Friday, July 22, 2011


I've heard it from these punks claiming we don't have a reason to be out at oh-dark thirty in the morning.

This is a FREE country; these Stasi wannabes need to get a clue and find another line of work before they're taken out of public service.

UPDATE:  Ann Barnhardt, AKA Ms. In-Your-Face Koran Burner had some most excellent commentary on this no-dicked roid head:

1. The cop is obviously of below-average intelligence as evidenced by his language and demeanor, and should have washed out of the academy screening process. Law enforcement is an extremely subtle social art. This guy probably can't even spell "art".
2. The cop is obviously a moral degenerate. Listening to him and observing him, would you feel safe letting your daughter go out on a date with him? Is there anything about him that you would characterize as virtuous and trustworthy? Can you imagine what he is like in his personal life? Just guessing, I would say that he probably consumes massive amounts of pornography. Again, just a guess, but I doubt any of you would bet against me on that one.
3. The cop has serious, serious psychological problems and is clearly all about trying to play the "bad@$$". All of the screaming and raging and cursing and bullying has exactly one objective: bolstering his own ego. He is obviously compensating for something. The 13:20 mark is the money quote with regards to that.
4. People like this are exactly the type that become brutal enforcers under Marxism. Understand that the politics really wouldn't have anything to do with it. I doubt very seriously that this guy has ever in his life compared and contrasted political systems, or given the least bit of thought to it. If the Obama regime offered this guy free license to beat the crap out of people, and even kill people under the guise of "policing", he would jump at it. It wouldn't matter to him what the regime's politics were - all that would matter to him would be the sanctioned brutality that he could engage in, coupled with the paycheck. It is violence for violence's sake with jerks like this.
5. History clearly shows us that Marxists have NO PROBLEM whatsoever recruiting brutes. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot - these men didn't murder over 100 million people with their own hands. They had ARMIES of "state police" do it for them, and they never were in want of people who were willing to brutalize and slaughter their neighbors. It also bears mentioning that most law enforcement officers in this country are unionized, and thus are already sympathetic to the Marxist grievance-mongers.
6. People think that a Marxist police state could never happen here because "Americans just aren't like that." Baloney. Watch the video above over and over again until you understand. Obama's Gestapo is here, walking among us. All they need is the go-ahead to start terrorizing people, and this cop is the perfect example of that.
7. Obviously, there are good, intelligent, morally upright cops, too. But, history has repeatedly shown that when Marxists unleash their tyranny, those good men either have to flee or are purged.
Update: The officer has been suspended with pay. Also, there is a lot of chatter on the internet that the cop looks and acts like he is on steroids. Re-watching the video, yes, I can see that. Guys on steroids definitely have a different "look" from guys who just work out. I've seen it. This guy definitely has that steroid "look". The raging demeanor also matches.
Update 2:
Here's a good-guy cop. He's talking to a guy who is open carrying, video recording him and declines to identify himself, and the cop is completely cool. Yay Officer Lyons!

End Quote

Excellent job Ann!

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