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Sean Dix and Fluoride: The Hidden Assassin


by Mary Sparrowdancer (with Jim Fetzer)

At this time in American history, the federal government is mass medicating approximately 70% of the US population by placing a toxic HAZMAT chemical referred to as “fluoride” in their drinking water.  This experiment is in violation of the Nuremburg Code, it is without individual consent and it ignores and belittles protestors.  The government has instead established an elaborate shroud of secrecy and protection for fluoride:  it is not routinely studied by medical professionals, no hospitals or labs routinely check for fluoride levels in individuals, no one knows what the level of fluoride build-up Americans have, and because fluoride accumulates in the body over time, no one knows how much fluoride triggers premature aging and death.  The effects of fluoride poisoning, whether chronic or acute, are merely explained as “natural” symptoms of aging, or “natural causes,” thus making fluoride the ideal tool for assassins.  It is deadly, but no one checks for it.
A recent acute fluoride poisoning occurred in New York City, in which a female dentist (Diana Deidan) administered a syringe of liquid chemicals sublingually to her adult victim (Sean Dix) without his consent.  He had, in fact, specifically requested that her staff never use any fluoride products on him, and they verbally agreed to honor this request, prior to administering it to him in a massive dose.  Because they had agreed not to use fluoride products on him, it was initially not known what type of chemicals had been administered to the victim in this poisoning.  The strange array of symptoms, however, suggested fluoride, and the victim was urged to have his urine tested for fluoride levels.
It was then discovered that one cannot have their urine checked for fluoride in a routine or accurate manner in a hospital or laboratory.  The victim was told to travel to Connecticut, drop his urine off at a laboratory there, where it would be forwarded to another laboratory for testing.  He was, however, completely incapacitated as the result of the poisoning and could not travel.  He then contacted three forensic labs:  one in Pennsylvania, one in India, and the Armstrong Forensic Lab in Texas, and sent small samples of his “morning after” urine to all three.
Upon receiving the results, it was discovered that the level of fluoride reported was directly related to the type of equipment used by the labs.  Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) produced a deceptively false low result when compared to Ion Chromatography (IC), sometimes with over a 200 mg/L discrepancies.
The two labs using more commonly used, inexpensive ISE reported “low” or “normal” fluoride level of about 1 mg/L.  The forensic lab using the sophisticated IC equipment ran the test numerous times, and reported fluoride levels ranging from about 130 mg/L to approximately 200 mg/L, one of the highest levels ever reported in a still living person.  The result of this dental poisoning caused renal failure in the victim.
The next problems that the victim faced were that no one knew if he had received a “lethal” dose of fluoride because no one in the medical profession studies or knows the facts related to fluoride poisoning.  No one knows what the “normal” range of fluoride is in Americans, since most Americans have never hired forensic labs to determine their levels.  No one knew what type of fluoride compound had been used on Mr. Dix because the dentist was refusing to answer any questions.  No one knew how to treat his fluoride poisoning because of lack of study on fluoride.
After the passage of several weeks, the victim’s fluoride levels spiked to a new high, and then the question was raised if the dentist had used some type of accelerants in her liquid compound, or an extended release compound.  She, however, continued to refuse to answer questions.  What she poisoned him with and why she poisoned him remained her carefully guarded secrets.
Mr. Dix attempted to obtain help from the Governor of New York, the District Attorney, and the NYC Police Department, but once they learned that this was a fluoride poisoning, all law enforcement personnel refused to help, and the NYC Police Department refused to allow the victim to file criminal charges against the dentist.  Instead, the victim was arrested and sent to Rikers Island for three weeks because the police deemed him to be “delusional” in claiming to be poisoned by fluoride.
It remains unclear how many years the dentist shaved off the victim’s life, or how many others have been secretly killed by fluoride assassins.  All that remains abundantly clear at this time is that fluoride has become the perfect tool for those who wish to kill others and then “get away with murder.”

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Attempted Murder: Poisoning by Sublingual dose of Fluoride

by Sean Dix

On Dec. 21st 2009, I was Poisoned with a sublingual dose of fluoride by my dentist, Diana Deidan ( Deidan, lied telling me over 40 times that no fluoride was used on me. On Jan 6, 2010 Deidan admitted twice having fluoride in her hand right before the gush of liquid in my mouth that I watched her administer by emptying a syringe under my tongue. Deidan continued to deny having any kind of fluoride in her office minutes after telling me twice that she had fluoride in her hand right before the gush of harsh liquid went into my mouth (see Criminal Complaint Summary).
I sent my urine for forensic analysis on Jan 11, 2010 after Deidan mentioned using fluoride twice on 1/6/10 after denying it for 16 days straight.
On Jan 12, 2010 I got a call from Deidans hygienist Ann Gentile who was supposedly not there on Dec. 21st 2009 unless she was the one who entered the room unannounced behind on my left right before I was given the sublingual dose of fluoride. Ann tried to convince me that that they didn’t have any kind of fluoride in the office. Ann suggested I have a blood test done. I told Ann I was having urine tests conducted as we spoke. Ann said “good” thirteen times in a panicked voice. Two days later Deidan signed off on a false adverse reaction report to Septodont blaming their anesthetic Septocaine for my sudden illness. In the box asking if any “Additional Clinical and Biological Tests” were taken Deidan or Ann wrote, “None taken patient does not have medical insurance.” This was the first documented lie after telling Ann only two days earlier that I was having urine tests conducted. Ann’s name is on that report as the office manager as well as Deidans.(see Septodont Complaint) After thoroughly investigating the matter Septodont returned a letter to Deidan stating that there were no other adverse reaction reports in the same time frame and no problems with the batch of Septocaine used on me (see Septodont letter). Additionally, I later had septocaine forensically tested along with Pulpdents etching gel which also proved to contain so little fluoride that their use would not be responsible for the levels of fluoride coming out of me. ( See Pulpdent E-mail)
The forensic results from Armstrong and National Medical Services found fluoride levels ranging from 160-132mg/L of fluoride irrefutably indicating a near fatal fluoride poisoning and Creatinine levels of 5636ml/L irrefutably indicating acute kidney failure. The normal range for creatinine output is 1,000-1,500mg/L per day. On Jan. 20, 2010 Beth Israel’s Dr.Robbins Gottlock who interpreted the Creatinine test told me that 5636mg/L was, “Absolutely totally normal” twice. When I learned this was not normal but in fact acute kidney failure I called back and asked Dr. Gottlock to put that in writing and he refused stating, “It’s not normal and I will never ever say its normal.” He repeated this lie several times. I recorded it. (see Dr. Robbins Gottlock Folder)
On 1/27/10 I tried to file a criminal complaint with the F.B.I. because Deidan lives in NJ but commutes to NY where she poisoned me. The F.B.I. referred me to the NYPD. I called the 19th Precinct and spoke with Det. Daniel Corcoran who refused to investigate suggesting it was malpractice and advised me to seek a lawyer or call the DA’s office. I called the DA’s office and got an answering machine so I left a message which was never returned. (see Gov’t Files folder/ 1/27/10 FBI, NYPD, DA Folder)
I contacted several lawyers who stated they would not touch this case unless there were permanent damages which at the time I could not know or prove with Dr. Robbins Gottlock lying about the levels of Creatinine (5636mg/L) being normal when they clearly were not. I was advised to locate a toxicologist to summarize the results. I eventually found Dr. Phyllis J. Mullenix a specialist in fluoride who agreed to summarize the forensic results but did not tell me she was currently working on a book. My repeated requests for a simple one – two page narrative were ignored for six months while having me conduct test after test before suggesting to me that this would be a great case for a peer review article. I then realized that her agenda was to compile as much data as possible for her own research instead of simply providing a summary for me to file a criminal complaint. This eventually frustrated me to the point of having to find another toxicologist which I did.
Getting back to the timeline. On 2/26/10 I filed a complaint with Governor Paterson’s office, which I later found out was forwarded to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in March 2010. No response has been given as of yet. (see Gov’t Files / Governor Paterson #4 folder)
On 2/28/10 I filed a complaint with the Dental Board’s office of Professional Discipline providing them with all of the recorded conversations between Deidan & Staff plus all of the forensics up until that point along with Deidan’s false adverse reaction complaint and false statements to the FDA. (see Office of Professional Discipline folder/ OPD #1 2,28,10 )
On April 29th I called Deidan to ask for her lawyers contact information as promised on 1/23/10 in her last e-mail. Deidan threatened me stating she had hired a detective. I said fine expecting to be able to talk with someone as I had no expectation of further cooperation from her. What I did not know was that she filed a criminal complaint against me stating that I threatened her life or so I was later told by Det. Morales of the 19th precinct. I recorded that call with Deidan on 4/29/10 which was a few minutes and no such threats are made of any kind except for Deidan telling me that she hired a detective and that the next call I was going to get was from a Detective. (see Deidan All Files/ Dr. Deidans Audio Files/ Folder “O” and listen to 4/27/10 & 4/29/10).
On Aug 25, 2010 my new dentist called her office to request my complete dental records which I still had not received. I called later the same day to follow up and asked a few questions which the hygienist Ann answered offering a few very important pieces of
information like remembering that I stated that I never wanted fluoride used on me since 2006 which Deidan had now claimed she had forgotten. Deidan was on vacation so it may have been Ann that called Det. Morales to have him try an intimidate me.
On Aug 31st. 2010 I got a call from Det. Morales from the 19th Precinct who almost immediately threatened to arrest me stating that Deidan had filed a criminal complaint against me. I told him I had recorded all the conversations and let him listen to them. He did not arrest me but lied about who gave him the complaint stating it came from Leiutenant Commander Lopez. I later called the 19th Precinct only to find there was no such Leiutenant Commander Lopez. I believe Det. Morales was the detective that Deidan hired to intimidate me from pursuing justice. If this is true he allowed himself to be hired by a dentist whom I believe tried to kill me via a sublingual dose of fluoride. In one of our last conversations I believe on Sept. 3, 2010 Det. Morales stated that this report appeared to be “erroneous” and that he wanted to close it out and warned me about calling the dentist but finished stating that he would have the dentist forward her lawyers contact information which Deidan has not sent as of writing this paper. (see Gov’t Files / Det. Morales 19th / A) Det. Morales Audio)
On Sept 7, 2010 I filed a freedom of information request for the false criminal complaint filed by the dentist and was told it would take about 5 months. (see Gov’t files/ Det. Morales 19th/  D.) 1 Police Plaza. In the first week of February 2011 I began following up on that and was told that my file # 2010-PL-4413 was still an open investigation and there was no status yet that could be given to me. I was poisoned by Deidan and was not allowed to file a criminal complaint but Deidans false criminal complaint was kept open for a year. I called Investigator Amonra (646-610-6439) at One Police Headquarters for the past month and on every occasion I was told that the case against me was still open. On March 2, 2011 I followed up with Investigator Amonra I was finally told that the case was closed on Sept. 1 2010 and that I would receive a copy in the mail in a few days. (see Deidans False Criminal Complaint in 1 Police Plaza Folder)
Previously I had contacted the DA’s office several times in writing on Oct. 5 &18, 2010 and was told by Special Prosecutor Thomas Wornom in a letter on Nov. 3, 2010 they would not be opening a criminal case on my behalf. I followed up on Nov. 11, 2010 with another letter explaining the need for a criminal investigation. (see All Thomas Wornom folders)
Board certified Toxicologist Dr. Michael J. Norvell Ph.D, DABT (215) 230-0614
E-Mail: reviewed the forensics and ruled it as a classic case of fluoride poisoning returning the report on Thanksgiving Day after receiving the forensics on Nov. 24th 2010. (see attached Toxicology report)
This was the simple one page letter I had been asking Dr. Mullenix to summarize for eight months. Dr. Norvell is a credit to the profession of Toxicology.
On Nov 26, 2010 I filed the Toxicology report with the DA’s Special Prosecutor Thomas Wornom. A week later he returned my calls stating that he would not even question the dentist.
On Dec 5, 2010 I sent an E-mail summarizing the matter to the law firm Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason, Anello & Bohrer, P.C. (see Govt files / Morvillo). This is Cyrus Vances old law firm. I accused Cyrus Vance of covering up this attempted murder to protect his predecessor Robert Morgenthau.
Robert Morgenthau had actively suppressed my attempts to have an investigation opened into the death threats made against my life by a former employee of Johnson & Johnson that were acknowledged as a “Criminal matter” in a letter sent to me on May 13, 2008 by Governor Patterson’s office instructing me to contact DA Morgenthau. I sent three certified letters to Morgenthau on 3/24/08, 5/18/08 but I got no response. On Feb 25, 2009 I sent Morgenthau’s wife an E-mail (see Hello attachment) and two days later Morgenthau ended his re-election bid. On 4/01/09 I sent my last certified letter to Morgenthau and followed up calling on 4/08/09 where I was told by Eileen, “I don’t care what the Governor Said.” On March 14th, 2009 I got on the elevator in my building and ran into State Supreme Court Justice John E.H. Stackhouse. Mr. Stackhouse is an acquaintance so I explained my E-mail to Morgenthaus wife on Feb 25th 2009 and Morgenthau ending his re-election bid on Feb 27th 2009. He said something was going on and that he would look into it. I ran into Justice Stackhouse a week or so later outside our apartment and as I passed him he said, “You did it” referring to our last conversation about Morgenthau ending his re-election bid. (see Gov’t files / DA Morgenthau)
On Dec. 10, 2010 I tried to file a complaint with the New York State Police whom I was referred to by the Governor’s office. Senior Investigator Randy Donaldson allowed me to lay out my complaint and promised to question the dentist but when I called back a week later they stated that they had decided not to even question the dentist.
On Dec. 21st 2010 one year to the day of being poisoned I walked into the 19th precinct and asked to speak to Det. Corcoran who then refused to allow me to even file a complaint and showed me the door.
On Dec. 23, 2010 I filed a complaint against Det. Corcoran with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. File # OCD 201017417. (see 1 Police Plaza folder/ Civilian Complaint Board) Several months earlier I had filed a complaint against Det. Morales with Internal Affairs but could not expand upon it until I received a copy of the false criminal complaint filed against me by Deidan. Internal Affairs gave me a file # 10-60502 which was just to file a complaint.
On Dec. 24th 2010 Christmas Eve. I called the DA’s office and got a hold of the Homicide Attorney on call Stephen M. Cronin who scheduled me for a meeting which we finally had on January 7th 2011. He said he would look into it and my mother attended this meeting giving her first hand testimony of my condition after coming home from the dentists office.
On Jan. 14th 2010 a chemist, Richard Sauerheber  Cell: 760-402-1173
E-mail  issued a statement that this was a near fatal poisoning. (see Forensic Tests folder/ Richard Sauerheber Ph.D) and that it should be investigated. I faxed this letter to Homicide attorney Stephen M. Cronin. 212-335-4281. I waited and called every week but was told he had not reviewed it yet and then finally on Feb 18, 2011 I called and was told there would be no criminal investigation with no explanation.
Ten years ago my life was threatened for pursuing justice against J&J who I believe used their influence to destroy my business on CNN. Google, “CNN J&J” to read “Sean Dix The American Dream and Justice Part One. I had no choice but to generate a trial to expose the ruining of my business and the true threats against my life. The judge Clarence Cooper and prosecutor Todd Alley both acknowledged in federal court that they knew I generated a trial to expose the wrongs perpetuated upon me but instead of investigating them they sent me to prison instead for a total of two years.
Ten years later those true threats made against my life that I spent two years in prison for trying to expose were carried out and I survived to figure it out forensically and now they want to cover it up all the way from top to bottom. I believe they are either planning to finish the job of killing me that they started or they are preparing to frame me and make it look like I framed them thus to nullify the threats made against my life that were acknowledged but never investigated. In my opinion if this attempt on my life was to be a success then there would have been components in place to make it look like an, “Accident or a Suicide” just as I was warned ten years earlier by Peter Kislewski who identified himself as a former J&J employee. If that is the case then this may be the Gov’t’s excuse for refusing to investigate the overwhelming evidence that I suffered a near fatal poisoning at the hands of my dentist who did so with mal intent. Either way this needs to be seriously investigated thoroughly and when you review the evidence and facts I believe you will come to the same conclusions that I have. The question is will anything be done about it.
This document is true to the best of my knowledge under penalty of perjury.
Sean Dix
The FlossRing Company 145 East 15th Street  12-A    New York, NY 10003
Ph: 212-254-7563     E-mail:


Mary Sparrowdancer and I have written about Sean’s case before.  See Mary’s “Sean Dix, The American Dream, and Justice”, for example, and my “Flossing can be Murder: Inventor can be victim”. Here is yet another letter, this time from Alen J. Salerian, M.D., the former top psychiatrist for the FBI. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has been aware of these documents and records (apart from the most recent) for years and has refused to support Sean’s efforts to submit a complaint for attempted murder. If there has ever been a more grotesque betrayal of justice or of dereliction of duty by the NYPD and the NY District Attorney, it would have to be, like this case, beyond comprehension. What has become of America?

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
Sean Dix is the inventor of “The Floss Ring” and a dedicated American who stands up for the principles on which this nation was founded.
Mary Sparrowdancer, writer, researcher, independent journalist, radio speaker, is the author of the internationally published, bestselling book,
The Love Song.

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