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Chinese Hackers Breach System Used by White House for Nuclear Commands

Ironwill IIIat Resistor in the Rockies- 11 hours ago
Just the other day I posted a movie trailer for Dragon Day.Now this happens: Chinese hackers break in to White House military office network in charge of the president’s nuclear football.(source) The cyber-attack occurred earlier in September. According to a national security official, “This was a spear phishing attack against an unclassified network.”“In this instance the attack

"The enemy of the American people." Nuremberg Rules for American "journalists."

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 13 hours ago
* Der Sturmer, the Nazi, anti-Semitic rag published by Julius Streicher.**The fundamental danger is this: I talked about the defense of the First Amendment. The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and...more »

I'm back, but the weekend was rough.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 13 hours ago
I'll be back on tomorrow.

III Arms: November 6th

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 18 hours ago
It was just a few months ago we in this III Community considered an Arms company to finance a III community.And here we are. Where will we be?Your III Arms Company has products, a President, a media plan. Unknowns still include price points and delivery timeline. But those questions will be answered within the next 30 days.Here is the question that is beyond the control of the people employed by III Arms: How many Patriots will buy III Arms rifles and 1911s?November 6th is Buy a Gun Day. It is Election Day. It is also the first day that III Arms will accept orders for f...more »

Continuous Improvement

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 19 hours ago
*Get your people up to standard, or get them out of the field. *I completely agree.I also know that not everyone is a twenty-year-old machine.Recognize that people must be put where their knowledge, skills, and abilities can be leveraged for the most effect. The underground consists of far more than mere shooters and door kickers.Putting an out-of-shape person on a breach or maneuver team is as much as a waste/leadership failure as is putting an aggressive, young, impetuous ox of a man in a logistics role. Sometimes though, there is no choice- so get up and do PT. No matter y...more »

AR Optics- Your Opinion?

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 20 hours ago
I have narrowed the possible optics for the AR pistol down to three "finalists". - Trijicon Reflex with 12.5 MOA triangle - EOTech EXPS 2-0 or the EOTech 517 - Aimpoint M2 or ML2They're all in the same ballpark price-wise, and I'm close (a few months out?) to having the necessary funds after selling my older college textbooks (for a fraction of what I paid for them) and a few other items. NVG compatibility is not much of a concern to me with these, although it would be nice. When I devote funds to NODs, I'll likely go the monocular/PEQ laser route, as it's more or less ...more »

Links for 2012-09-29 []

- US Growth in H2 slowing to a crawl - Roubini: France is on the cusp of becoming a periphery country - G. Edward Griffin - Psychiatry as a Political Weapon | Gerald Celente Trends Blog G. Edward Griffin - Psychiatry as a Political Weapon - G. Edward Griffin - Psychiatry as a Political Weapon | Gerald Celente Trends Blog G. Edward Griffin - Psychiatry as a Political Weapon - Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone | Gerald Celente Trends Blog Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone - Mat Stein : Pre...more »

Some Good Info and a Valuable Website

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 1 day ago
"If you could only have three small items in your Go-Bag/ Survival kit what would they be?"The Combat Studies Group website has a lot of good information.Like this. I highly recommend searching through the archives and picking up what you can.I'll be going there quite often.

Tribe in the North West

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 1 day ago
Patriots are gathering tomorrow in Spokane at the Preparedness Expo.I think it is intended to be an informal Meet & Greet as Patrots set eyes on one another for the first time, and then explore the Expo and check out the latest and greatest.It matters who has your back.It matters who you choose to *never* have your flank.I believe most of the Patriots who have met at PatComs have had a positive experience, and walked away feeling better in one manner or another. I think anyone who has the opportunity to meet Miss Violet and passes up the chance is making a mistake. ;) I h...more »

Citadel: Patriot Agreement & C&C

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 1 day ago
The two links above (Patriot Agreement and Command Structure) have been quiet for a few days now - so if everyone is done making suggestions, they'll be synthesized into final form. The same goes for the question at the Citadel blog - add suggestions for questions or we'll simply handle it and turn out the finished product.This is your project so far as you choose to participate, and at some point decisions must be taken. That's where we are now, decisions need to be taken, paperwork finalized, and then people can decide if they wish to live there, or not.KerodinIII


Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 1 day ago
One of the traits that one notices as you meet more and more self-made Americans is: Ingenuity."Conventional Wisdom" was made by many people doing the same general thing because it often proved to be effective or a route least dangerous.But the ingenious man digs deeper.For instance, why is the "Conventional Wisdom" that an American or American Couple needs to pay at least 10% of the sales price for a home? Just "who" created that convention?Bankers. Boooooo.Smart people who want to reach a desired end but do not like the conventional wisdom or the "rules" simply find an...more »


Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 1 day ago
That was quick.All those Aimpoints mentioned here are already gone.Outstanding.Enjoy!

Battle-Focused PT From Combat Studies Group

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 1 day ago
Some battle-focused PT suggestions over at the Combat Studies Group site.I think I'll be incorporating some of this type of PT into my routine more often.Go check it out!

Spetznaz Machete

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 1 day ago
I was going through my stuff from moving and ran across this:My wife got it for me years back when I was in the army. I think it cost about $40 back then.Now they're going for over $200, if you can find them at all.It's sold as a "Spetznaz Survival Machete", and is a shovel, saw, knife, bone saw, hatchet, and has a hollow handle for matches, fish line, etc. It would also be a bad thing to be hit with.Mine is a bit more... used in appearance than the one above, having lived on the side of my ruck for years during my time in the Army. It's a neat tool, and I like mine very mu...more »

Winter AR Operation Reminder: Don't Freeze Your Nose

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 1 day ago
As winter approaches, AR shooters who continue training on their platform (and that's all of us here, right?) face the possibility of contact frostbite when placing the tip of the nose on the charging handle.Well, ok, it's not that cold everywhere, and not everyone shoots NTCH (nose-to-charging-handle).If you shoot NTCH, and live in a cold environment, consider applying a piece of moleskin (the stuff you use for foot blisters) to the corner of the charging handle that touches the nose.I saw this unique form of contact frostbite happen to a few soldiers at Ft Wainwright, AK, wh...more »

Considering a 22LR AR Conversion Kit

Arctic Patriotat The Arctic Patriot- 1 day ago
I give up on the ammo thing.Feeding three ARs with 5.56 rounds is becoming obscenely expensive, so I think I'm going to do the unthinkable and look at getting a .22lr conversion kit for close-up training/plinking.Any ideas or thoughts on which is the best bang for the buck? Are they somewhat reliable?

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