Friday, September 14, 2012


The secret of their success? How U.S. leaders from JFK to Roosevelt and George W Bush share character traits with psychopaths
By Mark Prigg
PUBLISHED: 04:25 EST, 12 September 2012 | UPDATED: 09:34 EST, 12 September 2012
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..A character trait in psychopaths has been identified by scientists as a common thread in successful US presidents.

Fearless dominance, which is linked to less social and physical apprehensiveness, boosts leadership, persuasiveness, crisis management and congressional relations, according to new research.

Theodore Roosevelt, regarded as one of the most influential US leaders even though he was in office more than a hundred years ago, ranked highest for this type of personality followed by John F Kennedy, Franklin D Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

Researchers found 'fearless dominance' was a trait found in many successful US presidents - and also a trait common in psychopaths.
Then came Rutherford Hayes, Zachary Taylor, Bill Clinton, Martin Van Buren, Andrew Jackson and George W Bush.

Fearless and dominant people are often a paradoxical mix of charm and nastiness. Cool and calm under pressure, they not easily rattled.

They lack the same kind of anticipatory anxiety that most people have so are not put off from taking dangerous actions.

They are usually intelligent and wealthy, relishing directing other people’s activities and basking in their admiration.

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