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Norway. The shooter's Facebook page was modified AFTER the shootings. It was changed from Norwegian text to American English, "friend requests" were approved, and most ominously, the descriptors of "Christian" and "Conservative" were ADDED AFTER THE SHOOTINGS. Pamela Geller has the before and after screen shots from the Google cache HERE. (UPDATE: It is theorized that differences in the profile appearance have to do with whether or not one is "logged in" to Facebook and from where. I know pretty much NOTHING about Facebook, but that does sound plausible.) Also, large swaths of the shooter's 1500 page diatribe are copied word-for-word from the Unabomber's manifesto. Finally, the Oslo police let slip that they knew the shooter's name before arresting him, and that he surrendered to the police who "called his name". That sure seems odd. The whole thing seems odd, to put it mildly. I really can't think of how the shooter could have handed any more of a propaganda coup to the very people he claimed to be against. It also fits perfectly into the propaganda narrative of white, Christian conservatives being the number one terror threat that the Obama regime has been pushing hard for the last month. They are going to use this to enter into full-blown government persecution of the Church and any and all speech to the right of the extreme far-left. Watch it happen. Finally, the sheer confluence of events - this murderous rampage, the forthcoming "debt crisis" that Obama is utterly hellbent on bringing to fruition, the forthcoming Palestinian statehood maneuver in September, the whole gunrunning scheme coming to light. This truly feels like it could be the historical analogue of the Reichstag Fire.

Manifesto as Fake as Obama's Birth Certificate
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - July 26, AD 2011 10:35 AM MST
This is starting to come into focus - just a bit. The Norwegian murderer's "manifesto" is pretty much a 1500 page cut-and-paste job. Lots of word-for-word plagiarism. It appears that it may have been constructed quoting from multiple folks in the anti-jihad movement in order to then "implicate", or at least damn-by-implied-association people who obviously had nothing to do with the Norwegian Nutter. This was sent to me by reader L last night.
Click here and read "Sagunto's" multiple citations.
Great work there by "Sagunto". Finding plagiarism (if that is the correct term for this) really isn't that difficult. Here is how you do it. Find a sentence or phrase in an essay that is relatively unique in composition. For example, the sentence I just wrote above:
"It appears to me that it may have been constructed quoting from multiple folks in the anti-jihad movement in order to then "implicate", or at least damn-by-implied-association people who obviously had nothing to do with the Norwegian Nutter.
In the entire history of humanity and the English language, those words have NEVER been assembled in that order ever before. Therefore, one can do a simple google or other search engine search on that sentence by putting quotation marks around it in the search engine entry field. This will yield EXACT match results. So, with Brevik's manifesto, all one need do is pull out unique sentences, or even just phrases, and do a search on them. Any matches will pop right up.
It seems to me that if Brevik was an insane "philosopher" like the Unabomber, he would be all about writing his own stuff. Writing your own stuff is kinda the point for philosophers - both the sane and the insane. The Brevik "manifesto" seems to be more of a contrived "smoking gun" specifically designed to implicate prominent names in the anti-jihad movement. And that is exactly what they are doing. They have already gone after Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller (from Atlas Shrugs), the guys and girls over at and Robert Spencer to name just a few.
And yes, even I have an anti-gun propagandist who is tasked with "smearing" me on the internet. He doesn't get much traction, but he sure tries! About all he can do is call me "crazy" over and over and over again, but sure enough, within hours of the Norwegian attacks, he made a post calling me "America's Brevik". Now, you might be thinking that this is no big deal and I certainly do take this guy with a grain of salt, but there is one aspect to this that bears note, and I think perhaps ties back to the phenomenon of the constructed Brevik manifesto and the immediate attempts to smear anti-jihad authors. This propagandist assigned to me? He works and runs his blog out of the United Nations World Food Programme office in Rome. No kidding. The kind gent at the following link sent me a heads up back in February when he saw the U.N. blogger's first post about me. The U.N. blogger's handle is Mikeb302000. Copy and paste the URL below to see both IP address proof AND Mikeb302000's own admission of his location and employment.
Can you now see why I view all of this Norway stuff with extreme suspicion? I already personally know that the U.N. pays people (with OUR tax dollars, by the way) to act as agents provocateurs against the United States, its Constitution and its citizens. The U.N. wants to disarm Americans via the Small Arms Treaty and has the full cooperation of the Obama/Clinton machine. Operation Fast and Furious was designed and executed to achieve that goal. The U.N. is also deeply anti-Israel and pro-muslim, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood. The Norway mass murder serves practically every U.N. agenda simultaneously. It really is spooky to see how all of this stuff is connected, and you don't need to dig down very far at all to find these connections.
Which will segue into my next post. Why in the hell haven't we withdrawn and evicted the U.N. from American soil . . . ?
I hope this tidbit of info helps.
From Infowars, interview with Jim Marrs:


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