Monday, July 09, 2012


Here's an email that's I've sent that's resulted in the recipients responding in friendly fashion and doing what I asked when they had copied entire ******* posts in ways that I thought did not constitute fair use:
"I thought"

The quote belongs to a certain internet lawyer whose blog hosts both him and a pack of sycophant/shyster lawyers and otherwise nerdy self-professed libertarians who think the world revolves around themselves and their self-righteous grandstanding.  They're lawyers so that compounds the arrogance factor.

This is from a guy who makes protests against the police state yet uses the DMCA to stop when he actually has good advice from making the rounds to people who could use it.  Why?  Because he claims a copyright when he posts it up on the internet for all to see.  For free.  The irony is in full effect over there but when you deal with lawyers you have to just accept they're liars and well trained in the doublethink.

This penny pinching self-righteousness, of looking for the splinter in my eye when there's a log jammed in yours is easily explainable: the big beasts are too big to take down at once so weaker souls look for... wait, you'll love this... smaller game.

Which reminds me of another self-righteous defender of some imagined virtue at another forum: see, I blasted some cunt that declared that non-compliance with Obamacare would not be tolerated and I got censored by that superpatriot... though with waving an American flag in one hand, his AR-15 in the other as he uses his toes to guide the mouse and type to censor what was a statement of obvious and well-earned outrage I wonder if he caught the irony.  Could he have asked to not bruise his sensitive feelings?  Yes.

Would I have complied?  In the future.

Did he?  Nope, he outright censored me.

Dude misses the irony of advocating Freedom while attacking Free Speech.  So does the whiny lawyer with the inexplicable following of unwashed nerds who keep answering old posts like that somehow does anything.  It does-shows how ridiculous they are and they got some redwood trees sprouting from their eyes.

I will make this plain:  I am a total Free Speech advocate.  I believe in the absolutism of Freedom tempered by a grounding in Our Father the Universal Creator with whom I proudly claim love and allegiance to, shown the path to Him by Jesus.  If that makes me a candidate for pathetic flaming by cowardly internet nerds I can give back just as well.  If that leads me to blister some apparent hypocrite's skin for the brusque yet accurate tone I sometimes use-hey, deal. 

Got enough on our plate with the Police State online now without pissing contests over Fair Use and the word cunt.

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