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There has been for some decades a legal and social engineering of the general gun community in this country to accept and expect gun control to be used against "prohibited persons" or anyone else undesirable.  You need only go to a gun shop or gun show or even a allegedly pro-gun forum and tell people you got entrapped or you got popped carrying a pistol to protect yourself and you're thrown to the sharks... well, the legal sharks will have their way with you anyway but you're trying to hang on to a plank and some 400lb self-righteous hypocrite on a mobility scooter sucking down oxygen from a tank will run over your desperate fingers.

This army of hypocrites will fall in line with whatever measures Romney takes for "reasonable" gun control so long as it isn't THEY who have THEIR 3000 dollar M4gery taken.  Yours, mine, or some other "tin foil hat wearing konspiracy kook moolishaman" oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  And, I think enough of the stringpullers of the US government might have enough pull to have Romney appointed prez so as to exploit this division.

Perhaps they're hoping all the grassroots Obama supporters will spaz so they can begin the mass roundups and nabbing of rusty AKs and Ravens.  Perhaps they can exploit a false flag attack to justify an even more out in the open police state.  Protect all the 400lb mobility scooter-bound sellout shooters from actually having to put their money where they're hands and mouths are and defend themselves; cry out to the same cops slamming handcuffed women on the pavement to help them. 

Cut down on the total number of opposition, and with the rest of the sellout shooters all nicely registered and known they can be scooped up at leisure with the same old game that's been played for the past 30 years. 

Now, that sounds more appealing from some of the enemy's perspective-keep this game going-than having an Obama communist revolution would to the marxist faction of fifth columnists... as opposed to the fascist faction of megacorporate and banking power personified by Mitt Romney.  The Obamunists would have the full-blown assault on all the gun owners and patriots, the wet dream of all the 400lb mobility scooter-bound sellout backstabbing hobby shooters.  Bill Ayers and his fellow commies are salivating at a second and perhaps permanent Obama administration but from recent "polls" and that Romney has visited the Bildeboogers I'd say an upset's in the script.

Neither Romney or Obama election are options really-communist revolution now or face being isolated even more even amongst gun owners... as worthless as they 400lb mobility scooter-bound unwashed, diabetic, oxygen sucking, traitor asses truly are.

Oh, here's a damn good reason why: spit on all the blacks and poor who voted for "hope and change"-Romney's in the game:

LA Times: Romney’s a drug-money launderer
Why Has Not Only Corporate Media, but also Obama’s Opposition Research Let Romney Slide on his Criminal Associations?

… by Kevin Barrett

Mitt Romney made his fortune cleaning druglords’ cash

Back in July, the Los Angeles Times – not VT, Infowars or Truth Jihad Radio – broke the story that Mitt Romney is a drug money launderer. How did we all miss this story? (Until John Hankey and then Gordon Duff picked it up.)

Maybe it’s because the Times story never comes right out and says “drug money laundering.” It doesn’t have to.

What the Times article does say translates directly and unambiguously as DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING, in caps, exclamation point.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Romney’s company, Bain Capital, “paid out a stunning 173% in average annual returns over a decade.” “Stunning” is not the word. “Criminal” is more like it.

Bernie Madoff was arrested and went to jail because he was paying 10% annual returns. That’s how it came to light that he was running a criminal enterprise. You just cannot possibly pay 10% returns consistently, year in and year out, with legitimate investments. Never happened, never will.

Ponzi schemes sometimes pay as high as 20% – and soon collapse, and the perps go to jail. But a 173% annual return is far beyond the range of the craziest, most short-lived ponzi scheme.

Romney wasn’t running a ponzi scheme. He was running a drug money laundry. His clients, the Times explains, were shady characters from Panama. Here’s how it works:

A druglord hands Romney, a.k.a. Bain Capital, ten million dollars in cash. Romney puts it on his books as a one million dollar investment in Bain Capital.

At 173% interest, it only takes Romney a few years (officially) to return ten million laundered dollars to the druglord.

When the druglord is asked where he got his ten million dollars, he explains that he made a lucky investment with Bain Capital. And he has the papers to prove it.

Getting caught paying out an average 173% interest over ten years is like getting caught with a hundred pounds of cocaine. If you’re busted with a hundred pounds of cocaine, the presumption is that you’re dealing. If you’re caught paying 173% interest, the presumption is that you’re laundering drug money.

Romney, you are SO BUSTED.

For more information on Mitt Romney’s criminal history, check out John Hankey’s video Mitt Romney Exposed, and listen to my interview with Hankey on Truth Jihad Radio, to be archived soon here.

Here's the video on Romney and Bain Capitol Management:

Breaking: Romney’s “Bain Capital” Drug Front For Bush Cartel (Video)
Romney Candidacy Takes Major Blow as Bain Exposed as Cartel Cash Laundry

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I can’t guarantee the video you will see will save your grandchildren or bring back our freedoms. What I can guarantee is this: Anyone who sees this will demand the immediate arrest of Mitt Romney and the entire Bush drug cartel.

[A Long Editors Note: This material is as much a disgrace to American media as anything else, on top of the Intel community who has sat by and watched these high level criminal organizations operate with government and even Intel protection. They were warned that the deeper the shadow gov guys got their hooks in the more aggressive they would be in 'what they wanted'. But cowardice was the word.

All those that took their phony oaths chose to keep enjoying their own gravy train ride to retirement and join the multiple pension and paycheck brigade, which has turned out to be what way to many of them were serving. We are now in a much worse situation, looking down a double barreled coup in action. Bush 911 was first, now the Romney ‘cleaners’.

The Bush family went to great lengths to hide their long time shady dealings, but Romney’s sliding by on his with all of this stuff just laying out there for anyone to find who wanted to. It’s proof that investigative journalism has been co-opted. Only ‘permitted’ kind is allowed, and against ‘approved targets’ only.

We are truly showing the signs of a defeated people, a la the last days of Rome. The main difference of course is that there are no barbarian hordes coming. It’s the folks wearing the white robes and olive twine tiaras who are putting it to us. There is some resistance, and it is growing, but the door is still locked for any legal solution as law enforcement as also been compromised. So far, they refuse to prosecute ‘protected entities’. Actually their terminology for it is ‘they just can’t’.

They will not move when they fear their being taken out as a 99% certainty. And they don’t see the public lifting a finger to defend them, so the folks do not get off scott free here. If you want a champion to fight for you, you have to be able to offer them some protection, like if anything happens to them or their families there would be ‘hell to pay for it’.

The 99% certainly of retribution is a weapon that the public has not shown the gumption to pick up yet. And yes, the main line vet orgs, churches, academia, are AWOL, the ‘not my job man’ attitude ruling there.

The Vet orgs will not even take on Homeland Security for looting counter terrorism funding (the Fusion Center scandal) for patronage, and then leaving combat vets with PTSD waiting six months for an appointment due to shrink personnel shortages and funding. They won’t even discuss Israeli espionage here, period.

If everybody keeps waiting for someone else to do the tough work and get a free ride they will find themselves on a highway to hell. There are a lot of people around the world further down this road than we are. Maybe we should interview some to share what it is like for those having a hard time ‘getting it’ over here

As Mike Harris says on almost all of his radio shows, “Nobody is going to save us, folks. Either we do it, or it won’t get done.” ...Jim W. Dean]


The slide chosen from the video is a favorite. There is a reason for that, it is appropriate. The video deals with one aspect of Romney’s character and how he earned the trust of some very dangerous people.

I am trusted by a select group of special operations personnel because I have shown myself capable of acts I may now regret, acts done, theoretically, in defense of my country. I now question those things, were I to do less, I would be less than human. “Less than human,” that has a ring to it.

The film is made by someone making all the right assumptions about Romney, that he would not be where is he unless he had done something to earn the trust of, well, of the absolutely worst people on earth.

It’s worse than you can even imagine

He has proven himself “one of them,” a man who has shown there is nothing he won’t do, a man who has proven he has no respect for human life, no consideration for humanity whatsoever.

He is a man in the image of Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger, a man of the “Bush” mold, a “superior man,” one of the Nietzsche crowd that looks on us, on our children and grandchildren and sees only “useless eaters “, not even cannon fodder.

To “Mitt,” throwing us into gas chambers would be considered too much of a courtesy or bother. If you feel I am overstating, you obviously didn’t see the film.

Recent talk has been about civil war. I have watched Americans who stood for honor and decency murdered, imprisoned, poisoned, put in mental hospitals, destroyed economically while the nation has been systematically looted.

This is a 40 minute video. Send it to everyone you know. Watch the whole thing.

[Editors Note: At 37:45 you will see the Romney campaign issuing a damning statement of Obama's failure to protect America overseas, only TWO minutes after Secretary Clinton gave her first press conference, and Romney's people said the entire foreign policy team concurred with the attack tactic...Jim W. Dean]

If you want to know who the enemy is, why Americans need guns and who we will have to fight, watch it. If you want the assurance that a war is coming and it is going to be against each and every decent American, you will learn the facts right here.

I don’t care if Obama was born on the moon, I don’t care if Clinton did pages three at a time.

Like many Americans involved in that “secret world,” I was called on from time to time to clean up messes, sometimes for big shots, sometimes for Bush family members, sometimes for others who made simple mistakes, murdered the wrong hooker, kidnapped and killed the wrong kid or stole a few billion dollars of the wrong person’s money.

No, none of this really happens, life is all “Duty, Honor, Country,” just like it says on West Point, the place where General Myer graduated from.

Ask me why I would take the bulldozer used by the IDF to murder Rachel Corrie, something every American should learn about, and start in Washington until we have to rebuild the whole thing.

We can walk away, my generation, the Vietnam generation, knowing we have been the worst generation in history, selling our souls, mortgaging future generations for centuries to come.

We have done little more than this since 1980 and, just perhaps, if all of us have to lose more than we already have, even if it is our lives, we still will not have balanced the scales.

I’m not leaving America and I’m not living here with drug dealers, murderers and traitors running this country. I’m also not prepared to stay as quiet as I have been, playing along silently.

I call on every American sworn to service, police, all military, every state, municipal and federal employee, every person of decency, everyone who has lost much or taken too much while others have suffered. This has to end and end now.

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