn.  Some skills will be in serious demand in rural areas- medical skills, labor skills (welders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, good mechanics) and anything dealing with agriculture or animal husbandry.  Others will be probably be utterly useless (things like X-Box champions, rappers, computer gurus, the assorted flavors of liberal artists, political science majors, and lawyers).
  • It’s a good idea to pre-stash stuff at wherever you’re going if you trust the people you’re going to stay with.  If you don’t trust them why are you going there in the first place?
  • If you plan to leave where you are you need to have a destination – and you don’t need to show up uninvited.  Failing to coordinate your arrival/return may buy you a one-way ticket down the road. If you’re a burden (see above) you’ll probably be asked then told to leave.
  • Fail to have a destination and you have planned to fail.  “I’m going to go hang out in the national forest” sounds good at first but hanging out in the woods for a couple of years like Bear Grilles isn’t a good insurance policy unless you plan on not getting seriously hurt, not freezing to death, or accidentally being shot by a hunter.  Which brings me to a final point.
  • If you plan on hanging out in somebody’s woods and stealing from gardens and poaching livestock plan on dying.  You may not even be doing those things but if it’s been going on and you’re there you’re guilty.  You’ll see signs that say things like “Posted”.  That means stay the hell out.

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