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It’s always been the only answer-to everything

J. Croft

It’s October, 2012.  The Nation, the World-and likely you-is in a tailspin.

You can name an issue, a topic and likely there are problems intractable to solution within whatever social and political framework you (or someone else) applies.

Economics: you still have a job? 

Yeah, that job where if you took say, 20 dollars as a unit of the fruits of your labor, 19 of them stay with your employer.  And that last dollar?  Most of it gets pocketed by the government at various stages of taxation-from withholding to sales taxes, gasoline taxes, double tax… overtax… and the spare change you’re left with has to cover ever-increasing rent, food and gas prices.  Oh wait you own a home?  No you don’t-look on your Title it will read TENANT.  Thought it was yours after a lifetime of mortgage payments… miss a property tax and the OWNER will kick you to the curb.

Yeah.  That job… Plan on losing it no matter who wins the election.  Obama will add you to the welfare rolls while punishing companies like Gibson Guitar for manufacturing using exotic woods in America-but will let them off the hook if they relocate overseas where those same exotic woods are “kosher”.  Likewise if you had a Chrysler dealership, Obama put you out of business right after he was elected… sure you remember that.  There are hundreds, thousands of former American companies, millions of out-of-work Americans that know all about that.  Maybe you’ve seen them in the unemployment lines or tent cities…

If Romney gets in?  Who has Swiss bank accounts?  Who has been one of the biggest economic strip miners who shovels jobs and industry overseas?  Then again so does Obama-and every other criminal in and out of government “service”, otherwise we’d still have jobs… you’d have a job.  Right? 

Third party?  Where?  Who?  What organization do they have?  Who that the enemy will allow on?  And would they put up a genuine effort or would they just pocket people’s precious funds to get their bucktooth tool of a son into Congress?  Or simply run to make some lame statement…

You don’t even have to fall victim to Presidential whim, you can run afoul of your local power cliques-you know, the ones that like to meet in lodges, wear aprons with esoteric symbols and make their deals.  You can kowtow, make your bribe or they work together both within and without to drive you out of business or push you over the edge like they did Marvin Heemeyer… remember the Killdozer?  A uparmored D-9 tractor that he used to wreck that Masonic dominated town and only was stopped when he stopped himself regrettably by suicide. 

Same could be said of Carl Drega, who ran afoul of pretty much the same clique in New England, the last straw being when state troopers pulled him over for “rust”-so Drega blasted them, a newspaper editor who opposed him, and he was stopped as well.  That would be a political example but all the problems we face tend to bleed together with common causes…

One guy suicide himself in front of one town’s city hall by immolation-for taxes.  He burned himself alive.

Charles Dyer, otherwise known as July4Patriot, one of the greatest spokesmen of the real Patriot Movement got hooked by a vindictive ex-wife a corrupt Podunk Oklahoma town and the FBI.  It took three jury trials but bogus child molestation charges and his shyster court officer lawyer sold him out and he got convicted.  He’s serving 30 years but believe it was for his peaceable Patriot activism.

You want to raise some money, start a business-like get a hot dog cart?  You can jump through all the hoops they make you jump yet one busybody can come out and shut you down.  Literally waddle out of city hall, walk across the street and order some kid trying to raise money to help his family to shut down or set up in a spot where he’d get robbed.

Sell informally, say at a flea market?  Maybe the cops will roll through and harass you, make sure you pay your taxes or something.  Sell guns privately, maybe the feds will come through and rob you, take you to jail.  More likely there’s always at least one rat snitch waddling about looking for the next victim to get in trouble with the beast cuz they get a cut or they’re competition.  Buy some Chinese knockoffs, perhaps you can sell for awhile-then you get busted.  Maybe they’ll fine you-as a payoff then you can    sell again for a few more months.

Say you want to sell organically grown food-the enemy… what else are they by their actions… the enemy goes in and raids, guns drawn on co-op farmers.  Private get togethers where chefs cook privately grown food get raided and the food is bleached and buried.  The Amish and Mennonite farmers have been hit hard and often about simply sharing their produce.

Cops… new breed of criminal court officers have entered duty fresh from the Middle East or retard camp and they think nothing of tazering you if you’re already cuffed and compliant.  Certainly think nothing of beating your ass while you’re on the pavement or even picking you up and SLAMMING you down full force.  Baby on board?  Not his problem and the department will give the motherfuckers a paid vacation because that’s the kind of low-end-of-the-bell-curve thug they prefer hiring. 

Those same cops are increasingly coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with months, years of urban small arms combat experience in urban settings.  They’re likely issued some form of M4 carbine and in NYC stopped a gunman going after his gay lover by gunning down nine other bystanders in one of the world’s most crowded places.  Same department that shoves plungers up dudes asses and expends 41 rounds on some immigrant holding out a wallet from ten feet away. 

The cops are considered by the lawyers to be officers of the court whose testimony has greater weight than yours.  They can lie and destroy evidence at whim.  They are well-versed in all manner of psychological ploys designed to get you trick bagged into some legal infraction so that their bosses the lawyers can rake in your time, your money, your property. 

Lawyers write the laws.  Lawyers administer the laws.  Lawyers monopolize their courts.  “Your” hired or appointed lawyer is an officer of the court-on the same team, an enemy in your camp.  Lawyers have used precedence-the rulings of other lawyers in black robes-as equivalent of law and when they’re not using penis pumps or masturbating behind those raised benches they’re ruling that the Constitution has no precedence in your case.  They take long forgotten by the general public rulings, laws, declarations, proclamations, whims of judicial fantasy and build both written and case law atop that to snare the unfortunate, unknowing people.

Oh, no need to wonder about being court; everything you see on TV is the opposite inside a real courtroom.  You’re not incest/ritual abuse victim/punching bag/tot mom Casey Anthony who inexplicably draws a entire law firm in her defense that blows through iffy, circumstantial evidence presented by another lawyer hoping to use the case to catapult him into higher public office.  No you’re tricked into confession or incriminating evidence is planted or forced to plead out by the court officer designated as your defense attorney.

The deception goes all the way to the root of U.S. law.  Written by lawyers.  The Bankruptcy of 1933 made U.S. Citizens enemies that can be gone after by the World War One era Trading With The Enemy Act. 

No law made before 1938 can be used in a court, that’s the Erie v. Tomkins ruling.  They’re all admiralty law and are administering the declared bankruptcy of the United States.  A bankruptcy engineered by Wall Street bankers… who incidentally also bankrolled the Soviets and the Nazis.

Reconstruction Act of 1871 reconvened a Congress thrown back together under duress from the Civil War, which the South walked out of the United States in order to settle pro or con the issue of slavery on their own… which morally sabotaged their otherwise correct views on the issue of State Rights.  Of course, most people back then saw the descendants of Africans brought here by force by Muslim slavers and Yankee mercantilists as a lesser species, like the Native Americans.  Never honored a single treaty with them by the way, which is par for their course.

Martial law was declared during the Civil War-general order 100-and was never rescinded.

The War of 1812-the Second War of Independence-saw the destruction of most copies of laws by invading British and among the casualties was an ORIGINAL 13th Amendment that outlawed titles of nobility and holders thereof from attaining public office.  A lawyer is considered an esquire, which is a title of nobility.  Otherwise we’d have no lawyers managing the bankster’s tyranny.

Then again, if you look at the 1787 Constitution that too was imposed by both force and fraud-force by an embargo of Rhode Island in 1791 as a last resort to get the people there to sign, and fraud by the conspirators who were agents of the same bankers that caused the newborn United States of America so much economic trouble that the Articles of Confederation had to be amended-a coup d’etat was performed instead and the original body of the 1787 Constitution was cleverly designed to give the appearance of representative government yet provided the foundation, the framework for those that attained public office to keep public office.  For those that wrote that constitution, they managed to lock themselves into power and would gradually expand their power-by greater leaps when possible.

The keys to winning that coup were to do things on the sly, either backroom deals or distraction and to put the American People to sleep.  Gradually gaining control, with uniform public schools the key toward being able to coordinate the eventual dumbing down and mass conditioning to regimentation that would be in full effect in the 20th century.  Dumb people down and reduce their resources and options and even so far as their ability to think through chemical poisoning of the food, water, air.  Think not?  Try discussing this article with any random person on the street… yeah good luck with THAT. 

Then again you may get lucky…

Want to go even deeper?  Look at the 1783 Treaty of Paris where Benjamin Franklin and John Jay negotiated with their British counterpart… try to bear through the endless run-on paragraph and read the terms: purportedly a now foreign head of state gets compensation for his ancestors investments.  The United States is GRANTED allowances and ‘rights’.  If America had truly won the American Revolution, wouldn’t there have been NO concessions to the English king?  A king whose blood relations extend deep into the past of hundreds, thousands of years of monarchs and elite families of Rome, Egypt, Sumer and extending through most of the Presidents of the United States. 

Deep enough.

You cannot solve your own problems of not enough money by getting a job-you’ll lose it or it won’t pay enough to begin with.  Plus, over 95 percent of the benefits of your labor go to your employer.  The government steals most of the remaining 5 percent leaving you with maybe 1 percent of the productivity you generate to:

Pay rent or mortgage-wait that’s rent.

Car note

Car insurance-lobbyists for the insurance industry pushed that through in the 90s making a racket for them and another reason for the enemy to steal your car and further enslave you with the fraud of the drivers license.

Food-likely poisoned but with the dollar ever-depreciating your precious few dollars buy less and less.

Now, you could go to some alleged institute of higher learning.  Spend a mortgage worth of money to get a piece of parchment proclaiming you eligible to work in certain fields.  Maybe you can get a job if you’re a lawyer or dental assistant but something actually productive like science or engineering?  Forget it, they got a long line of visa holders from India and China ahead of you.  Americans are always shoved to the last in line.

You cannot solve your problems by selling stuff people don’t have the money to buy or if you do manage to find a niche, there’s some government robber come to jack you if they’re knockoffs from Vietnam.  Maybe they’ll just send a few thugs to collect sales taxes.  Even if you don’t factor in the enemy looking to stifle your efforts, most folks don’t have much money to begin with-remember what I stated about how little real money people get for their wage labor?

Try investing?  Yah, good luck!  Anything that can be used as an investment vehicle such as real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities-all tightly controlled and rigged by the same shysters that hold the puppet strings to the government.  You typically won’t hear about that hot stock tip until the money’s already made and you’re taken for a fall.  Real estate was a huge hustle a decade ago: “it’ll never go down” was the cry as anyone who could sign a mortgage note did just that, and those notes split and commoditized into investment vehicles on their own.  Same with commodities-a man named Ted Warren in his book “How To Make The Stock Market Make Money For You” detailed the basics of the hustle, it’s just now with millisecond trading it’s only those that can afford to do that kind of trading that make money.

Precious metals are their own form of hustle.  Those aware of the fraud spelled out above put their money into silver and gold, maybe platinum and copper but you get everyone from clad pieces of tin to overpriced collector’s pieces to China selling gold bars hollowed out to accept tungsten.  Plus there’s a whole racket in the survivalist/patriot movement to sell silver and gold based on fear and the hope that those two commodities will break free of the bankster manipulation and assume their true value or greater but that won’t happen while the banksters still control that market with their market mechanisms.

So, things are about done for, so you prepare for a collapse but, unfortunately, you cannot solve your personal survival situation by prepping-because some rat looking for some government cheese will rat you out for owning guns or stocking up or being one of those moolisha whackjobs like the TV told them you are.  Or you made your purchases with a check or credit card, signed a warranty, bought through the mail or signed a 4477 firearm registration for that will lead government robbers to jack you very hard when they get around to you.  And they will. 

Why do you think the enemy during the 2010 census GPS locked every house, shack, shithouse, cave in America?  Why do you think ten Army Brigade Combat Teams, complete with artillery and armor support are stationed in-country?  Why are armored fighting vehicles becoming a regular sight… why have armored fighting vehicles already been acquired by about every jumped up Podunk SWAT team?  Why have 30,000 armed drones been designated for the USA?  Why has every surveillance camera in America been networked, why is every online keystroke you make, every phone call made recorded, why your biometrics are all tied into a computerized tracking system? 

…So you can’t hide and wait for the beast to collapse on its own.

You’re hopefully pissed off by now and want to get proactive about stopping the planned destruction of America, but you cannot solve the problems politically.  The national and state held offices are locked in by the enemy and anyone hoping to go in and do a Mr. Smith going to Washington will either be driven out or wind up selling out in despair as he doesn’t want to be charging at windmills all by himself.  Of course, one could take the Patriot angle and make a long career out of making pretty postures… pretty, useless, postures while stacking up pork for his district.  Make a couple quixotic runs for the Presidency-who are selected by the Electoral College to being with when it isn’t the Supreme Court deciding the matter… oh and you have to be kin to the same pack of inbred psychopathic bluebloods that have run this planet for millennia.  You heard of the hackable Diebold machines?  You can hack one yourself for 26 bucks so there’s no hope of becoming President-but there’s money in making the run and milking millions of starry-eyed supporters to pad your bank account and get your bucktooth backstabbing son into Congress. 

Yeah, federal office is out.  Locally, there are openings but persuading reform-minded people to unite in common cause and efforts runs into the brick wall of the patriot movement gatekeepers who are all in employ of the enemy as deep cover operatives-oh didn’t I tell you the movement’s co-opted?  Has been for many years; Bill Cooper is murdered and framed, Fritz Springmeier and Mark Koernke are framed and locked up for years, but Alex Jones can wriggle his way into becoming the movement’s gatekeeper.

Alex Jones is most certainly COINTEL, you can tell by his antics:

*Disrupt callers making points critical of himself and his guests with his SCREAMING

*Disrupt the Austin Gun Show Rally with an already present and organized protest by marching through with no regard for the organizers, making an ass out of the whole event.

*Backstab Deborah Medina when she wouldn’t kowtow and give him the face time he thought he deserved.

*Shut down any criticism of Ron Paul.

(I personally have encountered repeated instances of censorship from him and his organization-for presenting solutions.  One time I was listening to him on the air talking about Ron Paul making a bid in 2012 (this was right after both the gun show rally and Medina debacles) and I wrote on his forum what Ron Paul needed to do:  get some state and local candidacies going and build up a constituency nationwide, a political machine.  Alex Jones’ response: “if this guy’s going to cause trouble, ban him.”  And I promptly was.  Last time I was on his Planet Infowars social networking site and had the “Second American Revolution Victory Guide 2.0” book, and my article “How to start a militia-and get away with it”.  Banned.)

No, Alex Jones is about you kicking him money for his drives to build his studio, buy his swag and dvds.

And Steve Quayle can put up every crackpot warning there’s going to be martial law in the next week or they’re going into Iran or some giants are going to run roughshod over the countryside.  Every time he’s on it’s like the title sequence to Thundarr the Barbarian’s about to start.  No joke.  He’s a fearmonger and when teamed up with Alex Jones… I was posting on his forum practical solutions; Alex asked Steve about it and he screams “THERE’S NO TIME!!!!!!!!!”

Yeah, no time but to buy some gold off him or something about giants….

In fact, much of the Patriot “movement” is about three things:

1.)Hustling money off you.
2.)Spin you about in fear, offering little to no practical solutions.
3.)Luring you into some kind of trick bag where the beast can rob or murder you.

Most of the people that have flocked to the movement genuinely want to get things done.  Unfortunately, hustlers, COINTELPRO, and fragile souls with huge egos-did I mention the infighting?!  Don’t see our enemies publically go at each other but it takes nothing to start feuds and make lifelong enemies because say, Mike Vanderboegh warned the III’ers about congregating into Patcoms where they can be ID’d committing acts of Patriotism by the enemy but he got shat on because once upon a time in his youth he was a communist.  …Real easy for the deep cover operatives to do as people are torque, tired, and frustrated as too many of the “leaders” hustle them for money, get them whipped up in rage and fear while offering no real solutions, or luring them into getting arrested or shot.

Only revolution can solve our problems.

Only taking action-the sweeping away of everything corrupt, the beast that has used Our America as the fig leaf covering its ugly intents and actions-can solve our political, social, economic and environmental problems.  That requires more than throwing good money after bad candidates running symbolic protest campaigns.

Only taking on those in power and throwing them out of OUR offices of public service will stop the police brutality, the tyranny of the lawyers and bankers, the economic imperialism of a globalized U.S. government.

Only the Second American Revolution can save America, and only an America in Patriot hands can halt the destruction of Man by the inbred psychopathic bluebloods that have so adroitly pitted us against each other for so long.

Time to embrace becoming that moolisha whackjob caricaiture… time to get arms and become proficient in them, and find others like-minded who will stand with you, and know other groups like yours so that you can grow your own food, practice your own crafts and services, trade in your own way with your own monetary devices or barter, have your own culture, raise your kids yourself.  Standing on your own, isolated, just makes you a target.  You and yours need to become as deadly and coordinated as possible, become as frightening to the enemy as possible-if you decide to let them find out yet.  Stacking and caching arms, ammo, learning how to fight as coordinated fire teams enveloping and ambushing SWAT teams is the enemy’s worst nightmare.  God needs you to make their nightmares their manifest destiny.

The Revolution has to start with you. 

Within you.

How’s your relations with God?  You pray? 

Find a quiet place, make your prayer.  Tune out absolutely everything.  Close your eyes.  “Look” to your heart and there you will find Our Father.

Listen.  Just listen.

Prayer, tuning into Our Father is something you do every day, something that if you do diligently you’ll get better at knowing Our Father.

Purify yourself.  Eat locally produced food, drink spring water.  Or filter yours from rainwater to avoid any further fluoridation-which dulls and poisons you.

Get in fighting shape.  Be able to sprint, get up and down repeatedly in full fighting load and march all day if need be.  Train with weighted backpacks and walking stick.

Find basic trades you can learn and be good at.  Be someone of many talents you and yours will need to be as Our America will need to be rebuilt in every way-fortunately we have the greatest pool of talent on Earth so as long as we don’t wait 20 more years until Revolution… and we can’t wait… then we have a chance to rebuild.

Explore generating your own electricity.  Alternatives are around and most types are suppressed.  Wind and solar are the obvious choices.  If you’re by a good supply of running or falling water you got hydroelectric.  Biomass can be turned into diesel.  Ideally, if one of those magnetic motors can be made to work generating electricity that would be ideal.

Learn how to use the rifle.  Learn to use your rifle out at least 500 meters.  More if you can.  Learn to use your rifle with others in your group and to coordinate; basically you’re making shooting lanes and catching the enemy in long range ambushes.  Have extra ammunition, magazines and the web gear to carry your combat load and practice getting it on, practice wearing it, getting into shooting positions, fighting.  Buy everything with cash and privately.

Learn how to network outside the internet-that’s all monitored and if you don’t have a unpapered laptop computer bought off Craigslist or at a flea market, or a place you can go and log on for free and without registration, find those places.  Establish non-electronic communications with other like-minded individuals and groups.  Dead drops are easy to establish and are untraceable.  Set up safe houses or places to shelter.  Figure out how fast you could muster for each other’s defense. 

Figure out a place to take over… no, that’s not right-to start taking back.  A town with a obnoxiously corrupt government.  Read what the GIs of Athens Tennessee did in 1946 and do exactly that.  If you can get over Patriot inertia and get one town, make it a model of how Our America functions in the real world instead of attempting to capture dulled imaginations with libertarian fantasizing, we could have free zones where we can grow food, build arms and munitions and generally grow the Second American Revolution.  Finally.

Because these criminals in public service will not stop until they’re stopped and a recall election may not happen in time for you.  Meanwhile they’re arresting people for growing food, or protesting being pulled over for talking on a cell phone and then slammed to the pavement twice.  For bearing arms lawfully, exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, or maybe just being out at 3AM.  They need immediate reaction to stop them from harming anyone else.  Stopping them by any means necessary is the only way to stop them.  Best to go after their responding “brother cops”, catch them alone before they can muster in strength and overwhelm you.  Keep them off balance.  Their immediate superiors feeling secure in city hall and the lodge are the next targets and if possible you need to go after them immediately.  Speed, shock, and quick accurate aim can accomplish a lot to people accustomed to feeling secure in lording it over We the People.

The enemy is going to see a instance like this and will shit themselves.  Maybe declare martial law but definitely send state and federal reinforcements to maintain ‘law n’ order’.  Have a place to go, an identity already established in a place not under your slave name-y’know the one on your permits and mortgages and such.  Act cool, look and be like the crowd about you and prepare for your next action.  Be sure to take video so you can not only learn from mistakes but have propaganda to spark more action.

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