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Man Undergoes Surgery After Police Brutally Assault Him, Gets Arrested After Surgery After Police Break Into His Home Without a Warrant

Posted on October 02, 2012.

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The following is what I have concluded after watching several videos from the victim.

The victim had called the Coral Springs police to his aid after he tried to video tape a woman being abused by her husband. After hearing a woman scream across the hall of her apartment residence, he grabbed his camera and tried to film the abuse. The enraged neighbor (an ex-police officer) broke into his home, punched him in the face and broke the victim’s nose. The victim proceeded to call the police and was ordered by the officers to stop filming them. The victim refused to turn off the camera, so he was hancuffed and allegedly brutally punched in the stomach after being detained. The paramedics also refused to give him any aid until the victim’s condition deteriorated. The victim was taken to the hospital, where he had to undergo surgery to remove a part of his liver, his spleen, and part of his intestine.

After leaving the hospital he received a threat from one of the officers ordering him to stop posting the videos he had taken of the incident on YouTube, and was told that if he didnt, the police would “finish the job.” Indeed after a couple of days home, and with a scar across his stomach a video shows Coral Springs police department showing up to his residence in great numbers, breaking into his home without a warrant, and taking him to the ground without any regards to his post-surgery fragile state. The following video documents the incident.

It is a very enraging and sad case. He has no help, and the world is against him. You can also watch many of his recorded videos of him in the hospital, talking to the police during the incident, and many other videos where I got the story from. His channel is SuperLuminousTV on YouTube. Do your own investigation and decide which side you are on.

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