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Praxis: Spam Can Nostalgia

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 hour ago
David Higginbotham is seized with a fit of nostalgia: "Where have all the Spam Cans Gone?" This is mysterious to me for only someone who has NOT opened many spam cans -- and slashed his/her hands on the metal -- could pine for them with sincerity. Also, as I have written before, spam cans are all very well for long term storage (especially if you leave them in their original crates) but they are NOT TACTICAL. *Tool of the Evil Communist Conspiracy to raise the blood pressure, break the knuckles and cut the flesh of Imperialist Yankee Running Dogs.* As I wrote back in 2009: *I ha... more »

On the Lighter Side...

Arctic Patriot at The Arctic Patriot - 2 hours ago
When I have been in hot, dry environments, and in cold, dry environments, a small creature comfort for me in the past has been Carmex- the little white tubs of lip balm with the yellow lid. It tends to turn to liquid if it gets too hot, and it freezes if it gets too cold, but that stuff is awesome. There's the tip-of-the-day. The rest of this article is less serious... Yeah, I'm a sissy. Real men don't use lip balm, and all that. My grandfather did, and I would put him up against any five tough guys in the "manliness" department. I think he *really did* walk to school uphill b... more »

This just in from the Issa Committee: The hearing which was rescheduled has itself been rescheduled.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 2 hours ago
*Hearing Featuring DOJ Inspector General Rescheduled for Thursday, September 20th WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., today announced that the hearing previously scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th, to examine the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on Operation Fast and Furious has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 20th. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has confirmed his attendance for the September 20th hearing where he will discuss his report of the investigation into reck... more »

Five reasons to carry full-capacity magazines

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 2 hours ago
From Rabbi Jacob Bendory of JPFO. more »

Bruce Krafft: Recoil Ridiculousness and the Fallacy of Full-Autos

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 2 hours ago
Unfortunately the idea that firearms must have a “sporting purpose” has now become so engrained in some that even a gun magazine editor and columnist like Jerry Tsai sees it as a litmus test, probably not even recognizing the complete artificiality of such a designation. more »

Training: Everybody else is doing it. How 'bout you?

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 3 hours ago
HSI Using Armored Vehicles for Training The new version of the "Black Maria." Why do these statist bastards always choose black as a color scheme? *"ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents participate in a rigorous training exercise utilizing armored vehicles designated for Special Response Teams. Exercises like this one prepare special agents for national security events."* more »

Gold Sale Banned in Argentina

Banks and Currency dealers Export the Gold they can no longer sell in Argentina The Argentine government has banned the saving in foreign currency some time ago. Like in Venezuela, if you are authorized to buy foreign currency because you’re traveling abroad it will only be authorized right before the flight and only minimum amounts, a couple hundred bucks or so. Once your back, the government will check how much money you spent, how much you have left (remember, you´re not supposed to “save” dollars anymore) and will check your credit card expenses which have been taxed with an ... more »

Links for 2012-09-12 []

- The Financial Armageddon Will Happen Despite EU Deal - [Video] Jim Rogers on CNBC India 12 Sept 2012 - ROUBINI: Unemployment in America Wont Improve - Rebels Kill U.S. Ambassador and Staff in Libya | Gerald Celente Trends Blog Rebels Kill U.S. Ambassador and Staff in Libya - NSA Whistle-Blower William Binney explains the Surveillance State and Data Collection in America | Gerald Celente Trends Blog NSA Whistle-Blower William Binney explains the Surveillance - The American Elections are all about Money - Show Business for Ugly People | Gerald C... more »

Drink your tea, eat your rice, wear your clothes...

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 11 hours ago
Three percent of our current population is about 10 million people. Have you seen any proof at all that we have 10 million people in America who add anything positive to the gene pool when they breed? Just a thought before sleep. Kerodin III more »

Project Meshnet

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 12 hours ago
Something to consider if Øbama signs an Executive Order on Cybersecurity that he hasn't been able to get passed in Congress. Just in case he uses it at some point to restrict access to the internet, or shut it down completely, the free flow of information wouldn't be affected. This project is still in the Alpha stage but the more people get involved, the faster it will evolve. More here. more »

A Public Service Announcement - Warning! Graphic!

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 13 hours ago
Lebanese paper report - Murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya reportedly raped SOP for those satanic animals. I have no words at the moment. Just rage... more »

Money Belt

Good morning Ferfal, I read before that you thought having 2 wallets one with a token amount of cash in it that you quickly give up if mugged. In addition to that idea have you noticed on and they sell money belts that look like a normal belt. In your experience would that be something that would fool most muggers or are they quite thorough once times get tough? Thanks, Jim Hi Jim, Those are pretty neat and no, a robber will not go to that length so as to notice a hidden zipper in a belt. Generally they just demand the money, they may pat your pockets if there’s a v... more »

Guns & Ammo in Idaho

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 22 hours ago
Bonnie Gadsden has a cool map showing where all of the gun and ammo builders are located in Idaho. By the way, while you're over there look around for that cool III Construction Company logo. We've got this... Here's the link. Kerodin III more »

David Codrea: ATF creating ‘legal’ injustice for FFL fighting revocation

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 22 hours ago
The dirty anti-gun-agenda criminal bastards who run the ATF Chief Counsels' Office are up to their old tricks again. *By improperly causing a hearing to be removed from the court calendar, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives prevented a Federal Firearms Licensee from seeking discovery crucial to its case for a scheduled revocation hearing, a motion filed on behalf of Brink’s, Incorporated, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas at Dallas asserted Monday. Requesting either “to reinstate [the court] hearing date or, in the alternat... more »

Police Wants Access To School CCTV Cameras

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 23 hours ago
The Police Department of Vineland, New Jersey is seeking board approval to access the more than 140 security cameras at the local High School. "Camera access would be limited to specific police personnel who would tap into it exclusively during emergencies..."   Public schools are looking more and more like prisons...for the children, of course. Read the rest here. more »

Faith, Fitness, Preparedness

Arctic Patriot at The Arctic Patriot - 1 day ago
The previous post is likely my last piece on the follies of Manlaw/politics for quite a while. In my opinion, our country is heading for a bad place, and me spouting off about this or that latest outrage/idiotry will not have any affect. So I'll try to keep that to a minimum, going forward. Like the my new banner (I'm playing with my wife's photoshop software) says- faith, fitness, and preparedness. Those will be my focus subjects going forward. As my knowledge, skills, and experience leans more towards shooting and things martial than it does beans and growing things, I'm going... more »

Øbama Built This

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 1 day ago
How's that A-rab Spring thing work'n out? Miss me yet? An Act of War... Four Americans Dead In Libya and Obama Is Off To Las Vegas?  Any questions? more »

Redwashing the Flag

Arctic Patriot at The Arctic Patriot - 1 day ago
Feel free to substitute Romney for Obama. Both men claim to be able to "fix" the country as president, and by doing so betray their government-centered philosophy. We cannot, as a country, even entertain the thought of a presidential candidate who doesn't promise to use government to "fix" things. This may lead some (self included) to question the value of a political system based on lies and fantasy modern American democracy, where the people vote into office the best liar, who tells lies based solely upon what will get him into office. What's worse is that everyone with half ... more »


Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 1 day ago
Today is a IIIGear day. Sorry folks, the last 3-4 weeks have been very difficult for getting IIIGear orders rolled out the door. Several orders that were supposed to ship last week, and even a few from the week before, never made it to either USPS or UPS. We'll be working on catching up today. I need an Intern. Don't forget, Zoomie has great IIIGear offered at his place, here. People intending to live within the Citadel: Please take a sec and hit the top poll about the type of housing you prefer. The answers will give us a rough guide for direction. Keep working on the post below,... more »

Angle Shooting Made Easy

Rifleslinger at Art of the Rifle - 1 day ago
The long range competition I shot recently was in hilly country. The description of the location said something about angle shooting. I’m not one to disregard little clues like that, so I decided to get things squared away. “Why are all you guys so concerned about the angles?” a visitor at the competition asked me before it started. I’m no rocket surgeon, but I’ll do my best to explain. [image: Untitled] Gravity apparently only works over the horizontal portion of the bullet’s flight. I don't know why, ask the inventor. You can see in the photo of a steep downhill shot that t... more »

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