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Dragon Day - A New Film

Ironwill IIIat Resistor in the Rockies- 45 minutes ago
An interesting independent film about what happens when China conducts a full scale cyber-attack after the US refuses to pay its' debts to them.The actual filming has been completed. Being an independent film, they are seeking money to complete the post-production.Visit their website for more info.

One-Third of Denver SWAT Can't Pass Basic Fitness Test

Ironwill IIIat Resistor in the Rockies- 1 hour ago
If you can do the following (and you should):
One pull-up with a 40 pound weight attached
Running 1 1/2 miles in just under 14 minutes
35 pushups in a minute 37 situps in a minute
Vertical Jump - 19 inches
300 meter run in 59 seconds
Then you are in better shape than one-third of the Denver SWAT team.A CBS4 investigation has found that about one third of the members of the Denver
Read the rest here.

Download a PDF of some of the pathetic results here
That sounds like a GOOD thing!  I mean, they're not dickless diabetic 400lb drone jockeys a thousand miles away but still it means if you can break the Denver PD SWAT assault and get them into pursuit, if YOU'RE in shape and can bust through their perimeter... and if you can halt or escape from a SWAT assault you can definetly bust through perimeter coppers... you might get away-or find your next fighting position.

I Wonder, I Wonder, I Do

dr_samizdat1618 @ yahoo.comat Event Horizon Chronicle- 2 hours ago
I have been criticized by some of my readers as a "Prophet of Doom," for warning of the dangers of nuclear warfare, and for pointing out the self-evident global financial crisis that is plunging more and more people into poverty with the passing of every single day, not to mention the ongoing, unresolved, nuclear meltdown nightmares at Fukushima, Japan and Chernobyl, Ukraine.But in all fairness to myself, I wonder, I mean I really do, how deep in denial do you have to be to not appreciate the ghastly crisis that looms before us?Radioactive Hell such as you have never in your life...more »

Book Review: Contact!

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 5 hours ago
Although it seems that Ryan at TSLRF beat me to the punch, I would also like to share with you some observations I have after reading the book* Contact! *by Max Velocity. Ryan's review is good; go read it. People looking at an object will often see different things; getting all the perspectives is important. *Contact! *is a book meant for civilians who are preparing for hard times. My perspective is that of an ex-NCO who has seen the disaster that can come from poorly-considered decisions, lack of preparation, or not making a decision when one is needed. I also am a husband and...more »

Lead bullets under fire

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 9 hours ago
Should President Obama win in November, it’s a certainty he’ll try once again to ban lead ammunition. Just two months after he moved into the White House, the National Park Service suddenly announced it was banning lead bullets from its parks. The blowback from sportsmen was intense, so the agency backed down. Mr. Obama surely will exert “more flexibility” in a second term to accomplish this backdoor assault on the Second Amendment.
Maybe that's why they're also after used batteries: good supply of lead for bullets and sulfuric acid for propellants and explosives.

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I'm Safe, I Guess

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 15 hours ago
Well, I don't have to worry about being in the camp of those who "insult the prophet of islam".There is no "prophet of islam".There was a guy named Mohammed, who was a pedophile, an effective war leader, and the author of a book called the koran, but he's a false prophet, not a real one.So, Obama *obviously* wasn't talking about me.As a professing Christian (but not one in deed in any way that I can see), Obama should be right next to me in line to confirm the false prophet status of this Mohammed guy. I am curious to know what man it is that Obama refers to as "the prophet" o...more »

Important III Arms Post

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 16 hours ago
Click Here.And by the way: III Arms Company just registered its toll-free phone number. It isn't live yet, but will be in a fewweeks - so don't call anytime soon. Oh, the number? *****855-III-Arms*, of course!KerodinIII

Weight Loss Tips that Work (for me)

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 17 hours ago
Here's my tip of the day:Run. Do jumping jacks.Lift weights 1 hour a day.Seriously though, here is a nutrition-based tip that has worked for me *in combination with punishing my body for at least one hour every day:*Small meals every three hours. Carbs in the late morning, early afternoon. Drop the soda. Less sugar. Don't eat heavy meals late at night. Eat clean. White meats, fish, vegetables as-close-as-you-can to raw.Fish and rice.Tuna. Chicken and rice.More tuna.Turkey. Steak and a protein drink after a workout (after the nausea goes away).Lots of water....more »

The new threat to the U.S. Army: "Anti-federalists." West Point professor decides to dabble in "domestic extremism."

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 18 hours ago
*Meet Arie Perliger, West Point professor now dabbling in "domestic extremism."*Many thanks to the reader who forwarded me the link to this article: "Identifying Three Trends in Far Right Violence in the United States."The author, Arie Perliger, is, according to his own bio:*(T)he Director of Terrorism Studies at the Combating Terrorism Center and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His research focuses on political violence and extremism and the principal ways democracies respond to these challeng...more »

New Blog

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 19 hours ago
New Blog.Son of Liberty.The place is just getting started, but I thought I'd bring it up- we'll see where it goes!

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