Monday, October 08, 2012


Civil War

Civil war is about to break out.  Government against civilians.  You’re either on one side or the other.  I’m on the civilian side, which will probably be known as the resistance.

The government’s war started a long time ago.  It’s been going on against us long before any of us was born.  The civilian side is just getting going because we civilians, some of us anyway, now realize that we are targeted for death by the government.  We’re the ones who will start resisting by fighting the government at the local, state and federal levels.  These levels are merged via the “fusion centers.”  Government, the police state, is one big happy family of tyrants and traitors. 

The government will escalate its war against us, as it did in Vietnam and the Middle East.  Remember that although the government lost in Vietnam and in the Middle East, it destroyed the lives of millions of victims.  It plans to do the same here.  Whether we fight or give up, the government will commit tremendous atrocities and destruction – on purpose.  We might as well fight.

The government is run by the CIA and the military industry.  The invisible government provides the money and plans for the CIA, etc to follow.  The invisible government is the Wall Street guys, the banks, the CFR and the foundations – the policymakers.  The policymakers are mostly Jews.  Not all, but mostly.

The civil war is a war against Jewish aggression.  The Jews are the ones driving this thing, just as they have always done.  One year after they seized control of our money supply in 1913, they started World War I to wipe out millions of Gentiles and open up Palestine to fanatical Russian Jews.  When they were unable to suck us into their League of Nations, they formed the Council on Foreign Relations and planned World War II, which would wipe out scores of millions of Gentiles.  To get it going, the Jews declared “economic” war on Germany in 1933 and saved Soviet Communism from destruction.  They were successful in sucking us into their United Nations in ’45 and the UN renamed Palestine as “Israel” in ’48.  Their UN took us to war against Korea in 1950.  Johnson’s Jews took us to war against Vietnam in ’65, all to obscure heavy American support of Israel.

Jews love war because war creates Jewish dictatorship at home and huge profits and kills millions of normal people, which Jews love to do.  Can this be denied?  Read their literature!  Look at the results of their control of the US government.  Jews love mass murder and will lie their asses off to get what they love.  If you doubt this, look at Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, Krauthammer, Kagan, ad nauseum?  They lied their asses off to get us to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.  They and other Jews are lying their asses off to get us to attack Iran.  For what?  For one main thing:  Jews love mass murder of Gentiles.  They can’t get enough of it.  They especially love it when they get Gentiles to kill Gentiles.  It keeps them out of harm’s way.

So we’ve got our Jewish Problem to deal with.  One arm of the resistance, what might be called DAJA, will be in charge of the Jewish Problem.  But all of us are subject to attack by the police and military, which are mostly controlled by the Jews, who will be ordering them to round us up and kill us before we kill them.  The money Jews, the Jews who clamor for war and all Jews who support the rabbinical system must be wiped out. 

The immediate threat is from the police and military, which are authorized as we know to arrest us, disappear us, torture us and kill us with no due process.  After the rendition aspects of the NDAA were virtually overturned, the department of injustice immediately got a tame judge to reinstate and set them in concrete, so we are stuck with them now, which we were anyway.  It doesn’t matter what some judge says, the military’s going to do what it can get away with since the military’s got guns and no court can stop that.

But that goes for us, too.  We’ve got a lot more guns than the military has.  Much more firepower than the police have. 

America is now a police state and we must act accordingly.

We had a party recently for the good people in our valley here in southeastern Idaho.  They are what are known as “preppers,” or people who prepare for trouble.  I was glad to hear that some of them, when the local law tried to intimidate them, informed the head lawman that, “Any nonsense from you guys and we will kill you.”  The nervous response was, “Well, I guess we’ll have to call in an air strike on you.”  Uh, huh.  The upshot was that the law here is on notice that there’s nothing special about them and they’re very easy to spot and we know where everyone lives.  We did have a drone visit a couple of months ago, however.  And my wife has been mysteriously ill since about that visit with a persistent and mysterious form of pleurisy that our doctors so far cannot identify or make go away.

The US government is out of control, waging war on mankind and destroying everything it touches and everywhere it invades.  It is the responsibility of the American resistance movement to stop this war machine by killing its planners and beneficiaries, its warriors and minions and its enablers in the “news media.”  If the press were honest and fearless, as they used to pretend to be, none of the present house of horrors that is the US government could have been built.  Today, however, the press does not even pretend to hold the government liars to account for their lies.  Today the press-whores merely repeat what the government tells them.  So, as much as any war criminal, the press-whores will pay for their crimes against humanity.

Today we have a presidential contest between a CIA-sponsored Communist with no provable life behind him and a Mossad-sponsored venture capitalist who says he will, on orders from Israel, “indict the Iranian president for planning genocide.”    He will do this on orders from a Jewish furniture salesman who has been conducting the genocide of Palestine and demanding the genocide of Iran for fifteen years, who immediately and incredibly said that the attack of 9/11 was “very good.”  The furniture salesman enabled American Jews to wage genocide against Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Of course, the venture capitalist would have to be vote-frauded into office first, which at this time does not seem possible, since no one can stand him.  He is as revolting to watch as were John McCain and Bush the Moron.

Civil war is now a certainty.  We civilians who avoid arrest and rendition by the Communist’s forces will at some point rebel.  I will continue to incite this rebellion and help make it grow. 

It will be necessary for us to wipe out the violent and parasitic gang members that infest the cities and exist only by robbing and killing.  But this goes also for the violent and parasitic gang members of the local, state and federal governments, in uniform and in civvies.  They figure they are licensed to rip us off and so far, they have been.  We just can’t afford them anymore. 

The number one rule of the resistance is to be armed at all times, no matter where the member is.  There are no permits required.  The resistance is an armed resistance and arms require only discipline, safety and the willingness to use them against tyrants.  Arms remain concealed and are only produced when intimidation is encountered, but when they are produced, they are fired, not brandished.  Petty tyrants must be killed, not captured.  Major tyrants are another matter if there is possibly some intelligence or propaganda value to be gained.  The general rule is that tyrants and police state traitors must be killed, since they have proven themselves so treacherous and dangerous and have destroyed so many lives.

There can be no dialogue or compromise or negotiation with the police state traitors, as they have nothing to offer.  Our time is limited and there are many thousands of them to eliminate before our lives can improve.

It should go without saying that police state spies and informants must be killed once it is known that treachery has occurred.  The police state terrorists have one reliable way to destroy us and that is based on information from spies and informants among us.

If a resistance member is attacked he must fight to the death, preferably to the death of the attacker.  But in no case must he surrender to be renditioned, disappeared and tortured to death.  It is now reported that all of the USG’s victims at Guantanamo, Bagram, Abu Ghraib, etc were/are drugged with scopolamine, which drives the victim mad.  The police state terrorists must know that all members will fight to the death, that we welcome the opportunity to kill as many terrorists as they provide us in any ambush or home invasion. 

Once you realize that you are in a FEMA/army roadblock which cannot be avoided, it’s time to start shooting.   We should avoid trouble by all means possible, but when it cannot be avoided, we must shoot and kill the police state terrorists.

If an ambush has been properly prepared, there is nowhere to hide when the shooting starts.  The only possible way out of an ambush kill zone is to return fire immediately and charge the ambushers.  This is one of the legitimate uses of fully automatic fire.  Almost no one can keep shooting at you with bullets coming at him.  It is always better to shoot a little low, as it kicks up dust and rocks and gives you a better chance of hitting the ambusher.  If you shoot high, there’s no chance of hitting him.  You shoot with everything you’ve got and head right for the ambush, which in our experience in Africa tended to unnerve the ones shooting at us.

We practiced this over and over with blanks before going back out on patrols, making it an automatic response to the constant threat of ambushes.  Likewise, when setting up anti-terrorist ambushes, the kill zones were chosen for having no place to hide.  When we opened up, the terrorists only tried to escape, which was usually not possible.  In addition, we had stop lines (shooters) waiting to hit anyone who did manage to get away in the only direction he could go from the ambush.

When we were in vehicles, we were the most vulnerable.  The terrorists made good use of the rough terrain and we were generally hit when laboring up a steep grade or coming to a sharp bend in the road where we had to slow down.  Machine gun fire would open up and occasionally a bold terrorist would step into the road with an RPG, aim downhill and launch a rocket right at the truck or Land Rover.  It took a guy with a sharp eye and good reflexes, standing behind the cab with his rifle or machine gun, to spot this sort of thing and shoot before the rocket could be launched.   Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.  But that’s what it took and that’s what it will take for us.

We will be doing a lot of ambushing police state cars and trucks.  Again, vehicle ambushes must be set up where they have to slow drastically to go around a corner or obstacle.  Whole convoys can be taken out with enough shooters.

We shall hit and run, hit and run, hit and run.  We will be where they least expect us, a day ahead of time.

Roadblocks, again, must be avoided if possible.  If not, they must be destroyed without mercy.  We should learn to travel in discrete convoys, heavily armed, with good but sparse communications such as CB or marine band.  No radio chatter, just terse words or clicks when absolutely necessary.

Civil war is a terrible thing.  We haven’t wanted it and have obviously tried to avoid it for a couple of centuries.  Revolutions require civil wars, with two sides fighting for control of the government.  In our case, again, it will be we civilians against the government. 

The US government must be totally destroyed and never allowed to re-form.  It was imposed on us by trickery and deceit through the treacherous Constitution and the central government it created.

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