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Illuminati British & Nazis Collaborated

September 7, 2012
SSdansey.jpg(left, Sir Claude Dansey, Deputy Director of MI-6,  sent hundreds of British and French Resistance agents to their deaths.)

Originally posted in 2011, this article is an important reminder that WW2 was staged by the Illuminati to degrade and destroy Europe and the Christian world order. All wars are designed to bring about the satanic New World Order.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

n the wake of D-Day June 6, 1944, hundreds of acts of sabotage were committed by the French Resistance --- with one exception.

There were none in the north and north west where they mattered most.

There, the "Prosper" and related "Scientist" networks had been mopped by the Gestapo in 1943. Prosper's courageous young leader, Francis Anthony Suttill, 34, was languishing in a concentration camp.

He and scores of British agents were later executed, along with over 10,000 members of the French Resistance. One hundred and sixty plane loads of armaments --2600 containers -- including tons of sten guns and explosives, were seized by the Nazis. (193)

Who was responsible for this debacle?
king'smen.jpgAccording to BBC Producer Robert Marshall's thoroughly documented book, "All The King's Men" (Collins, 1988) the culprit was none other than the homosexual and Freemason, Deputy Head of MI-6, Sir Claude Edward Marjoribanks Dansey (1876-1947.)

Dansey deliberately placed a double agent, Henri Dericourt, at the heart of the Prosper organization. Dericourt, a French pilot, was responsible for organizing the nighttime shuttling of agents and materiel in and out of France.

He kept his handler, SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Baumelburg, head of counter sabotage in France, apprised of all the comings and goings, including the mail that passed back and forth. In return, the Gestapo allowed the operation to unfold which made Dericourt look very good indeed.
MI-6 placed their own man Nicolas Bodington in SOE  to vouch for Dericourt and block all efforts by SOE to uncover the traitor. Bodington actually met with Baumelburg on a visit to Paris in 1943. They all had known each other before the war. It was Bodington who introduced Baumelburg to Delicourt.

After the war, Dericourt confirmed that he worked for Dansey. (151) 

Why would MI-6 engage in this kind of treason?

Marshall offers this explanation. When Churchill formed a coalition government in 1940, Labour was promised ministerial control of one of the Intelligence Services.  As a result, Special Operations Executive (SOE) was carved out of MI-6 and given responsibility for sabotage.
Henri Dericourt1.jpgIn revenge, Dansey and MI-6 decided to sabotage SOE by placing Dericourt (left) at the heart of its primary network, and instructing him to betray it to the Gestapo.

After Prosper collapsed, Dansey and his superior, Sir Stewart Menzies lobbied to have SOE dissolved. In 1946, it was folded back into MI-6.

Since the network was doomed anyway, they had Illuminatus Winston Churchill summon the heroic Francis Suttill to a private meeting where Churchill confided that D-Day would take place at Calais in September 1943.

They were confident that Gestapo torture methods would suffice to extract this juicy tidbit from Suttill or his confreres. (It did but the Nazis weren't fooled, and actually transferred divisions from France to Russia.)


I don't believe MI-6 would sabotage the war effort over bureaucratic rivalry.

There were dozens of other far less costly diversions in play before D-Day.

My hypothesis is that the Illuminati infiltrated and controlled the top ranks of all the wartime adversaries.

The real war was not between the Allies and the Axis but rather between this satanic cult and humanity.

The war was just a pretext to destroy the genetic elite: the natural leaders,  the patriots and the idealists. It was a genocide of the Best, who might in future offer resistance to their plans for Luciferian one-world government.

And who were better than these highly trained SOE agents who were prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country? 

MI-6 had already murdered a natural British leader, a colonial politician, the Earl of Errol.


Henri Dericourt had immense respect for the man he betrayed. He called Francis Suttill "magnificent, strong, young, courageous and decisive, a kind of Ivanhoe." (133)
francissuttill.gifWhen Suttill (left) was arrested June 23, 1943, the Nazis showed him Dericourt's file. They knew everything about the Prosper Network.
All that was left for Suttill was to try to save his agents' lives.

He negotiated a deal whereby, in exchange for his agents and the French resistors being treated as prisoners of war,
he would reveal where the arms caches were located. He even got Heinrich Himmler to sign the agreement.

The Gestapo "swept through the countryside like a scythe through ripening wheat. At first scores, and then hundreds of French men and women were delivered to the prisons around Northern France. At Fresnes, people were crowded, sometimes five or six to a cell." (192)  

Of course, the Nazis did not keep their bargain. The Illuminati could not allow Suttill and his kind to live. That was the point of the war. They could not allow them to discover that the Illuminati, including the Prime Minister, had betrayed them and the war effort.

Francis Suttill was hanged at Sachsenhausen concentration camp March 24, 1945.

aborrel.jpgAndree Borrel, 25, left, Suttill's second-in-command, was given a lethal injection and then incinerated at Natzweiler in July 1944.

Agents Gilbert Norman, John MacAllister, Frank Pickersgill, Johnny Barrett and Robert Benoist were hanged at Gross Rosen in Sept 1944.

SOEnoorP.JPGNoor Inyat Khan, 30, left, their radio operator, was kept in chains at Pforsheim and then sent to Dachau where she was shot.

There is no account of the fate of hundreds of other agents, British and French. "Frances Suttill had 144 full agents within his network, but when you count everyone officially connected to Prosper, the number rises to1015." (192) 

After the war, Gestapo officers confirmed that Henri Dericourt was their agent, responsible for the implosion of the resistance networks in Northern France.

Nevertheless, investigation and trial were stymied by MI-6 and Dericourt continued his career as a pilot. He became involved in the heroin trade and died in a plane crash in Laos, November 22, 1962.


In June 1943, Patrick Reilly, an assistant to MI-6 Chief Stewart Menzies was shocked when Dansey came bounding in clapping his hands.

"Great news Reilly!" he exclaimed. "One of the big SOE networks in France has just blown up!"

Reilly naturally thought him "a wicked man, undoubtedly." One of his colleagues actually claimed "Dansey was the only truly evil man I met." (193)

Born in 1874, Dansey had a long distinguished career maintaining the Illuminati (aka "British") Empire.

According to Anton Chaikin, in 1911, William Rockefeller, (JD's brother, President of Standard Oil and founder of Citibank,) employed, "in a private capacity through his elite social club, a high-ranking British secret intelligence service officer named Claude Dansey... [to reorganize] the U.S. Army intelligence service into an adjunct of the British secret service."

Dansey went on to organize the Freemason executives of the Freemason corporations controlled by the Illuminati bankers into an informal intelligence service called "Z Section." When MI-6 was mortally wounded by the capture of two agents at Venlo Holland in 1939, Z-Section became the backbone of MI-6.

Thus, we see why MI-6 and the CIA, as well as most intelligence agencies, have never served the national interest. They have always served the Illuminati bankers and their design for one world tyranny called "world governance," "internationalism" and "globalism."      
The Illuminati traitors didn't just sacrifice thousands of agents. They endangered the Allied war effort and the lives of millions of soldiers. This leads me to wonder if the Nazi war effort wasn't also sabotaged, and the Allies allowed to succeed in Normandy.

It's hard to speak about treason when the dominant forces in society are engaged in treasonous activities, the recolonization of independent democratic nations by a Masonic international banking cartel. 


War is orchestrated by the Illuminati.
Using their agents in politics and the media, it is conjured by Black magicians to degrade, demoralize and destroy humanity.

War is a satanic orgy where the good are sacrificed to the evil, who feed on their souls.
Millions of patriots respond to the call to "defend freedom" and die for nothing.

Based on their record, we must not underestimate the depravity of the Illuminati bankers, and the measures they will undertake to enslave humanity.

Knowing what we do about these demons, how can we doubt they were behind 9-11 and countless other atrocities, some quite recent?

Society is stricken by a cancer which threatens to be fatal unless it is soon addressed.


First Comment from Martin:
I, too, found the same book (All The King's Men by Robert Marshall) in a secondhand bookshop, and, looking to see whether anyone else had recognised its stunning proof of MI6 treason, I came across your article. 

M.R.D. Foot, who wrote the official history of SOE, died last week (20th February). In his obituary in the Daily Telegraph  we find the following two paragraphs:

"The genesis of Foot's classic account SOE in France (1966) was almost as clandestine as its subject. In 1958 the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, authorized the inception of research, but it was not until two years later that Foot was invited to an interview in the Foreign Office. Even then, it was only after an hour-long grilling that he was asked whether he would like to take on such a project.

 There were, his interviewers told him, some conditions: he was not allowed to tell anyone what he was doing -- not even his wife. He was, furthermore, to write his account on the assumption that MI6 did not exist, and without the knowledge or co-operation of the men and women involved."

Thus, Claude Dansey's successors succeeded in covering up MI6's treachery by ensuring that a false history of SOE was written, based on files now back under MI6 control (and the probably false claim that certain files had been lost or burnt) , and without the knowledge of former SOE people.

As this recent obituary shows, Marshall's claim, twenty years after Foot's "classic account", that Dansey, Boddington, and MI6 deliberately betrayed SOE's Prosper network, still remains a potentially explosive issue.

All The King's Men is one of those books which are perhaps even more resonant with a reader today than when they were published.

Hitler Tested Nuclear Bombs

October 15, 2012

Despite the reputation of "German engineering," the Nazis were unable to
capitalize on their advanced weaponry, including the nuclear bomb.
This is another reason to believe that
Hitler was an Illuminati agent. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Did you know that the Nazis tested three nuclear bombs in 1944 and 1945? 

I didn't either and I consider myself reasonably well informed. The information is out there but few people are aware of it.

This, and the fact that details are still kept secret, makes me suspicious.

They don't want anyone to ask this question: 

"If the Nazis had this game-changing technology, why didn't they perfect and use it?" 

Why not ask this question?

Because the answer potentially leads to the "ugly secret" of World War Two: 

Hitler was an Illuminati agent. His mission was to lead Germany to annihilation.

(Admittedly, they were small "dirty" bombs, combining conventional & nuclear explosives, but they produced shock waves and blinding light. One killed 500 Russian POWs used as guinea pigs. 126,000 barrels of wartime nuclear waste were recently found in a German salt mine.) 

The question remains. Did Hitler delay or sabotage the development of nuclear weaponry until it was too late? I have not found the "smoking gun" but there are precedents with other war-winning technology.


For example, in 1944 the SS took over the production of the V-2 ballistic missile. Werner Von Braun was actually arrested and charged with delaying its development. He was released when Himmler was shown that Hitler had vetoed Von Braun's requests for additional resources in 1943. (source: "Assignment for Mussolini"  doc film.) 

In his memoirs, Albert Speer wrote: " the late fall of 1939 Hitler crossed the rocket project off his list of urgent undertakings and thus automatically cut off its labour and materials. By tacit agreement with the Army Ordnance Office, I continued to build the Peenemunde installations without its approval - a liberty that probably no one but myself could have taken."

Over 5,000 V-2s were fired on Britain. However, only 1,100 reached Britain. These rockets killed 2,724 people and badly injured 6,000. Obviously, there was a disconnect between  the delivery system and "payload."


Germany had jet fighters before anyone else. The Messerschmidt 262 could fly almost twice as fast as conventional airplanes. Germany produced  
1400 of these but only 300 were used in battle. They might have thwarted the Allied bombing campaign. 

But Hitler had other plans. Albert Speer claimed in his Memoirs that Hitler originally had blocked mass production of the Me 262 before agreeing in early 1944. He rejected arguments that the aircraft would be more effective as a fighter against the Allied bombers, and wanted it as a bomber for revenge attacks. 

According to Speer, Hitler felt its superior speed meant it could not be attacked, and so preferred it for high altitude straight flying.  (Speer 1997, p. 363.)


Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of the Abwehr (German Military Intelligence) and Reinhard Gehlen (Abwehr Chief, Russia) were both convinced that Germany would lose the war because of Hitler's meddling. 

They both suspected Hitler was a traitor when he stonewalled an investigation of Bormann who was transmitting the Nazis' daily war plans to Moscow Central.

But there were many other indications that Hitler was an Illuminati agent:   His refusal to focus German strength on capturing Moscow, as his generals wished. His failure to let Paulus withdraw from Stalingrad. His release of the British army trapped at Dunkirk. His failure to take Gibraltar and seal the Mediterranean Sea.(Hitler had put Franco in power but didn't call in this favor.) His failure to support Rommel.  

To this list, we could add Hitler's failure to support game-changing technology. If Hitler was sincere about conquering the world, what could be more important than developing nuclear weapons first? Especially when they potentially had the missile technology to reach New York City.

One of Hitler's reasons for conquering Russia was to convince Britain to make peace. You'd think a nuclear threat would have done the job faster and easier? 

World War Two, all wars in fact, are orchestrated. Hitler's mission was not to win the war, but to extinguish the German spirit. His mission was to discredit everything he represented, especially race and nation. 

At that, he was a resounding success.



1. "Hitler's Bombe" by Rainer Karlsch  

"Another piece of evidence Karlsch cites is a March 1945 Soviet military espionage report. According to the report, which cites a "reliable source," the Germans "detonated two large explosions in Thuringia." The bombs, the Soviet spies wrote, presumably contained uranium 235, a material used in nuclear weapons, and produced a "highly radioactive effect." Prisoners of war housed at the center of the detonation were killed, "and in many cases their bodies were completely destroyed."

 Luigi Romersa, a former war reporter for a Milan newspaper, Corriere della Sera. For years Romersa, a Roman who is now 87, has been telling the story of how he visited Hitler in October 1944 and then was flown to an island in the Baltic Sea. Romersa says that he was taken to a dugout where he witnessed an explosion that produced a bright light, and that men wearing protective suits then drove him away from the site, telling him that what he had witnessed was a "fission bomb."


2.   Historian David Irving - " Here is a brief synopsis of the real German atomic research story. There were two rival teams working towards getting an atomic pile critical -- one of theoretical scientists and academics under Nobel prize winner Werner Heisenberg, the other a more empirical team under army scientist Dr Kurt Diebner.

   Both teams had wrongly been informed by mathematician Professor Bothe that graphite could not be used as a moderator in an atomic pile (now called a nuclear reactor); this left only "heavy water" (deuterium oxide) as a choice, and this substance dribbled forth from the much-attacked heavy water plant in Norway at such a painfully slow rate that they still did not have enough when the war ended.

   Heisenberg's men nevertheless began building a rudimentary pile in a cave at Haigerloch in southern Germany (see my picture below), with which they experimented until they were captured by the ALSOS mission headed by US colonel Boris Pash and his MI6 colleague Michael Perrin.

   Diebner's army team did actually attempt to create a fusion reaction by imploding conventional explosives on deuterium (heavy water), in one rudimentary experiment.
   The German war economy lacked all the basic resources to build an atomic fission bomb, once Speer had assigned top priority to the V2 rocket project. It had no means whatever to build a "dirty" bomb.

   The suggestion that the Germans lacked "pure-grade uranium" is absurd, unless this refers to the enriched U235, bomb making ("weapons-grade") material; the Germans had captured the Belgian uranium-ore stockpiles in 1940, and Degussa had no problems refining it. The ALSOS teams found hundreds of cubes of solid uranium, as photographs in my book show."

First Comment from Jalena:

Thank you for another thought provoking article. I agree with your premise that
Hitler was an Illuminati pawn who lead Nazi Germany to ruin deliberately to discredit nationalism, religion and racial solidarity. The only thing I don't understand though, is why would the Illuminati build up Nazi Germany with its totalitarian infrastructure, superpower military, network of death camps, and even state insignia and paraphernalia (i.e., the Swastika and SS lighting bolts) which were so blatantly occultist in nature, only to not make proper use of it all, where their long term goals are concerned?. 

Specifically, why do you believe the Illuminati would not have simply opted to use Nazi Germany to conquer the entire world, exterminate over 80% of the human race, dissolve all sovereign nation-states, and erect their feudal-fascist world government upon the victory of Nazi Germany in the 1940's?. It just seems as if it would have been much easier for the Illuminati to have accomplished there goals, which have been stated in the decades
since at Bilderberg, Georgia Guidestones, ect; back in the 1940's, when the global population was less than 2.5 billion people, as opposed to the 7 billion now. There were was roughly also a 1/3 of the sovereign nation-states back in the 1940's than there are today. 

Lastly, most of the world back in the 1940's consisted of the first world nation-states, and the rest were mostly colonies of the first world nation-states, so wouldn't it have arguably been much easier for the Illuminati to have established their feudal-fascist world state using
Nazi Germany back in the 1940's, then it is today to bring it about?. 

I agree with all of your articles about the Illuminati using feminism, gay rights, abortion, war, eugenics, water fluoridation, etc  to reduce the human race in numbers and to fold all sovereign nation-states into a feudal-fascist world government, and the evidence is overwhelming, but I just can't figure out why the Illuminati simply didn't accomplish
all of this by having Nazi Germany (which they controlled) simply conquer the world back in the 1940's and carry out such a agenda shortly thereafter.
By the way, there is an excellent video on You Tube I recent discovered, which talks a lot about things you mentioned in your most recent article. The You Tube video in question speaks at length about hitler's secret weapons, Werner Von Braun, Penemunde. the V-2 rockets, etc.

Thanks Jelena

This is a brilliant question and I will suggest some answers:

1. The plan beginning with World War One was always to subjugate Germany. The NWO would be based in the UK and USA. 

2. If Germany emerged triumphant, it would be difficult to control as there would be no off setting powers left. According to the "Red Symphony," Hitler was already getting unmanageable. I don't know if this is true. 

3. There would be little role for organized Jewry in a Nazi dominated world. Illuminati Jews 
are obviously destined to play a major role in the NWO.

4. For the Illuminati, the journey or process is more important than the arrival. The proces involves sucking the wealth of nations while soaking them in blood. It involves degrading and corrupting the masses so they won;t even recognize their slavery and decadence and will regard them as signs of freedom. The world wasn't ready for Nazi-like control. But the time may be approaching..

I invite other suggestions from readers. 

Are World Wars Orchestrated?

May 14, 2005
canaris By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Muslims are rioting in Afghanistan today because US interrogators at Guantanamo Bay flushed copies of the Koran down the toilet.
How do the rioters know this?
It was reported in Newsweek, a publication owned by the family of Eugene Meyer, a past Director of the War Finance Board (WW1), Governor of the Federal Reserve and President of the World Bank. His Washington Post company has had a long relationship with the CIA.
Nothing appears in the mass media without an ulterior purpose. The Illuminati is promoting a clash of "civilizations" between Islam and the US.
In the present run-up to World War Three, it is worth asking if this sinister cabal also orchestrated World War Two, which saw the genocide of 70 million human beings.
A detail in Prince Michel Sturdza's aptly titled The Suicide of Europe (1968) set off my alarm bells.
Sturdza was Romanian Foreign Minister from Sept.-Dec. 1940. He was a leader in the pro-Nazi, anti-Communist, nationalist Christian "Legionary" movement. The Nazis, who like their Communist counterparts were NWO, were opposed to all nationalist movements. They soon overthrew the Legionaries and put these patriots in concentration camps.
Before assuming his post in 1940, Sturdza was visiting Berlin. No one wanted to speak to him with the exception of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the wily chief of the Abwehr, German Army Intelligence.
Canaris had a request that both surprised and shocked Sturdza. He asked him to cooperate with Canaris' counterpart in Bucharest, a certain Moruzov who Sturdza suspected was a Communist agent.
Pressed on this, Canaris said Moruzov was providing the "best information concerning Soviet Russia's military preparations."
Before leaving Berlin, Sturdza received a visit from Canaris' deputy, a Captain Muller, "bearer once more of his chief's insistences, which left my wife and me perplexed."
"Captain Muller informed us that Great Britain had never been and would never be defeated. He added: "What I am about to tell you, coming from a Prussian officer, might perhaps be considered as an act of high treason. Pay attention however. Don't under any circumstances take the responsibility as Minister of Foreign Affairs in your country, of pushing it into a war where you have Great Britain as an adversary. You will be crushed. Great Britain is always victorious."
This was a peculiar thing for a German Army Intelligence official to say especially since Germany appeared invincible in August 1940. It had just conquered France in June and sent the British packing .
Sturdza thought he was being tested and was non-committal. "I had not the faintest idea that I had been in contact with the greatest spy ring and traitors known to the military history of any country." (Page 162)
Indeed Canaris, who may have been of Greek-Jewish origin, sabotaged the Nazi war effort. Sturdza believes his spy ring was the main cause of the Nazi defeat. After a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler, its members were brutally murdered by the Gestapo.
Naturally, they are portrayed as courageous heroes: principled humanists who resisted fascist tyranny. I respect this and hope it is the case.
Yet, the statement, "You will be crushed. Great Britain is always victorious," suggests a different agenda, a larger design.
The headquarters of the Communist-Capitalist International is in the City of London. The Bank of England financed the Nazi war machine just as they financed the Bolshevik revolution. The bankers orchestrated World War Two to destroy the great nation states of Europe and wipe out the cream of the new generation. For example, the Soviets slaughtered 15,000 Polish officers in the Katyn forest even though the Poles could have helped resist the Nazis onslaught.
Was Canaris Illuminati or an illuminati dupe? Apparently he wanted to overthrow Hitler and end the war early, but the Allies insisted on "unconditional surrender," i.e. maximum slaughter. No nationalist forces were to remain. The German army had no choice but fight to the end.

I don't see the Second World War as "the good war." It was fabricated to concentrate wealth and power, and to degrade and demoralize humanity. Both sides were guilty of unspeakable atrocities.
The two great wars, and the upcoming third are designed to bring about Illuminati one-world dictatorship and mind control.
Mankind is in the grip of a multigenerational diabolical conspiracy, and is too mesmerized by sex and money to realize it.

Nazis Knew About Normandy

October 17, 2012

AA LST 289 .jpg

Left. LST 289 one of three tank landing ships hit. Two others sunk with a loss of about 1000 Americans at Lyme Bay near Slapton Sands.

More America soldiers died in a D-Day rehearsal April 27-28, 1944,  than on June 6 at Utah Beach.  Attacks by Nazis torpedo boats and "friendly" fire took as many as 1500 American lives. The debacle was hushed up for 50 years.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Six weeks before D-Day, the Nazis crashed a dress rehearsal for Utah Beach at Slapton Sands in Devon where the terrain was identical to Normandy. Yet, we are supposed to believe they didn't know the invasion was coming in Normandy?  

This is additional evidence that wars are orchestrated. They are meat grinders that allow Illuminati leaders on both sides to kill "patriots" -- part of their long-term war on humanity. 

In his CIA interrogation, Gestapo Heinrich Mueller claimed that an agent alerted them to a massive exercise involving 30,000 men at Slapton Sands. 

In the middle of the night, April 27-28, 1944, nine Nazi torpedo boats (left) attacked eight heavily laden LST (tank transports.)  

Two were sunk and a third disabled at a cost of about 1000 lives. 

"Mistakes" were made by the Nazis. Mueller claims that the Nazis returned to base with the invasion plans taken from the corpse of a US army officer. "This information which indicated Normandy was the main target was sent on to higher commands but was not acted upon." (Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Meuller, ed. Gregory Douglas, p. 142) 

On the Allied side, the disaster was compounded by a long list of highly suspicious "failures." 

These include: 

1. US naval commanders did not establish liaison with counterparts in Royal Navy. 

2. Royal Navy radar picked up movement of the Nazi S-Boats but did not pass it along. 

3. Escort Corvette HMS Azalea knew about S-Boasts but didn't tell LST's 

4. Radio frequencies given to Americans were changed without notice. 

5. The one-sided battle had been watched by Royal Artillerymen at Blacknor Fort, high on Portland's western cliffs. The men had the E-boats in their sights, within range, but were ordered not to fire by an American officer, because of the number of Allied personnel fighting for their lives in the water. 

6. There was no emergency training so life jackets were not put on properly. They flipped the wearer upside-down with his head in the water.  


As many as 500 additional men may have been killed on the beach April 27 from "friendly fire." Due to a "screw up," the beach was bombarded just as troops were landing instead of in advance. In addition, American soldiers "defending" the beach were using live ammunition and inexplicably did not aim above the heads of the "invading" troops as they were supposed to. 

The roughly 1500 American fatalities were thrown into mass graves with a quantity of quicklime to hasten decomposition. After D-Day they were dug up and loaded on to trains:

"Detailed records kept by the station master at Kingsbridge, five miles away, reveal that three trains were secretly loaded with the bodies of GIs under military guard between July and August 1944. The trains, each able to carry at least 100 corpses, 'were crammed with men dug from mass graves', said local rail historian Ken Williams. 

The historian's father, George, who served in the Royal Navy during the war, soon realized he also saw the bodies of dozens of men killed by friendly fire washed ashore on the sands. 

'He told me how the sea turned red,' Ken said.

The families were told that their loved ones had died in Normandy. 

According to historian Charles MacDonald "It was a disaster which lay hidden from the World for 40 years . . . an official American Army cover-up."
 That a massive cover-up took place is beyond doubt. And that General Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized it is equally clear."

 Generals Omar N. Bradley and Eisenhower watched "the murderous chaos" and "were horrified and determined that details of their own mistakes would be buried with their men."

 "Relatives of the dead men have been misinformed -- and even lied to -- by their government. "

It was "a story the government kept quiet ... hushed up for decades ... a dirty little secret of World War II."

Admiral Donald Moon, left, who was made the scapegoat, committed suicide Aug. 5, 1944.


Wars are really waged by the Illuminati against humanity. They are orchestrated to achieve definite ends. For example, Nazi Germany was never intended to win. Tuesday, we saw that the Nazis had advanced weaponry that was never used.  Earlier we saw that the "British" (i.e. Illuminati) betrayed their own agents to the Nazis. The object was to kill good people.

Despite the fact that Slapton Sands resembled Normandy, and not the Pas de Calais, we are expected to believe that the Nazis didn't know where the invasion was coming. Yet we are fed the line that Hitler slept in on June 6, and when he awoke prevented a concerted response because he was still sure the invasion was coming at Calais. 

The Nazis knew about Normandy just as Stalin knew about Barbarossa. Churchill, Stalin, Hitler & FDR were all Freemasons and Illuminati. Both sides in WW2 were sabotaged by these traitors because the war was between their satanic cult and the rest of humanity. 

The war continues today as two current members of the Illuminati vie for the Presidency. 

You can find this article permanently at
Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

Comments for "Nazis Knew About Normandy"

Stephen Coleman said (October 18, 2012):
Thank you for the article. It helps me put another piece of the puzzle together. My father was on his way to the invasion of Japan when the atomic bomb was dropped. He was told by his commanding officers that the bomb had saved a million American lives.
But he was lied to and went to his grave believing this. Japan had already been defeated, its people were starving and its ports were successfully blockaded. So why were the bombs dropped?
Bertrand Russell convinced Harry Truman to drop the bomb to frighten the whole world to accept to a one world government.
Russell (the author of the cold war) tried to convince Pres. Eisenhower to nuke Moscow but the President refused. Lucky for the USA and world this did not happen as the Soviets had already developed thermonuclear weapons under the scientist V. Vernadsky.

Brian said (October 18, 2012):
The Illuminati wage wars and orchestrate them every step of the way.

Over the years I've been trying to get my mind around the masonic intent for America at the outset of the "War of Independence". And when I look at World figures like Roosevelt (33rd degree mason) and Churchill (same? I forget), I've concluded that it was probably no different with men like Washington, Franklin et al in their complicity with the overall agenda. Although I think it's important to consider the particular nature of what it is they think they're being complicit with. After all, those at the very pinnacle of the Illuminati chain of command know how crucial it is to maintain their control of a "need to know only" basis on the pyramidal structure.

When the American Revolutionary War was fomented by the British money power the battle was on, and I used to think that the British army, in their supreme arrogance were complacent with the foregone conclusion that there was no way this ragtag assemblage of "Patriot rabble" could beat them on the battlefield. But defeat them they did, and historians attribute it to a combination of that aforementioned complacency and the cunning guerrilla tactics of the Americans. Now I say not so fast. The fix was in.

Although the British regulars were correct in their confidence to overwhelm and annihilate the American army, they were never given the chance because it wasn't part of the Illuminati long-term plan for America in playing their role in implementing a NWO.

Given that WW2 was a much more recent event, we can point to examples of where the "fix was in" regarding the seemingly mystifying actions of Agent Hitler in sabotaging the German war effort. Whereas the American Revolution was so long ago it's tougher to get a read on what could be seen as equivalent strange decisions and actions taken then. Although one thing that comes to mind, in addition to the story of Benedict Arnold, involves the curious non-action of the British garrison in New York City. Perhaps some scholars of that era could provide some insight on this, within the context of Illuminati orchestration of course.

Mike said (October 18, 2012):
I feel gratefull that you have been exploring the subject of Hitler, WW2, and the various leaders involved. No one else has really been doing this. As for Hitler, i've puzzled for years over weather he was a dupe, shill or mind controlled zombie. Hard to imagine that someone who could present such a strong image and correctly identify the Judaic conspiracy could be a shill. Possibly the biggest indictment is that he proceeded to act as though the US could not be pulled into the war again as in WW1.

Jim Stone has an article with video about the Mossad sniping Americans in Iraq, which fits in with your assessment of the happenings at Normandy. Looking at history, there are a good number of assaults that seem to defy strategic sense as though designed for failure. General Van Valkenhein's assault at Verdun comes to mind. Also Burnside's attack across an open field against a fortified position in the Civil War. He went on after the war to work for one of the big banks, and become Governor of Maryland.

Len said (October 18, 2012):
Debra said:
"The effect of WW1 was in 1917 when Britain handed Israel [Palestine, actually. - lch] over to the fake-Jews. The effect of WWII was in 1948 when the fake-Jews claimed the nation Israel as their own. A progression of effects (from WW3) might be when a satanic temple stands on Mount Moriah."
Chilling. Truly chilling. I think probably you summed it up quite well. The ultimate goal of "the Royals" and "the Illuminati elite" is the "rulership from Jerusalem,"
including control of the Temple Mount, and the enslavement of all Mankind under their "false Millennium", - and 1000 year reign that Hitler only dreamed of.

Kurt said (October 18, 2012):
My belief (based on nothing more than an amateur reading of alternative and revisionist history) is that the Big Money Boys financed both the Communists and the National Socialists in order to create the dialectic which resulted in the destruction of white Christian power. I think Hitler was deceived that he had the backing of English race patriots like King Edward VIII in a battle to destroy Jewish Bolshevism. He was naive to the fact that the Jews of the Rothschild clan controlled England and the Royals.
WW2 propaganda is used to discredit Nationalism. It is preposterous to believe that all the Nazi’s and members of the multinational SS units were motivated by an evil hate of non Germanic people and not simply national self preservation. You and I disagree on the extent of the ‘Holocaust’.
Regardless, look at how the story has morphed in the last 60 years. It grew from ‘look at what the nasty Nazi’s did’ to ‘look at what the nasty Germans did’ (Goldhagen’s ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners’). Today there are House of Horrors Holocaust Museums in all the Western nations including those that bled to defeat the Third Reich.
The West is being dismantled before our very eyes with ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Diversity’ while we play the Golem for the NWO against their last enemy, the Islamic States of the Middle East.

Debra said (October 17, 2012):
Orchestrate:- to arrange or direct a situation to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.
From Henry's articles we can see why Hitler is referred to as the anti-christ (who was wounded, but lives ). But what desired effects? The effect of WW1 was in 1917 when Britain handed Israel over to the fake-Jews. The effect of WWII was in 1948 when the fake-Jews claimed the nation Israel as their own. A progression of effects (from WW3) might be when a satanic temple stands on mount Moriah.

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