Saturday, August 20, 2011


Japan Nuclear Disaster

NEW Yoichi Shimatsu Japan Update 8.15.11Free MP3 - Listen 

Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 
Fukushima Daiichi Plant - LIVE Cam NEW!
'Severely-Contaminated' Radioactive Areas Found In Tokyo
508 Cumulative Millisieverts 3 km From Plant - ONE M/s Is OK
Radioactive Fukushima Cows, Pigs Sold To Farmers All Over Japan
Canada To Test West Coast Fish For Radiation
Yukon To Test For Radiation In Caribou Herd
Dr. Helen Caldicott Leaving BC Because Of Fukushima - Vid
'The Holes And Cracks In The Ground Are Terrifying' - Vid
6.8 Quake Near Fukushima - No Damages Reported
Fukushima Nuke Workers Hide Jobs From Families
High Cesium Beef NOT Fed Radioactive Rice Straw
Japan Radiation - Cicadas...Quiet, Deformed And Dead
Japan Using Fukushima People As Guinnea Pigs - Vid
High Radiation Found Next To Children's Pool - Vid
6.5 Quake Near Wrecked Fukushisma Nuke Plant
Fukushima Plant Releasing 10 Trillion Becquerels/hr - Vid
A Stunning 412 Sieverts/hr In Reactor 1 Drywell
Japan To Lift Ban On Fukushima Beef (good luck)
Calls For National Radiation Food, Air, Water Testing
Fukushima - Is This The China Syndrome?
How Japanese Govt Failed The People Of Fukushima - Vid
US Pondered Evacuating 90,000 From Tokyo
Radioactive Sanitary Napkins Next?
1 Millisievert/hr Radiation From A Truck In Iwaki City?
Melted Cores In The Ground? Radioactive Steam Reported - Vid
Many Locations Of 10+ Sieverts/hr At Wrecked Plants
Japan - Hokkaido Restarts First Down Reactor Since Quake
Early Fukushima I Nuke Plant Mistakes, Confusion Revealed
Rain Radiation At 20,000 CPM Per Sq Meter Near Toronto! - Vid
186,000 Becquerels Cesium Found 100km From Plant
Were Fukushima Reactors Doomed In Any Case?
Neptunium 239 In Soil 38 km From Fukushima Plant
'World's Safest Cookies' Made By Fukushima School Kids
Radioactive Manure From Rice Straw Eating Cows
Economist - Radioactive Materials Harmless If Burned...
Almost Half Fukushima Kids Test Positive For Iodine 131 
Japan School Booklet - Trust Us And You'll Be Just Fine
Fukushima Can't Drain Swimming Pools - Radioactive Water
Symptoms Of Radiation Poisoning Show In Japan Hospitals
Tent Construction Over Reactor 1 Building Begins
TEPCO To Miss Decon Target At Fukushima Plant
Tokyo Prof Blasts Politicians - Makes Him Hero
Gunderson Warns TVA Not To Finish Bellefonte Nuke Plant - Vid
Latest Japan Discovery - Radioactive Firewood
Fukushima Fallout Found To Exceed Chernobyl Worst - Vid
Melted Fuel Probably No Longer In Reactor 2 Containment
6.0 Quake Shakes Wrecked Fukushima Nuclear Plant
252,422 Bq/kg Of Cesium In Person Outside Exclusion Zone
Melted Fuel Probably No Longer In Reactor 2 Containment
Fukushima To Be Turned In Massive Human Research Lab
Radiation 'May' Lead To Decreased Population (ya think?)
Radioactive Beef Served In 296 Japan Schools
Fuksuhima Radiation In US & Canada
FREE LISTEN MP3Janet Starr Hull .. File Click Here
US Chart Showing Precipitation
Radiation Types & Amounts

Live National Radiation Network Map
West LA - Santa Monica Live Readings
Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites
Radiation Dose Chart
Canada To Test West Coast Fish For Radiation
Yukon To Test For Radiation In Caribou Herd
DOE Cancels 'Radiation Is Good For You' Pitch
Radioactive Rain On Lake Louise, Canada - Vid
High Cesium In Ashes At Tokyo Trash Burning Plant

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