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You can only see the video and the scans of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's DNA tests on Sgt. Charles Dyer on face book if you belong to face book.

If you download the scans here the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's DNA tests on Sgt. Charles Dyer and look at them on a large computer monitor with high resolution and enlarge them they are legible but just barely. After you click the link and you are looking at it in the Firefox browser to download it right click the image and choose "save image as" There should be some better scans posted by tomorrow.

Here is the same video "Chalrles Dyer BULLET PROOF EVIDENCE from DNA Lab results" on YouTube. It was made by a very brave and patriotic lady I know in the Texas Militia. In the video she explains the results of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's DNA tests on Sgt. Charles Dyer. It proves him innocent. The only DNA evidence that was found was epithelial (skin) cells that all people shed all the time. It looks like the prosecutor hoped that there were all dumb hillbillys on the jury who would not know what epithelial cells are and tried to deceive everyone.

Sgt. Dyer has been ordered by the court not to make any more videos about the false charges against him or they will revoke his bail and put him in jail until his retrial but they can't control over the rest of us.

They are persecuting Sgt. Charles Dyer just because he is an outspoken militiaman. They hate his very motivational patriotic videos. We need to show support for July 4 Patriot and let Oklahoma know that millions of us are watching to be sure he gets a fair trail.

When you call, write, or fax do not identify yourself as militia so they can't take it as threat, be polite, and use no profanity.

You can donate to Sgt. Charles Dyer's defense fund here
He goes back on trial in August.
More on DNA falsification and general government criminality at the link

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Anonymous said...

I am confused. According to Debby Swan, the 1st page of the DNA report states that Charles is excluded as a match to the DNA collected at the scene. What it says is that "H. Dyer" is excluded. Who is H. Dyer? On the following page it says that "C. Dyer" is a match. Doesn't the "C" represent Charles?