Monday, October 01, 2012


Meanwhile, the beast advances...,1

That's just the top page of news items off Freedom Guide.

It is government policy to wage economic, social, political and cultural war against the American People-divide, impoverish and dumb us down. Sooner or later the end game's going to be here and if they have their way that end will be We the American People-the last obstacle to the enemy attaining complete victory.

So yeah, distract us with external threats, the threat of internal threats, fifth columns, and never-ending predictions of THE END! Distract us as more cameras go up, more powers are codified, more ammo is scooped up, another false flag op is readied for launch, and... and they've BEEN ready for the balloon to go up on open fighting in America. Which they want because then they can go all out and openly shoot at We the American People.

Now, you could try to comply but if you ever bought a gun with any kind of purchase record or registry w/ that ffl form, or you so much as got a NRA membership or browsed at Fox News then you're one of those Patriots that needs to at least go into a re-education camp.

The millions of impoverished who were never offered another choice, don't know better than be welfare leeches, hood rats, trailer trash working the system? Maybe a job in the gov, maybe a work camp.

The soon to be extinct middle class will be crushed. That's the plan and likely there's a fema camp for those that manage to make it there and not be starved or killed or maybe even eaten because independently controlled agriculture has most certainly been a target.

If WWIII is kicked off-and it's orchestrated-the priority will be to work in the destruction of the United States of America. Our America. Now, the enemy, the US Government has been digging bunkers and stockpiling them and God knows what else for decades so come what may they'll arise and rebuild... on their terms.

Islam, La Raza, all the ails of urban blacks-all that is part of dissolving and destroying Our America. That and the pussification of Mainstream America. I doubt most gun owners would fight a flash mob or some Mexican gangstas or a van full of fundamentalist muslims coming their way because they're afraid the state will not respond kindly to their presumption of self defense.

They need to be worried. Remember those roided up cops slamming granny and arresting her on camera for her revolver during Katrina? Not by accident. A message was deliberately sent and come The Day I think more than a few of the new generation of preppers are going to surprise themselves by how quickly they turn in their 3000 ARs with so much crap on them that look like scale models of the International Space Station. Surprised how quick they turn those overpriced carbines in because they didn't take the time to militia up, train in team tactics and most of all BREAK THE MENTAL CONDITIONING OF BEING LAW-ABIDING U.S. CITIZENS.

The beast is the enemy. Period. No amount of politicking or prepping will save us. Our only hope for survival is revolution.

Be your own leader

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