Saturday, October 20, 2012


Japan Nuclear Disaster

Radioactive Tokyo
Jeff With Dr. Richard Wilcox PhD

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Real Time World Earthquake Monitor

Fukushima Radioactive Water To Go Into Giant Pit - Vid

Cesium Measured In Every Single Fukushima Rice Sample

Japan Govt Changes Rules, Makes Radioactive Rice 'Safe'

Fukushima Blasts Caused By Nuclear Plasma Not Hydrogen Gas

Fairewinds...How Citizen Scientists Can Sample Radiation - Vid

Fukushima Fire Twice As Big As Originally Reported By TEPCO

Radiation Continues To Rise In Tokyo, Kanagawa Areas

Radioactive Beef Raised Far From Fukushima - Vid

Fire Breaks Out At Daiichi, Extinguished

Los Alamos Scientists Have Way To Find The Daiichi Cores

Man Visits Fukushima...'The Kids Are Radioactive' - Vid

2 Daiichi Reactors Spewed As Much Rad Iodine As Chernobyl

New, Large Debris Found In R1 Containment - Vid

Top Of R1 Containment May Have Opened Before Explosion

Tragic Radioactive Fukushima Trees On X-Ray Film - Vid

Massive Deformed Sweet Potato, Bigger Than Human Head

Fukushima R4 Building Steel Frame 'Severely Crushed'

Empty Spaces Visible In R3 Spent Fuel Pool - Photos - Vids

Osaka City To Force All Jr High Students To Eat School Lunches

Up To 1 Million Sieverts Per Hour Outside R1 Containment

'Impossible' Bulk Of Fuel Is Still Inside Reactor 1 Containment

Fukushima ...We Didn't See Any Bugs This Summer - Vid

Fukushima Beef Coming To US Restaurants...Enjoy! - Vid

US To Resume Importing Fukushima Beef - Enjoy!

US Kept Right On Importing Japan Seafood After Disaster

Popular Japan Comedian Looking Very Sick Since 3/11

Grossly Deformed Mushroom Shows Up

Canada Returns Cobalt 60 Radioactive Kitchen Wear To Asia

Fukushima Disaster Avoidable Admits Tepco

Fukushima Daiichi Is Unfixable - Photographer

Huge Radiation Spike In Hokkaido Still In Progress

Sea Species Riding Tsunami Debris Threatens US

2.9 Bq From A Single Grain Of Rice, 140,000 Bq/kg Allowed

Cesium Found In All Fukushima Rice Tested

Wilcox - Nuclear Information Warfare

TEPCO Admission Contradicts Everything It Has Said So Far - Vid

City Stops Monitoring While Burning Radioactive Debris

R3 Warped Steel Frames Now Visibly Rusted

Water At R1 More Radioactive Outside Containment Than In

TEPCO Reverses, Admits Knowing Problems BEFORE 3/11

What Are The Efforts To Contain Fukushima? None

1% Of Fukushima Radioactive Soil Fills 260,000 Bags

Concern Grows About Collapse Of R4 Spent Fuel Pool

Radioactive Material May Be Flowing Differently At Fukushima R1

Radiation Kills Over 100 Cows At One Fukushima Farm

Many More Shocking Things To See In Fukushima Footage - Vid

Strange Gold Material On Surfaces Inside R1 Containment - Vid

Footage Inside R1 Containment - Steam & Blackened Pipes - Vid

Fukushima Workers A 'Suicide Corp' - Can't Vent R2 - Vid

Disposable Daiichi Worker Can Work 30 Mins Day, 20 Days/Mo

Ground Under R4 Sinks Up To 30" - Collapse Danger - Vid

60 Km From Daiichi, Kids Walk Road With 70,000 Bq/m2 - Vid

TEPCO Workers Unable To Find Water Level In R1 Containment

One More Nuke Accident Will End Japan's Future - Vid

High Temp Incinerator Building Onsite At Daiichi

Kids Marathon On St With Radioactivity Of 134,000 Bq/m2 - Vid

TEPCO Still Doesn't Know If Hydrogen Caused R3 Blast - Vid

Iwaki City Quits Using Local Produce For School Lunches

Strangeness - Meet The 'Fukushima 50? No, You Can't

Sinkhole Now Called Incredibly Dangerous Situation - Vid

Inside Fukushima Evacuation Zone, Cattle Sick, Dying

Kids Exercising On 120,000 Bq/m2 Radiation, Being Sacrificed - Vid


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