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On Buying Gold & Silver for Survival Preparedness

I am very sorry because i have to destroy some popular opinions on some things, but i just have to do that. When i said and keep saying “no rules” i mean that. You can not have something like ideal preparations, you can only try to have it (and then hungry man down the road still might shoot you with his antique hunting rifle for a bit of flour).
So again on bartering and gold and silver:
No, gold and silver was not like second money, or second value during SHTF, it was not even worth like in normal times, and in most of the cases it was dangerous to have it a lot (actually it was too dangerous to have anything in great amounts and let other people to know that) If you had for example 1000 gold coins, and let s say that one coin worth 150 USD in normal times, you could think that you are rich in shtf.
But in reality it was hard to find someone who give you some food or battery or whatever useful for one coin. Gold coin was not useful for 90 percent of people, what they could use it for? Eat it? Start fire with that?
Only people which could use that gold were people who had connection to outside world, so they could use it for buying things trough their connections. In most cases they just used situation to acquire great amounts of gold for the future and in exchange for some simple things, like food, or fuel or…
They did that because they had everything else.
But thing is it was hard to make trade with people like that, because bad kind of people had connections or were gathering gold, so they can just gonna take that gold from you and give you nothing, or bullet in your head.
So yes gold was useful and not useful, it dependeds what kind of people or group you belonged to.
If we have worldwide crisis and you can not get food anywhere the first currency of choice will be food or useful things, not gold or silver. If you want gold to keep some kind of value for one day after all is over make sure you are prepped for long, long time crisis before that.
It is better to have some useful stuff in your prepping, then to waste money on gold or silver. And of course if you still want to have a lot of gold as a part of your preparations, i suggest you buy lot odd simple gold rings, or simple cheaper gold necklace, it makes more sense than to have gold coins.
In hurry it is gonna make more sense to offer “your wifes gold ring” someone for cans or something else then to offer someone some “strange” gold coin for food or one of the typical gold coins you can buy from gold sellers these days, it can raise some questions, and you do not need raising questions in situation like that. Stay low key. Be the guy with the last family jewels not the guy with gold coins from typical gold sellers.
I would say that in SHTF it is gonna be easier and cheaper to get gold then in normal times. Bartering was not a thing of some regular prices or regular places, even “expensive”things changed. Meet the guy with terrible toothache and you are only person who can do an ok tooth surgery. He will give you some gold for that if he can or a lot of other valuable things to simply get out of this situation.
As i remember coffee and cigarettes was hard to find and expensive through all of the time, everything else changed, sometimes was expensive and hard to find, sometimes not.
But important to remember is to make it easier to you, so obliviously, it is much easier to carry and trade candles and batteries than 20 liters of fuel. There is no sense of letting everybody know that you are “man for trade” and that you have a lot fuel for example, because then you might end finished robbed and probably dead.
If you can be, be a traveling trader and do not trade too often with same people if you can avoid that. People also got shot after trading with one person a few times before. Other person might just run out of things to trade and call on you to come to trade and all he has is bullet for you in exchange for what he needs (and he knows you come with what he needs).
In some hardest period cigarettes was sold at one piece, i mean you could buy one cigarette for something, it was so expensive. Same was with coffee, even some substitutes for coffee were expensive. Now you need to know that traditionally here people drink coffee a lot, so maybe some other thing is so “important” in your area, like tea, beer or something else.
But do not expect that people will loose their addictions because times are hard.
One of my older relatives smoked cigarettes while he had it, after that he smoked tobacco (pipe), after that he bought from some folks pieces of dry tobacco roots or tree, used knife to cut small pieces of that and smoked that, and after that he used some dry leafs from tree and smoke that. He never quit smoking.
So in short instead of getting gold and silver to preserve your wealth you might consider getting useful stuff and if you like gold there is always option to get it from unprepared people in exchange for useful stuff if you think you need this for times after. If you already have everything you really think you could need then gold and silver might be good, better than just money for sure.
I do not believe in any quick recovery. Even with help from other states (thank you all for that) it took long time before things became more normal again.
If things don’t get better you do not want to be stuck with gold and having to do risky trades. Do not think that other people do not see when someone is desperate and take advantage of it.

COMMENT:  Think this guy has a point.  Yes he's from the former Yugoslavia but how many gold and silver bugs are there in America?  Just how useful is an ounce of gold in a basic survival situation?

Down the road?  Yes, there's going to be the need for a stable, anon medium of exchange, but during the Second American Revolution?  Unless you're building electronics, or generating colloidal silver as an all purpose medicinal-no.  Better to have some fuel, ammunition, candles, batteries, solar battery chargers, paper, pens, pencils, nails, know how. 

You can also trade skills.  If you're a marksman and have an easy way with people you can teach people how to shoot.  Same with being able to hunt, have combat experience, etc.  Your knowledge makes you an asset far beyond your ability to snipe, bring down game that will become extinct fast, or otherwise get expended in combat.  Combat is the realm of Murphy's Law y'know.

Also, and this article doesn't cover this but the gold and silver markets are tiny, and greatly manipulated.  Even though I posted reports on silver running out in a decade, it doesn't mean that Goldman Sachs won't try to bust the gold and silver crowd by pummeling both metals down to 200 and 4 dollars/oz.  And keep it there long enough to crush the PM crowd... then let the price go to warp drive.  Or collapse things so that they're in their compounds and bunkers with food and we're starving-all that gold and silver cast unto the ground like so much refuse.

Gold and silver?  Sold mine off for preps.

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