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J. Croft 

³ The few who understand the system , will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that therewill be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting thatthe system is inimical [Injurious] to their best interests. ´
- Rothschild Brothers of London communiqué to New York June 25, 1863
Anders Behring Breivek launched a one-man wave of terror in Oslo, Norway, blowing up a governmentbuilding and then assaulting children at a playground.
Why?I mean, look at him, he looks about as well adjusted as anyone, all preppy and conservative andNorwegian. Usually the kind of person who'd open up on a bunch of people... children... have more thana few screws loose, smells like cat piss, unwashed, unkempt, lives in mommy's basement if nothomeless.Anders Behring Breivek defies that stereotype as well as defying any kind of sense.He wrote a e-book titled 2083, which is basically a 1500 page bout of grandiosity, misplacedromanticism about the Templars, a fact filled anti-immigration screed rather lengthy and as methodically written as his attack... then why attack Norwegian children and a government building?
Wouldn't he have served his purpose better by turning his weapons onto a mosque? Or the leaders of his political enemies, or their enforcers-anyone but children and a government building?
I mean, youwant to do something memorably symbolic to rally round your opposition to your country and culturebeing swamped by your government's policies you don't do it in a manner that not only encouragessupport for the immigrants you're against, it ratchets up more government repression. He even brags about what he got and how he got it so that any true Norwegian patriots... or American patriots for thatmatter... will be profiled all the more aggressively.  Looking at his Facebook page he is the Director at a geofarm named after himself used as a incomesource and cover to acquire fertilizer for explosives, so he's a intelligent businessman. Breivek majored in finance with a minor in religion. Facebook lists him as a Christian conservative.He had previous firearms experience as a hunter. Norway is largely rugged, rural and hunting is verypopular and although weapons like the AR family are forbidden a 'hunting rifle' like the Mini-14  isn't, though you need a permit and certification. It's admittedly an underrated rifle; he picked up 30 magazines for the weapon which would explain the high body count of defenseless children.  A political conservative businessman takes several years to prepare to blow up a government buildingand murder a bunch of defenseless children for his cause-which sinks it. No sense at all.
NOW this guy makes sense! Breivek is afreemason-which would fit fine with his views and being a businessman . I say Breivek makes sense now becausethe freemasons are the most dangerousterrorist organization on Earth. Over thecenturies they have seduced and turnedthe powerful, the successful, theconnected against us all.Freemasonry is a power cult with occultundertones and origins that is extremelyhierarchial. At the lower levels it is a good ol' boys club whose members are yourlocal politicians, police, businessmen.The freemasons are secretive; theirmeetings are not publicized, they takeoaths of secrecy pledging death forrevealing their secrets.Most freemasons never progress beyond what's known as the Blue Lodge, whichare those good ol' boys who run local andstate governments and own the one orthree local businesses allowed to thrivewhile everyone else is driven out of business.Some of course show more promise, andrise in the ranks to become far morepowerful. The good ol' boys club on anational scale.America was founded by freemasons as the new atlantis written about so prophetically by Sir FrancisBacon. Or was it the plan?
93: FREEMASONIC NUMBER AND OTHER OCCULTIC INTERSECTIONSThe freemasons use a lot of arcane symbology. The enemy is very big on numerology because they feelthey derive power from it, which maybe they do if you go you'll find outNASA considers every rocket launch as a occultic ritual where they dont launch unless the numbers andstars are right. I take the following from Revelation 911 about occultic numerology:
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