Thursday, December 01, 2011



A bunch of Israelis bought oil futures at +120 a barrel.

War with Iran would shut down the Persian Gulf.  Because Iran has THOUSANDS of Chinese and Russian supersonic cruise missiles that can take out a aircraft carrier, so they certainly can take out a fat waddling supertanker.  Iran has the geographic advantage in dominating the Straight of Hormuz, and having hundreds of miles of rugged, mountainous coastline to pack full of Silkworms.  Nothing's going to get in or out until ALL those thousands of missiles are destroyed.  And Iran aren't in a few square miles of walled off open air prison being starved, nor have been ground down under 30 years of continuous warfare.  They have a modern military and ballistic missiles.  And, they have a long memory.

A shutown of the oil from Saudi would crash the global economy as oil lifts off on the proverbial Iranian rocket past 200 dollars an ounce. 

That means for us likely 10 dollar a gallon gas.  Guess what you won't be spending on to gas your car.  Guess what you won't be doing to balance your own budget... if you can.  Can you say economic armageddon?

Iran has also been buying ex-Soviet nuclear weapons and even an SS19 ballistic missile from the Ukraine... this will probably go nuclear.

Of course there's Pakistan and they've permanently closed their border to US forces supplying forces in Afganistan-they're likely dead.

Oh, and then there's China with its THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons: Network, figure out how to grow food in a greenhouse, prepare to be targeted by the us government as an enemy combatant.

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