Monday, September 24, 2012


SHTF tips I know no one else will publish



I am going to go ahead and put this subject up now, because I really think the shit will definitely hit the fan soon. This will be a list of tips you never saw before, why write what everyone else has written a thousand times? What is here is hardcore life saving stuff. 1.

I have confirmed, with actual testing that this first one is accurate. This has got to be classified info.

All it takes to defeat infrared night vision, and I mean the GOOD STUFF, is a single sheet of 1 mil polyethelene plastic. I tested only the thin film polyethelene that Wal Mart sells as a painting drop cloth for 99 cents. It works folks, and I will tell you how I know. It is completely effective against government issued infrared night vision, both the hand held and helicopter mounted units. I have had some freaky episodes I never talked about here, to spare the drama. But it's time to talk about this one. This was tested on the U.S. border patrol, against numerous helicopters, surveillance drones, and SUV's. I was in the back country for three days on my first border bust attempt, and evaded them entirely while they were everywhere. And finally I got tired of the plastic, convinced myself it did not work anyway, and stood up ONCE with it off and got bagged immediately. Fortunately I had my huge cameras, a laptop, and got off with a stupid story about being down there as an investigative journalist seeing how good of a job they are doing. Well, here is my report, a little over a year late.
There is not a single damn Mexican crossing the border illegally. In three days in close proximity to that damn fence I could not get across, it was too well watched and I never saw a single Mexican. That border patrol is really down there to keep Americans from getting out, the border is extremely dense with drones, planes, and helicopters, as well as ground border patrol agents and if you think you are going to get out of this country by busting the border Mexican style when tshtf, you can forget it, there is a damned iron curtain down there and it's job is to keep you IN. All the stories of the fence being easily penetrated are BULLSHIT to make you believe you have not been locked in. Well, you HAVE.
Once they figured out I had the huge cameras (this was before I lost them) and everything else you would expect from a journalist, they drove me into town and dropped me off as a courtesy, and there were thousands of Mexicans streaming in through the border crossing, with lunch buckets and backpacks, and this was BEFORE Obama decided to announce he was just letting them in through the gate. They just let the mexicans in folks, the border fence is for US.
I got out with a legitimate Mexican visa and the WSA passport 7 months later through the crossing at Laredo. For new readers who never heard about my travails, I got destroyed and anonymously detained over my Fukushima report, which documented line for line how Israel triggered the earthquake in Japan and destroyed Fukushima with a computer virus and nuclear weapons, after triggering a nuclear tsunami to provide cover. I was forced to flee the country.
I knew I had a hostile situation, and also knew how those infrared systems work. They look for direct radiant energy, and a simple sheet of polyethelene will block that direct radiant source. But it has to be used properly or it will not work.
This is what you need to accomplish for it to be effective -
Never have it wrapped tight on your body or your body will warm it up, and then the plastic itself will radiate infrared. You have to have it extremely loose on you so that it stays cold. No where on you should it be close enough to you to be warmed by your body heat. A couple inches will do, it just cannot be in direct contact with you. A loosely draped arrangement, and when you lay down, put it over you like a blanket. Obviously if night vision is in your area you don't want to be out walking around, one snag on a tree branch and you could easily be finished. So movement will be slow.
And I know my advice on the infrared is not bullshit as a result of direct experience. It really does take ONLY a sheet of Wal Mart plastic to render it useless. And I said, POLYETHELENE, Not polypropylene, canvas, or any other material. I confirmed that Polyethylene works and won't make guesses with anything else. Fortunately polyethylene is the easiest cheapest possible solution


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