Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Due to an impossible legal situation, July4Patriot/AKA Charles Dyer has decided to, for the moment, run for it.  Perhaps it's for the best...

So that leaves the bond on the Dyer family farm in jeopardy-150,000 I believe.

I am listening to the Intelligence Report as I type this and Mark Koernke just gave the ideal of "us" chipping in to pay that bond off in cash to save the farm.

Think we can do better this time than the 1400 or so he's gotten up to this sorry point?  That he couldn't afford a attorney worthy of the name is why he chose to hoof it.

Yes, our lack of support for our own is why he's a fugitive-regardless of how that Saturday session went down.  Look at yourselves in the mirror and feel the guilt.

You can get rid of that guilt.  Chip in. 

1500 Patriots chipping in 100 dollars could wipe the bond out.  Then all the Sgt. will have to worry about is his next move.

100 bucks too much?  I feel you.  So how about 15,000 Patriots chipping in 10 bucks apiece?  Come on-you got to have ten bucks in your pocket, you have to! 

Our enemy laughs at us because we're lame-stop being lame, find your pair of whatever and kick some cash.  We dropped the ball in helping this voice out so he got stuck with the ringer piece of shit shyster, but we can kick the enemy in the nuts by wiping out the bond on his family home.

...I mean, is there ONE Patriot in Oklahoma that isn't totally fucking lame? 

Chip.  In. 


Mike Lewis said...

Where is the link to this Save The Dyer Farm Chip In Fund?

Mike Lewis said...

As a former Bounty Hunter I know that at bail bonds forfeiture hearings the court usually lets the bail bond company pay just 10% of the total bond amount so hopefully we can make a deal to pay the bail bondsman just $15,000 and they will let the Dyer's keep their farm and home.

Mike Lewis said...

Below is a link to a PayPal account for donations to Sgt. Dyer's defense fund that goes directly to his mother Jan Dyer. The link is from Sgt. Dyer's blog at http://sergeantdyer.spruz.com/blog.htm


J. Croft said...

Mike, look to the right on the home page of this blog or scroll up to find Jane Dyer's mailing address.

Might have to raise that point but this is a very heavily politicized case so in all likelihood the court's going to be complete dicks about it.

I mean, 'somehow' Dyer's home gets burnt do the ground-nothing left-and he asks for a one week continuance. And is denied.

No, we will need every last cent so the Dyers are out from under the bond for good.