Tuesday, July 05, 2011



So CNN became the Tot Mom Network for the past month or so.  Nancy Grace has been building her career and her near Elephant Man sized head over Tot Mom...

...Casey Anthony was a distraction.

The Gulf of Mexico's poisoned, there are THREE nuclear disasters in Japan, New Mexico and Nebraska.  We're going to go into Libya, staying in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, picking a fight with a nuclear armed Pakistan.

Cops have license from the state to gang up on mentally handicapped kids, the elderly, anyone even remotely objecting to being revenued.  The CAFR investment funds and assets are in the hands of the banksters, while they talk of 'austerity'.  The economy is plunging faster than ever. 

But what did that cunt Nancy Grace, tool Dr. Drew, blow dried bitch Jane what's her name obsess with?  Tot Mom.

A whole month on that wonky little girl and her effed up family.  Three years of out and out villification-the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

I don't know who did what in that case.  It has the looks of a particularly sadistic ritual sacrifice-hell Jose' Baez blurbed that out in his news conference, the jury is effectively going into hiding instead of cashing in on their very controversial verdict.

...You do know the government is packed full of crooks.  More than a few are Satanists.

Is Casey Anthony not guilty?  The jury stated as much.  Is she innocent?  Is she even sane?  Dunno, I've had every other size of fish to fry but if she is one of those monarch programmed people...

Now, can everyone who has been obsessed with this case move on to being obsessed with those that have stolen our country from us?

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