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Title: Remote Areas Development Manual. Appropriate Technologies for Development. Reprint No. R-36.
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Title:Remote Areas Development Manual. Appropriate Technologies for Development. Reprint No. R-36.
Descriptors:Agricultural EducationAgricultural EngineeringAgricultural MachineryAgricultural ProductionAgricultural SkillsAgricultural SuppliesAgricultureAgronomyAnimal HusbandryCommunity DevelopmentDemonstration ProgramsDeveloping NationsEconomic DevelopmentEconomically DisadvantagedEducationally DisadvantagedEquipmentFertilizersField CropsGrains (Food)Hand ToolsHarvestingHerbicidesHorticultureLand UseLivestockPesticidesPlant GrowthPostsecondary EducationPractical ArtsProgram DevelopmentProgram ImplementationRural DevelopmentRural ExtensionSoil ConservationSoil ScienceVocational EducationWeeds
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Publication Date:1981-09-00
Pub Types:Guides - Non-Classroom
Abstract:This manual, developed for use by Peace Corps volunteers, attempts to help development counselors to understand the needs of remote-area groups and to provide for those needs through effective self-help projects. The projects covered are those that can solve most effectively, on the village level, the most pressing problems. The manual is written in as nontechnical language as possible and provides background information and step-by-step directions for many projects, illustrated with line drawings. Topics covered by the manual are agronomy, horticulture, entomology, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, agriculture, home industries, self-help engineering (making tools and equipment), and measurements and conversations. In addition, a background information section is provided for the counselor, dealing with cultural anthropology, sociology, education, and the effects of climate on plant and animal growth. (KC)

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