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This "movement" is no movement at all, or said another way, there is no movement in the "movement".  With the exception of a few people and a few sincere groups, it has been reduced to a total fraud and a money gurbbing sham, replete with shills, provocateurs, planned "opposition" leaders, many of whom foist a hypocritical filthy con-game, centered around making money, off the backs of gullible, naïve people, and distracting them from the cause of freedom and justice, while leading them into pits of despair. 
That said, we fully recognize, as we have always stated, that there are true and sincere people and groups in this "movement". You know who you are, we know who you are, and you know that we know.  However, as we have mentioned before on numerous occasions, the true supporters of the Supreme Law and the real workers for freedom number only in the low hundreds, at the very most. 
With a total population in this country of approximately 315 million, plus or minus, these few hundred are so minuscule that they don't even show up on any scale anywhere.  However, their victories for the people do, but since the people do not emulate the methods that achieved those victories, then, they remain only individual victories with little or no far reaching effects for the people.
Prior to 2006, most of our work took place in New Mexico where, as many of you know, we and our groups won hundreds of cases in state courts, based on the authority of the Constitutions, without loss, were instrumental in removing dozens of politicians, judges, police, and bureaucrats from office, and won victories for the people against such national giants as Los Alamos National Laboratories and other large politically connected corporations. 
Both of us earnestly thought that the people who attended our seminars and those who heard us over the radio, read our News-Letters and reviewed our website would recognize the effectiveness of these simple methods by their success rate and begin to use them to advance their own causes in their own local communities. 
We knew that locally based efforts are the only way to go, since D.C. is a total cesspool and a lost cause.  This local Constitutionally based initiative is basically a "no-brainer", but none of what we intended took hold and materialized as we expected, and, with some few exceptions, the large grassroots movement, we mentioned, did not ignite for the benefit of the entire country.  A little more than five years after our referenced Eureka Springs seminar, we can clearly see, as most somewhat aware Americans can also see, that this nation and her people are about to fall over the cliff into the abyss of tyrannical slavery and unimaginable hardship and horrors that have never before been experienced on American soil. 
This is a tragedy beyond measure. 
Certain people throughout history have attempted to give gifts to mankind, yet mankind has often spurned those gifts and gone its own way. 
You can probably think of many such entities like this.  In our own simple, small and humble way, we seriously attempted to provide a reminder to the people of this nation of the priceless treasure chest that is our Constitution and evoke within them the quest for freedom and justice that was imbued within that document through divine intervention. 
No one likes to see his gifts turned down or discarded, but that is exactly what the American people have done and through their own ignorance, apathy, indifference and other ignominies, they now and in the future will reap what they have sown. 
Both of us truly regret this malignancy, devouring our nation each and every day, but we can no longer continue with an American public that is basically superficial, banal, ungrateful, selfish and a mindless mass of what we call the walking dead. 
In addition to the Constitutional methods, which have helped so many people over the years, we have put forth proposals capable of changing and saving America within a very short period of time, in fact, within months. 
Another recent proposal was for an Alternative Currency, public not private, and issued by a public bank, owned, operated and controlled by the people.  The currency would not be based in gold, silver or any other "precious metal", all of which, of course, have always been and always will be owned, manipulated and controlled by the power elite. 
The value of our Alternative Currency would be based only in and on the labor, productivity, skills, ingenuity and resourcefulness of the people, businesses and industries of the adopting state.  If implemented, this currency could economically revive and change for the better any state within a 90 day period, bringing back real prosperity to the people of that state. 
With the exception of a few thousand people across the country who "got" and liked these proposals, they simply died of attrition.  We just cannot fathom or tolerate the insanity of a society, which permits a private, for-profit banking cartel to impose a pernicious, privately owned, debt-based currency and resultant economic system upon it, without so much as a whimper, and which system controls every aspect of everyone's lives. 
If the people are not willing to help themselves, then, we are no longer willing to help the people. 
We can no longer tolerate an American public that supports evil, whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly.  One should be able to recognize truth over the lie, and good over evil, but it seems the American public has a learning deficiency and major problem in this area that causes them to constantly "go along to get along", making expediency and compromise their watchwords in life.
Last weekend, we were invited to be guest speakers at a Freedom Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Although Margy and I no longer like to fly because of the Nazi, Gestapo, SS and SA style TSA, based upon the sincerity of the organizers of this conference, we agreed to appear as guest speakers. 
When we arose to speak, the organizers presented us with a beautiful mahogany and metallic engraved plaque, honoring us for our lifetimes in service to the American people, to the American Constitution and to our very strong intention for restoration of Constitutional governance to this nation. 
In over 50 years in this effort, we have helped many thousands of people and maybe, in fact, it is in the tens of thousands, but we have never received an award like this, which touched us deeply.  In fact, after we help most people, they simply drop out of the "movement" and forget their "patriotism", because they got what they wanted. 
By Greg Evensen
June 21, 2011
Even though our lives may dim from event exhaustion, freedom wanes from our refusal to defend it, personal health ebbs and flows eating GMO foods, finances erode by the month, and hope’s golden promise flickers, ultimate truth can never be diluted or destroyed by those who know its face.
For me, that sums up our present dilemma in America. To add anything to that description would be both unnecessary and meaningless. Most of us have the picture clearly and are waiting for the final boot to drop on our jobs, our homes, our plans for the future and perhaps our very existence.
Many of us know our duty and are prepared to do what we must do. It is not a matter of having the will or the means to exercise that common defense, but it is the perfect timing and the commitment to “mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor,” that we lack. You see, this endeavor to reclaim our birthright and to establish a future free from the bonds of institutional government slavery; requires an effort unlike any other ever conceived in our lifetime. I will work fifty years to provide for my family, marry for love, procreate for happiness, and worship God for obedience to His values, but I will pledge an eternal oath to that same God and my fellow citizens for one reason alone. That is to defeat an evil so deep and vile that it calls for pledging my life to its cause. Its end result is based on my honor and valor by example alone, to fellow freedom fighters.
Being a patriot is simply a general, but historic label for what I believe. The world history changing values contained in our original Declaration of Independence, the eternal wisdom of the Articles of confederation, and the flawed, but decent ideals of our Constitution, created the battle tunic that has been handed to me by my ancestors and that I proudly wear. I will not take it off until the job is done.
In preparing for conflict, I have gone through a series of intensely personal “rituals” known to warrior men and practiced for centuries by those who have walked the trail of courage and fear. When battle is imminent, combatants grow quiet and turn inward. Inconsequential things are removed from the mind and an intense discussion takes place between the man and his soul.
These are moments that have no equal. There is no laughter, no shallow jokes. There is no avoidance of necessary matters that must be settled and left for someone else to sort out later on. Gear is checked and rechecked. Food and water are consumed carefully, somewhat like an aircraft that is serviced before flying into the “zone.” Weapons are jacked up into condition one, and all physical focus screws down toward the front and center. Take a deep breath and commit that first step toward the known and the unknown. Once you have gotten to this point, you will never, EVER forget the sense of life and purpose that got you to that moment, and what it will take to get you back As many committed individuals, and as a nation of those same individuals set on the path of courage and fear, we are at the supreme “saddle up” moment. As my dear friend Judd says, “things are going down hill rather quickly now…………
For forty years, I have been learning, working, preparing, training, teaching, writing, broadcasting, organizing, calling, addressing governmental meetings, publicly challenging or debating loud mouthed selfishly stupid morons to either shut-up or rethink their idiot ways, and encouraging widows, veterans, older couples and the willing, to keep charging down the path of protecting freedom. I t IS worth it all to step onto the liberty train, with or without you. Alone if necessary, but undeterred in this absolute commitment, knowing that spiritually, mighty men and women of valor from generations past, are already on board, filling in the ranks one more time so that you are not truly alone. I would rather go that way than have to drag along the unwilling, the unworthy, and the cowardly among us.
I feel as though many of you are family. You have communicated with me through the years, and I have met many of you along the road as I came to train you, speak to you at public schools, churches, veteran’s halls and on farms and ranches across America. I arrive alone and leave with new friends every time. There is no greater privilege for a man to experience than looking into the faces and hearts of those who populate the lands of the free and the homes of the brave. Thank you all so very much. God bless each one.
I have chosen to “go dark” and to “gear up” for what is coming. I will be available by e-mail and cell phone, but am ending my radio show at Republic Broadcasting on June 26th, as well as the extensive travel that has been a part of my life. I will send NWV update articles, but will not be quite as active as in the past. Truthfully, there is not much left to say about our dilemma. We can update the background of topics we are interested in and we can also dissect events as they happen. However, either effort will only underscore how desperate our condition is and what little time is left to square away our personal efforts to face the inevitable. For many, reading or listening to these endless discussions, feeds our need to “be involved.” Unfortunately, being involved calls for a bit more than being well informed. Having your plan, as I always suggest, is far superior to no plan, or from the untested advice from your favorite radio host.
History is reaching an implosion event or threshold that is unavoidable and inevitable. Pure tyranny cannot co-exist with pure freedom. Honesty defeats dishonesty every time. Morality is superior to immorality. Courage routs cowardice every single time. However, the committed unsaved will still be sent to destruction no matter how dedicated to the Patriot cause. Jesus Christ is waiting for you to commit to His way, His team, and His army of the redeemed. That is where we must all agree to meet. Common ground that is Holy Ground, sanctified for battle both physical and spiritual. Now THAT is a plan destined for complete success. JOIN UP!

I too have been calling on Patriots to live up to the name and start retaking their government back at the local level, where they're vulnerable.  Alas, most collect articles calling for action like they do the guns they never use nor have the supporting gear and ammo stocks needed to keep them going... not that those fat fucks will get far in a firefight.

Because America, and even those that remember what America was supposed to be, would not push back tyranny when and where it was easy-building strength and becoming able to take the state and federal governments back-we will have to take it back the hardest way.

God help us it's going to get bloody.

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