Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Tax Burden and An Apology...

(Note to the reader-  This post grew as I wrote it.  Take it or leave it, as you will.)

Gates of Vienna links to this Heritage Foundation piece.  I'd suggest reading both, and studying that chart closely.

A quote from GoV:
As the Baron said over coffee, the mistake the Republicans made this past week was in even considering “negotiating” with the Dems. Democrats don’t “do” good-faith negotiation; that attitude is a top-down problem, starting in the Oval Office and sifting finally onto the heads of us regular folks. Obama thinks we shouldn’t be worrying about things like the debt. In the short video below the fold, O tells us to go out and live our ordinary lives and let the professionals take care of the Debt. In other words, please don’t notice that he has no idea how to fix this mess. But he doesn’t need to know; he’s the One We Were waiting For. He’s Godot.

Some PT may be in order after realization sinks in, and the nausea subsides.

(I did shoulders, traps, and neck today.)

I get to spend more time with my children tonight, but I must say that lately, I've had this overwhelming urge to take them, one by one, and apologize for what I'm allowing, what we're allowing to happen to them and their children.








It's the way of things though.  Government grows at the people's expense, until the people have enough.

When is our "enough" point?  Will we reach it as a nation, or will that be up to my children and yours?

I agree with Mr. Paine:

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace."


My children, if you ever read this, know that I love you as much as one human can love another.

I am ashamed to the depths of my soul at the prospect of passing on to you worse than what was passed on to me.

I am ashamed at the possibility of giving you a less free nation than I was born into.

I am ashamed that I speak to you of principles, and of liberty, and freedom, yet I allow these things to be taken from you before you can even taste them.

I am ashamed that while you and your children are having your prosperity, time, and property stolen from you, right now, I can think of not much more meaningful to do about it than to record it.

I have taught you that only you can control you.  I have taught you that everything in life is a choice with consequences. 

Yet I sit here now, typing, while the consequences for living as free men and women become more severe each year.  I sit here, typing, while more and more of your labor and life is stolen, before you fully understand these things.

I speak to you of resistance, but right now, the only future in this nation I am able to give you is one of servitude, compliance, and submission.  If you refuse that, there will be only suffering and punishment.

I am sorry, children. 

I am sorry, with all that I am. 

God help me.

God help me be a man.  Give me wisdom and courage.

Help us all.


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