Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is Spain where handgun owners are limited to 50 rounds of ammunition per year.

So they rig up rockets and shoot them through pipe.

Note they have shields to repel any gas grenades or beanbags, which is good for a riot until they break out the hard ammo.

They COULD tape some bb shot around the warhead. They might also dig around the internet and find out how the Congreve rocket was made-which was spin stabilized. Or a even simpler method might be a unspooling streamer or fins instead of that crude and heavy long stick. Did like the launch method though, but you need two people; one to ignite and one to ram home the rocket and he needs gloves.

Other than that you got to hand it to them for their ingenuity and will.

Watch. Watch over and over and figure out how much better YOU can do. You can.


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