Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dyerfest has a MUCH better ring to it than Dyerpalooza, so let's go with that.

Okay, we need venues.  Specifically, land sited in jurisdictions with patriotic, Oath Keeper lawmen to provide a legal shield.  The land ideally should have power, or if not someone's going to have to step up with a generator and fuel.  If we have just one, it should be as close to Stephens Co. Oklahoma as possible but can any town in Oklahoma be trusted?  How about Northeast Texas?

A farmer with some land if that's what it takes.  Or a shut down strip mall.  Whatever.

Let's get the land donated for use, after that we will need the following:

*Internet site to handle live video feeds from both primary venue and any other venues across America for those who want to but can't travel to the main site.  We will need reporters both at the main site and at the supporting sites.  We will need a webmaster, someone to string it together and a emcee, director-what have you-to conduct this.  The website must have individual feeds from Patriots across America going live for Dyer as well.

*Vendors: we'll need food, drink, games.  If you have something to sell, even if you just work a flea market-bring it. Hell, swap guns and ammo as well!  Also, bands.  Poker Face would be ideal for this.

*Security... we need both the militia and oath keepers to step up, although ALL OF US are militia.  Let's make this a 3%er event and come ARMED-all of us. 

We are going to present Dyer's case and we are going to present it to the world.  We are going to assert our Freedom.  And, we are going to have fun doing it.

If you can donate any of the above, please contact me at j-croft@graffiti.net immediately!

J. Croft

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