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First, the District of Criminals:

Then... there's this tidbit from the webbots... people:

The strangest of all the 'quake calls' came from a fellow I may sometimes refer to as Deep Source.  He rang right after the quake with some odd instructions:

"Did you notice the Colorado quake was 111-miles from the border of Mineral County, Colorado? he began. 

No, I hadn't. 

"Notice's important..."


"And what was the first Virginia landmark referenced in the USGS report?"

"Well, the quake was 5 miles from Mineral, Virginia.  So what?"

"And how far is it between the quakes?" he continued.

Uh...1,460 miles, or so, I guess, just eyeballing it on Streets & Trips.

"Add up all those numbers."


"Hold that.  And how far from the Colorado quake to Mineral Well, Mississippi?"

"841 miles."

"And from Mineral Wells, Mississippi to Mineral, Virginia?"

"About 700."

"So here's something to think about then:  Doesn't it strike you as a synch-wink that the quakes happened approximately equally spaced from Mineral Wells?"

"Hadn't really thought about it."

"Then look 111 miles North and slightly East of Mineral Wells, Tennessee.  Tell me the name you see up there..."

New Madrid.

"Must I do all your work for you, George?"   Click.
Then the I-Ching inbox went off with a webbot reminder:
"In one of the old reports; was it said that 2 EQ's would occur above/below the 37 parallel? Virginia, Colorado, Japan are all along that. "
The first Colorado quake (4.6) happened on the 22nd as did a 5.9 at Japan.....

Just coincidence, I assure you.

And another piece of trivia from Gnostic:  
Just wanted to point out that both EQ's today in Colorado and Virginia were both approximately 60 Miles south of two of the most underground secret facilities on the planet. Mt Weather and Cheyanne Mountain!
This seems like an underground "event" to me not an EQ!
Particularly centered on the word "EVENT!"


Don't forget, HAARP just might be capable of setting off an earthquake.

And if those that run HAARP are the same ones invested in dismantling America, wouldn't a catastrophic earthquake in the Midwest about finish America off as a nation state?  Road and rail links severed, cities smashed, millions dead, millions more herded into FEMA camps.  ...After being left for dead for days or weeks.  Remember Katrina, remember Joplin Missouri.  Too much coincidence here for this to be coincidence.  Take it how you will but be prepared for an extended catastrophe where essential services are cut, no food, hostile government authorities running about.  

HAARP, Hurricane Irene and the DC Earthquake …Connected?

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Kevin Hayden –

Some material originally written by Glenn Kreisberg, Spectrum Engineer
New York City and Washington, DC experienced a rather powerful, shallow earthquake this afternoon, just as a category 1 hurricane is making its way towards the Eastern seaboard.  While these two events seem to be completely seperate, I have a feeling that they could be connected.  Follow me down this rabbit hole, if you will, in a short exercise in conspiracy theory building.
In 1997, US Secretary of Defense William Cohen made the following statement at a well-attended conference on weapons of mass destruction, “Others (terrorists) are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves….So, there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our own (counterterrorism) efforts.”
If you think about it, that’s actually a pretty ominous statement coming from a sitting Secretary of Defense!
And consider that if our government believed terrorists were engaging in these pursuits back in 1997, you can sure as well assume our government, for better or worse, is currently well along in pursuing these abilities as well.
Now, there is a gentleman named Richard C. Hoagland who knows something more about all of this. Hoagland is a scientific researcher with some clout. He was technical science adviser to Walter Cronkite during the Apollo missions, worked with Carl Sagan developing the message discs placed aboard Pioneer spacecraft and has had a close working relationship with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for many years. Hoagland’s own independent research group is called The Enterprise Mission.
Hoagland claims, among other things, that after scouring hundreds of hours of satellite radar images from a variety of sources, he has documented a phenomenon which he believes is evidence that someone or something is affecting the path and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. As sci-fi as that sounds, the evidence is quite compelling. – via Glenn Kreisberg at
Radar images of Hurricanes Ophelia from the Enterprise Mission website.

rest at link:

If the Midwest is devastated by an earthquake, then expect martial law.

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