Thursday, September 06, 2012


The Fascistic Element of Society


The Jews consider Gentile men to be “the fascistic element of society.” The Jews are very afraid of this element and seek ways to control it. The best way is the military. When Gentile men are in the military they can be used to kill the Jews’ enemies and be kept under total mental and physical control by military discipline.

The word “fascist” has a certain meaning for us, such as “government control of the means of production.” For a Jew, “fascist” means “a Gentile who resists the Jewish program, whether or not he recognizes it as Jewish.”

In other words, fascist is a step up from goy. It is a step down from “Nazi scum,” such as this writer. Nazi scum resist the Jewish program because it is Jewish.

The remarkable story of Brandon Raub illustrates this perfectly. Raub is an ex-marine who had doubtless committed Jewish war crimes in his Afghan and Iraqi tours of duty. Despite having two businesses in the east Virginia area, he was considering re-enlisting in the Marine Corps.

He had no idea what hit him, or really why it hit him, when the feds and local cops showed up and arrested him over provocative remarks he had made on Facebook concerning 9/11 and revolution against the government, and quoting lyrics from a protest song.

The feds (FBI, Secret Service) told him he wasn’t being arrested after he was knocked down in his shorts and handcuffed and put in a patrol car and taken to a mental hospital. He wasn’t arrested because no charges were filed against him. As with thousands of others, he just went away.

It is known as a “civil commitment,” and his attorney says that over twenty thousand people in Virginia were picked up and taken to mental hospitals in just the past year. Twenty people in Raub’s county (Chesterfield) have been sent to the insane asylum so far this month. The attorney says that most of these people aren’t heard from again and are put on drugs, paid for by the federal government. The only reason we knew about Raub was because his mother raised hell online and it came to the attention of the civil rights law firm known as the Rutherford Institute.

Raub was given a fifteen-minute mental exam and committed to psychiatric observation for thirty days. When his family and legal help became involved, Raub was sent to the VA psych ward in Salem, three and a half hours away from family and lawyers.

Fortunately for Raub he got a lot of publicity, thanks to his mother and his lawyers, who found an honest judge that ordered him released. But his lawyers say that most people in Raub’s place just disappear.

So why go after a veteran in this vicious manner?

The Jewish goal is universal military service so that the entire fascistic element of society can be exploited and controlled with the death penalty for any disobedience. However, when the soldier’s or marine’s period of enlistment is finished and he becomes a veteran, he is no longer directly under the death penalty and is once again viewed as part of the fascistic element of society. Not only that – he has been trained in the use of weapons and given the green light to kill enemies of the Jews. Nowadays, the veteran almost certainly did kill people directly or indirectly during his tour of duty.

The Jews realize that due to the Internet, mainly, there is a lot of awareness of Jewish crimes against humanity. The veterans, a lot of them, know that they were exploited in their youthful ignorance to kill people they shouldn’t have killed. In Raub’s case, he knows that the big excuse to volunteer and go kill strangers was based on the fantastic Jewish lies of 9/11. Maybe Raub hasn’t put the Jewish element into his thinking, but in resisting the 9/11 legend he put himself at the top of the fascist list.

The fascist list is probably what we’re told is the “red list.” People on the red list are to be arrested and re-educated to accept the government position, according to recently released army documents. The Nazi scum list is the “black list,” and no effort will be made to re-educate them. They will get a bullet in the back of the neck if they were dumb enough to be arrested.

Our treacherous federal government has identified the veterans as the most dangerous group of political dissidents. I don’t know if they're any more dangerous than a typical Pennsylvania deer hunter, but they could be more motivated to get even with the ones who totally messed up their lives. But how’s that for gratitude? One day, they’re “fighting for our freedom” and the next day, they’re terrorists. This is how Jews say thank you.

While identifying mostly unaware and harmless veterans as the most dangerous of domestic enemies, actual hard guys such as I are not mentioned. This website does not get condemned because the Jews do not want it even looked at out of curiosity.

So now we know things we didn’t know yesterday. We know that many thousands of normal people are being arrested and committed illegally to mental institutions for unknown reasons – twenty-thousand people a year just in Virginia! So-called “civil commitments” require no due process; you’re taken to the nut house, automatically drugged and may just disappear. We know that most of the victims of this form of rendition are veterans who are not up to speed on the Jewish Problem. They are feared and hated by the Jews for the possibility that they may become aware.

If we can’t learn from Brandon Raub’s experience, then we don’t deserve to survive. The day of his unexpected release from the Salem, Virginia Veterans Administration psych ward, a couple of hours before the judge’s order, a psychiatrist came into Raub’s room and shut the door and sat down. Sardonically he told Raub, “I’m going to brainwash you.” Raub said, “You’re what?” “I’m going to medicate you forcibly.”

We can only guess at the sorts of psycho-drugs this vicious quack planned to use on Raub and we can only guess at his name, which undoubtedly is something such as Goldberg or Rubenstein. Psychiatry is Jewish medicine. Psychiatry is behind every government program and every television program. Jewish psychiatrists and psychologists are employed to predict the effect of every program of the Washington/Hollywood axis. Jewish FBI doctors are reading this website and formulating counter-measures. That’s how we got Oklahoma City.

Raub was in the cuckoo’s nest and minutes away from a chemical lobotomy and oblivion.

This is the fate that awaits us if we fail to respond properly.

Thank you, Brandon Raub. You have put us on notice that each of us must be armed and ready to shoot the first and every son of a bitch who comes to the door with an order for our civil commitment, due to something we’ve written or said. This is the only possible action open to us. How many of the twenty-thousand people sent away just in Virginia, just last year, did you hear of? You heard of one – Brandon Raub – because his mother raised hell on Facebook and John Whitehead with the Rutherford Institute got involved. But Facebook was how he got arrested in the first place.

Facebook is the enemy. Why anyone uses it, knowing it is part of the Jewish mind-control machine, owned by a creepy and contemptuous Jew who is backed by Mossad and CIA – is beyond me. Why anyone would divulge his or her thoughts and lifestyle on this Jewish intelligence operation is a mystery. Yet that’s how Brandon Raub got busted and sent to a psychiatric prison, for commenting on 9/11 and the government on Jewish Facebook.

The FBI and Secret Service told Brandon Raub, when his hands were cuffed behind him and he was about to disappear, that they were concerned for him due to the things he had said on Facebook. They said he wasn’t under arrest and they were concerned for him. Talk about Jewish scripting! “Okay, guys – here’s what you say so they won’t struggle or try to shoot you. Tell ‘em you’re concerned and that they’re not under arrest. That way, they’ll trust you and go quietly.”

Thanks, Brandon. Now we know that there’s no alternative to shooting the bastards as soon as they show up.

This is the only way to stop the police state that is arresting us, drugging us and disappearing us daily. Anyone working for the police state must be killed, for he is at war with us and in war, you must either kill or be killed.

We can run through a scenario so as to get up to speed with the police state traitors. Let’s say you’re a veteran, recent or long-time, and you’ve been posting anti-war opinions on the Internet. Or you’ve gone to the VA because of bad dreams or headaches which you suspect are from your experiences overseas. For whatever reason, several cars appear in your parking area. Men get out, some in plain clothes, some in police uniforms. You haven’t robbed any banks or fallen behind in your child support.

What do you do? I mean, what do you do right this minute when you see these guys coming for you? Now that you know what happened to Brandon Raub and twenty-thousand other people just in the past year in one state – what do you do? Now that you know that a VA shrink will be sticking a needle in your arm in a few days and your family might never see you again? You realize that life is never going to be what you planned, from this moment forward, regardless of what you do or don’t do. So, what do you do?

You shoot. You instantly size up the opposition and figure who the first one to grab his gun will be and you shoot him. Then you shoot the next one and all of them as quickly as you can. Don’t stop shooting until they’re all down.

Brandon Raub, of course, didn’t do this. He couldn’t, because he doesn’t own a gun. An ex-marine who doesn’t own a gun. I’m not sure how this can be, but that’s what’s reported. Maybe he’s sick of guns after what he did for the Jews in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, this is probably why he was targeted, because the enforcers knew he couldn’t hurt them.

But you’re not Brandon Raub because you’ve got a gun and you know how to hit with it. If you’re typical, you’ve got more than one and each one is within grabbing distance. Shotgun, rifle and a .45.

So let’s say you’ve shot all the enforcers. What then? You instruct your family to split and you, all reloaded and ready, head downtown. You head for the federal building or the police department or the sheriff’s office – whichever you think the most responsible for the attack – and kill everyone you find carrying a gun. They won’t be expecting this, so you’ll have the advantage. They may be all wrapped up in one package in a “fusion center,” which will save you a lot of running around.

Let’s say you’re still on your feet. From this location you head for the local chapter of the Anti-Defamation League or whatever Jewish agency in town that advises the enforcers, based on your own knowledge. You repeat the last step but not bothering to discriminate or think about who’s carrying guns. Jews don’t carry guns since they’ve got the enforcers wrapped around their little fingers. For this long, unearned power over us, they must pay.

This is the Lone Wolf scenario. Much better is to have your buddies ready for a multi-stage counter-attack on the fusion center or on the separate agencies, all pretty much at the same time. Cell phones or CBs or marine band radios can be used to trigger the response if just one member is attacked.

If you do have a group, it must be understood that the security of the group and that of the families of each member come first. Any collaborator with the enforcers must be shot. This is the first law of survival. The first law of reality is that the enforcers will do whatever it takes to place at least one spy in your group. So it has to be made clear that spies and rats will be killed, that it just isn’t worth it to be one.

This is why the enforcers must be wiped out at the first opportunity they give us, because there will be no living with them once this thing starts. Our way will be hit and run and hit again another time. It will be suicide to ride around in a marked car or wear a uniform. The ones in plain clothes will be treated as spies in the traditional manner.

Again, if I have to say it, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about – being sent to the fog factory and being chemically lobotomized, turned into a vegetable for the rest of time. That’s if you don’t go to the Halliburton Hilton on the black list. We’re on notice: they mean to wipe us out.

We have no choice but to wipe them out. It’s going to drag on for years and will be scary at times. But it will also be the best of times for those of us who want to get even for all the crime and torture and murder done in our name. We can make being an American a great thing for the first time in history, because up till now it’s been about the most disgraceful thing I can think of.

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